Rumor: Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher Might Return for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII; Story Revolves Around Luke, Leia, and Han’s Children

     February 19, 2013


Another day, another Star Wars rumor.  As anticipation for Disney and Lucasfilm’s upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII continues to rise, fans are clamoring for every tiny bit of information concerning the new trilogy.  Firm details are incredibly scarce at the moment, and things will likely stay that way for some time now that “Mystery Man” J.J. Abrams has officially signed on to direct Episode VII.  The most recent unconfirmed rumor concerning the film states that Harrison Ford is in talks to reprise his role as Han Solo, and now a new rumor has surfaced that suggests Solo will be joined by his pals Luke and Leia, as Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher may or may not be returning in a storyline that focuses on the trio’s children.  Hit the jump for more.

star-wars-episode-7-mark-hamill-carrie-fisherBefore we get too far into this, it’s important to note that at this point nobody knows anything, so take the following rumor with the biggest heap of salt possible.  That being said, a report at Showbiz 411 claims that Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher will be reprising their roles as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia.  Moreover, the story apparently revolves around the children of the original trilogy’s main characters, as their spawn has been tapped as the new trilogy’s protagonists.

Some of the earliest rumors for Star Wars: Episode VII claimed that the new film’s main character would be a female, which is a notion that I fully support.  It would certainly make sense for Episode VII’s protagonists to be the immediate offspring of Luke, Leia, and Han, as that would offer an easy connection between this new trilogy and the previous six films.  Moreover, Hamill confirmed late last year that he and Fisher were told about the new films by George Lucas way before any of the information was made public.  But again, absolutely none of this has been confirmed so for now it’s best to take this information as one of a number of possible ways Episode VII could go.

star-wars-episode-4-poster-drew-struzanMichael Arndt is working on the pic’s screenplay as we speak, and once Star Trek Into Darkness opens in May, Abrams will be able to devote his full attention to Star Wars for the next 2-3 years. As such, we should be hearing some more solid information regarding Star Wars later this summer.

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  • sloan

    Holy Shit, their kids, really? Unprecedented.
    Just don’t make it suck donkey dicks like the previous trilogy and we’ll be all good in the hood.

  • Addy

    If anyone so much as MENTIONS the possibility of Jennifer Lawrence playing Han and Leia’s kid, I will strangle them.

    • Tom

      Jennifer Lawrence should play Han and Leia’s daughter

      • Addy

        Jennifer Lawrence as Han’s kid would be worse than Shia Labeouf as Indie’s kid. And that’s saying something.

      • Matt

        Don’t know if it will work since she already has obligations with X-Men and The Hunger Games but it would be perfect casting if it did happen.

    • Addy

      Jennifer Lawrence makes me want to touch myself which is why I dont want her in the film as it’ll stop me concentrating on a new Star Wars film. That also goes for Shia in Indy 4, I didn’t even see the entire film coz I got asked to leave the cinema for touching myself (on 3 seperate occasions).

      • Addy

        Thanks for stealing my name, retard. Go troll somewhere else.

    • DREDD

      But Jennifer Lawrence the perfect choice! She looks like a bit of Han & Leia, also she can act! Also good with a sword. Damn smokin hot too!

      Where the hell do you get the Sia Lebouf connection from?

      • Addy

        I already said both Jennifer Lawrence and Shia make me wanna touch myself. That is the connection.

    • Addy

      I forgot to mention that I want to suck on Shia Labeouf’s soft nipple. Mmmmmmm…

  • sher

    There is nothing encouraging about this news.Just feels like we are going to see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull version of Star Wars .A Disneyed out version of star wars with old Han Solo and LUke and leia fighting alongside with their kids. Would it kill them to come up with something fresh?!! Keeping my expectations way low for this.

  • anders

    The trio’s children ? Wow, Luke and leia’s kid would probably fit in well at mos eisley cantina

  • tarek

    anyone except :

    -Jessica Biel
    -Jessica Alba
    -Anne Hataway

  • gargleballs

    Robert Pattinson or Zach Effron as Jacen solo. Taylor Lautner or Justin Bieber (he really has screen presence) as Anakin Solo. Kristen Stewart as Jaina Solo (that’s a no-brainer). I thnk that this would be the way to so because this is a Stars Wars for a NEW GENERATION, MY GENERATION! Take the focus off these old dinosaurs and get some new blood o this movie.

    • DREDD

      Hellll Naw!! worst casting ideas i’ve ever read! Taylor Lautner? seriously??? I’d rather have Jar Jar back in it! Effron aint too bad i guess. If they made Star Wars for your generation they would be playing hip-hop in the Falcon and every one of Solo’s kids would have their jeans pulled down round their knees. My god!

      Jennifer Lawrence looks perfect for Solo kid no 1.

    • Ur mom

      Sorry, you got the wrong movie. This is STAR WARS, not Glee/Twilight/High School Musical shit. What generation are you exactly?

    • Addy

      This. These are casting ideas I can get with. Just keep the damn sexy Jennifer Lawrence and Shia Labeouf out for everyones sake or I’ll be getting busy with myself in the front row.

  • Starkiller

    Here’s a summary of the article:

    A website called Showbiz 411 claims that Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher will be reprising their roles as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia. It may or may not be true.

    • Andy

      Really? Huh. I thought it would be Hamill playing Han, Fisher playing Luke, and Ford playing Princess Leia (or Leia’s ugly older sister).

  • Starkiller

    Here\’s a summary of the article:

    A website called Showbiz 411 claims that Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher will be reprising their roles as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia. It may or may not be true.

  • Ramone

    So who WOULD be good for the kid roles? And we’re talking 20+ year olds, yes?

