Marc Webb to Direct SPIDER-MAN 4?

     January 13, 2010

Marc Webb Spider-Man slice.jpg

(500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb may be taking over for Sam Raimi on the Spider-Man reboot.  Sources say that Webb met with Spider-Man’s producers in an effort to possibly get production underway for a Summer 2012 release date.  The overly lengthy timeframe is most likely due in part to the fact Sony is looking to shoot Spider-Man in 3D.

Find out more about why Webb may be a good and bad choice for the director’s chair after the jump.

spiderman_3_movie_image__1_.jpgWhile Webb may come as an unconventional choice, especially against names such as James Cameron and David Fincher, Sony was impressed with Webb’s direction of young people in (500) Days of Summer.  This, of course, plays out well for the script by Jamie Vanderbilt in which Peter Parker is back in high school.  This is the good part.

The downside (for some fans anyway) to all this is that it may further confirm that Sony is looking for a younger demographic for the next run on Spider-Man.  By focusing on a story that puts Peter in high school I imagine they will bring in other characters such as Flash Thompson and Eddie Brock (who ultimately becomes Venom) to flesh out the cast.  Yes, it pains me to make the comparison, but Spider-Man is starting to sound a little like Twilight.

Adding to this is the fact the recent cartoon series; The Spectacular Spider-Man also portrays Parker in high school.  Granted, while nothing has been confirmed as of yet, all signs are pointing to a younger take on the character instead of an older one.  Frustrating, I know, but at least it’s better than watching Spider-Man in a movie adaption Marvel’s The Super Hero Squad Show.


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