Two Films about Marilyn Monroe Go into Production

     May 13, 2010

Marilyn Monroe is too big of a cultural icon to have just one more.  Deadline reports that two films centering the late model/actress are in the works.  The first up is from Andrew Bergman who directed the amazing The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Ford. [Correction: Andrew Dominik directed Assassination of Jesse James; Andrew Bergman is producing.  Movie is still amazing.] The film, Blonde, is based Joyce Carol Oates’ imaginary Marilyn Monroe memoir.  Filming is set to begin January 2011 with Naomi Watts playing Monroe.

But the Weinstein Company has its own Marilyn Monroe flick in the works. Simon Curtis (The BBC TV series Cranford) will direct My Week with Marilyn late this September.  The film is about the time Monroe spent in England shooting The Prince and the Showgirl opposite Laurence Olivier.  Michelle Williams will play Monroe in this biopic.  Ralph Fiennes was originally set to play Olivier but dropped out to direct and star in Shakespeare’s Coriolanus.

So the question falls to you, dear readers: Who would make a better Marilyn Monroe—Watts or Williams?  Or is there another actress who would be an even better choice?  While you ponder that, hit the jump to check out my favorite photo of Monroe, taken by Richard Avedon.

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  • BN

    Andrew Domink directed The Assassination of Jesse James..

  • Matt Goldberg

    You're totally right. I misread Deadline's story and I have now fixed our article. Thank you.

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  • Cheerleader101sarbear

    Idk but I can’t wait to see the movie I love Marilyn Monroe and I think I’d be the Marilyn Monroe there is know one in the world how could place her beauty .

    Sarah Lynn

  • Richardhanna

    Watts is the obvious choice to bad that she is gets the salacious “Blonde” though a nasty version of the Monroe story.Nicole Kidman comes closest to embodying Marilyn’s sensuality and vulnerability she would make a good Marilyn. William’s just doesn’t look like Marilyn although she is a good actress. The Fact is Marilyn Monroe was supernaturally beautiful and no actress of today can hold a candle to her.

  • Nicole

    I think both women are horrible choices! Williams doesn’t look anything like her and while Watts may look similar to Monroe in her face she’s thin and waif-like. Marilyn Monroe had a body that was completely feminine and curvaceous. Someone like Scarlett Johannsen would have been a MUCH better pick.

  • Clara

    In my opinion, Williams is a good actress. She’s not great and to play Marilyn Monroe is definitely a feat since she’s not the dumb-blonde actress everyone played her out to be. She was damaged and to reach that psychological level would take a lot of skill. Watts would probably play her better. But I definitely don’t think Williams is good for the role. Rachel McAdams, on the other hand, I think, would be perfect. Scarlett Johannson is more like Monroe, physically, but it’s doubtful whether she can reach Monroe’s level, psychologically – in a film portrayal, obviously, not in real life.

  • Frank

    I think the only actress close to her beauty is amber heard although her face is slightly longer but the closest one in hollywood…I’m looking forward to williams biopic although I think watts looks closer to monroe out of the 2

  • Henk
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  • Laura Daitch

    The late Great Marilyn Monroe is far too an Important Cultural Icon to ever be
    forgotten. She is truly one of the greatest Immortals of the 20th Century.
    Her extremely rare qualities of innocence, smouldering sexuality,exceptional
    Beauty & brilliant Comedic Talent was unparalled by any Actress before or since,
    & is one of a kind in Hollywood History…
    MM was an artistic Genius & rare Talent way ahead of her Time- or of ANY time
    for that matter…We will always love & admire you Marilyn,
    and may you forever RIP XXX

    Laura Daitch/ Germering Germany- Montreal Qbc.,Cdn.