Check Out 45 Pictures From Mark Englert’s GALLERY1988 Show Focused on Stanley Kubrick

     July 27, 2013


Last night artist Mark Englert had his first solo show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles and some people (including myself) lined up almost 26 hours in advance to make sure they got first crack at the available prints and OGs.  In the first of an annual series focused on a director, Englert tackled Stanley Kubrick, and the response was overwhelming.  Check out pictures of all the art from the show and more about the opening after the jump.

Mark-Englert-gallery1988-show-image After sleeping on the sidewalk and then baking in the sun all day, one would expect that by the time the doors opened at 7 pm the enthusiasm might have worn off.  This wasn’t the case.  From start to finish, there was always a sense of excitement for the show to open.  In line, people shared drinks and watched a few of Kubrick’s films on a laptop connected to speakers.  Englert sent pizza over and the gallery provided coffee and donuts.  It really was a great time leading up to why we were all there, the art.

With 10 prints (3 from Comic-Con) and 8 originals, Englert covered such films as; 2001: A Space Odyssey, Full Metal Jacket, The Shining, Barry Lyndon and Dr. Strangelove.  He also took on The Simpsons famed Treehouse of Horror episode, The Shinning and even lampooned the Apollo 11 moon landing.  Each print, while recognizably Englert’s trademark landscape style, was very uniquely on its own.  They were iconic of the films they represented, but not necessarily the scenes one would expect.  I was pleasantly surprised that the art was so very different from what we have come to see repeated over and over.  The Full Metal Jacket print was a standout for me, the fire just looked unreal.  See if you can spot the Easter Egg in the image.

Mark-Englert-gallery1988-show-image (22)The originals were really something special.  There were eight available and the gallery limited it to one per person.  They did not make it past the first ten people in line.  Ranging in cost from $200-$500, I can’t remember the last pop culture show I went to where the originals where the first things picked off the wall.  My favorite piece in the show was thankfully also the original I was able to buy.  Entitled, fault in the AE35 unit, 22”x4” done in india ink wash on watercolor paper, the scene depicts Dave’s attempt to rescue an astronaut cut loose and drifting into space.  Besides being an amazing piece of art, this was a scene I very fondly remember watching and discussing with my Dad when I was very young.

This was a show I have been waiting a year for, and it did not disappoint.  I‘m obviously a huge fan of Mark Englert.  He really gets the feeling of a movie and depicts it in such a non-obtrusive way, making it so easy to display his work just about anywhere.  With his family and friends in tow, & a large community of his supporters, it was great seeing him get such a reception.  Some anonymous person even went as far as to print up bookmarks of a print that Mark had only previously done as a private commission, and handed them out to everyone in attendance.  It really was a special night and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for everyone next year!  Any remaining prints will be available on Gallery 1988’s website (although most are already sold out).  Check out all pieces from the show and let us know what your favorite piece was in the comments below.

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