Marcus Nispel to Direct CONAN

     June 11, 2009

marcus_nispel_conan_01.jpgAccording to CHUD (and later confirmed by Variety), it looks like director Marcus Nispel (the reboot of “Friday the 13th”) is moving from a project I find interesting (“The Last Voyage of Demeter“) to one that has my full indifference: “Conan”.

Not the saga of the charming red-headed host of “The Tonight Show” but rather the story of a barbarian who can cleave life in half because that shit doesn’t require any mental exertion whatsoever, it looks like the long-in-development reboot (it was already adapted in 1982 as “Conan the Barbarian” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger–cue the “What You Already Know” music) will finally find a director in Nispel after striking out with such names as the Wachowski Brothers, Robert Rodriguez, and most recently, Brett Ratner.

While I don’t really care about “Conan” one way or the other, Nispel’s take on the material will probably appease fans as “he will blend his childhood imaginings of the character with the influence of the famous Conan illustrations by Frank Frazetta, and the influence of such viscerally violent period films as Mel Gibson’s ‘Apocalypto’.”  A hard-R “Conan” movie.  That’s all anyone really wanted and I’m sure Nispel will be able to deliver.


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