    • DREDD

      Jennifer Lawrence,

      Charlie Hunnam (he almost played Anakin. ) Or Matt Lanter who voices Anakin in clone Wars 1000 times better than Hayden Christenson.

  • Spock Jenkins


    • DREDD

      He probably will be too if the main ones are in it. Though he’s a second tier character so its not as important. Though after seeing Django, Jamie Fox would make a great character, maybe Lando’s son?

    • Ur mom

      I don’t think there’s a mention of him yet. But he did say he would love to come back and work with the old gang again. :-)

  • Mike

    Man…April Fool’s Day this year is going to be LOUSY with bad Episode 7 pranks

  • Grayden

    Oh dear god let this be rumor mill action. Why didn’t they just do the Zahn Trilogy? Han and Leia have twins, so the kids thing is covered. Luke having kids just seems….stupid. He’s a Jedi, pretty sure he’s not gonna scrap Jedi code just cause he’s the only one. Besides when would he have time to have a family when he has to rebuild the Jedi Order? Derp.

  • spongefist

    Why not R2PO ? – the love children of the two droids?

    They saved the shit out of everyone, every time anyway….

    As for all this Jennifer Laurence crap, she can’t act, you need an unknown.

  • Great white hype

    They better get into shape. I don’t think Jedi’s let themselves go.

    • Steve

      Carrie Fisher has lost a lot of weight. Actually, I have been predicting for years that when Carrie Fisher began slimming down, it would be a good sign that Episode VII was green lit.

  • jk

    Heh, heh, I love when fans start making horrible suggestions for roles that haven’t even been confirmed.

  • Northern Star

    If it wasn’t for the talent – Michael Arndt, JJ Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan, etc – already attached to this project, I’d be getting a little worried about it right now, is there REALLY a need to continue the story past ‘Return of the Jedi’…? The prequels, regardless of their very considerable flaws (understatement), were, at least in theory, the legitimate other half of the story, but I’m still not sold on the creative or artistic merits of a sequel trilogy, the whole enterprise has a somewhat mercenary feel to it, and I never got that from ‘Star Wars’ films before, not even the prequels…

    • DREDD

      Yes! Lucas created a universe so big it outgrew him. Star Wars is bigger than its creator, bigger than middle earth and Potter and even Star Trek, and its growing bigger all the time, fast! But for all these years its been held back. Its potential has been restrained, sure we have the clone wars series, books, video games comics, but they just prove that 6 films just isn’t enough to contain it. And now Disney own it, the reighns are off, they wanna see their 4 billion $ sale money back, and with profits!
      Believe me, Star Wars is about to go supernova! And as a fan, i couldn’t be happier.

      • RorshachLives!

        Restrained? Are you kidding me, Dredd? We’ve had seven films (to date), three television movies, three television series (or is it four), more merchandise than anyone could ever purchase in a lifetime, Lord knows how many comics/books/video games/etc, and that’s all before the inevitable new glut of product in the future now Disney has the reins… and you say ‘Star Wars’ has been held back!? I’d love to have what you’re smoking, Dredd, but I fear it’s almost certainly illegal in most civilized countries…

      • DREDD

        Sigh! You appear to have missunderstood. I mean movies wise. There has been only 6. (not counting Ewok adventures/clone wars movie etc.. Just the main 6. So yes, its been restrained massively! James Bond got about 20+? movies! Star Trek got about 11 or more? Potter got 8ish?
        Star Wars got 6! Yet the potential it has is greater than all put together (well Trek comes close)
        The EU has merely expanded whats possible. Thousands of stories/characters/worlds time periods etc.. yet none ever put to film. Clone Wars tv series, been going for 5 yearsish now, its fantastic right now too, but, that only covers what happened between episodes 2 and 3 of the movies.

        All this bickering on here is precicely because of this reason, because its been restrained. Some gamers wanna see some films set in the KOTOR era. Some wanna see films based between episodes 3 and 4, some want what were getting with Leia n Hans kids, some want all new stuff, some want Thrawn trilogy etc etc, some want younger spin-offs of Han/Boba fett etc… list goes on n on!

        But, i agree that whilst the original cast is still alive n kicking, they should make the films were getting with those actors as there will never be another chance. So these films must come first to pass the baton. Its logical!

  • Andy

    “…is there REALLY a need to continue the story past ‘Return of the Jedi’…?”

    See, I just don’t get this kind of comment. People frequently talk like this about movies–but you never hear that about TV (if a show is good-quality). You never hear anyone say, “We’ve had 9 episodes of that show (roughly equivalent to 3 feature-length movies), so do we really need a 10th?”

    Besides, was there ever a “need” (literally, a /need/) for Star Wars in the first place? No. The only legitimate question is: Can we get a genuinely good story? If so … then film it!!!

  • Tarek

    We need a firefly-like movie, with genuine wit and minimal CGI cr*p.
    Add to it a john Williams score and I’m totally in boys. I really don’t care if there will be Luke, Leia or Han. Just a really good story with strong characters.

  • Strong Enough


  • batman1359

    Josh Holloway should play Han Solo’s son.

    Joseph Gordon Levitt should play Luke’s son.

  • batman1359

    Josh Holloway should play Han Solo\’s son.

    Joseph Gordon Levitt should play Luke\’s son.

  • Franklin

    I posted this speculation and suggestion before, but it would make thematic sense for there two be two young leads — a sister and brother pair training to be Jedi, whose loyalties to one another, the Force, destiny, etc. is tested over the course of the sequel trillogy. (This would carry on the idea raised in Return of the Jedi when it’s revealed Luke and Leia are siblings.).

    My casting suggestion for the sister would be Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit). (I thought Steinfeld would have been better as Katniss.) Jennifer Lawrence already has the Hunger Games and X-Men series, so she doesn’t need to be typecast in another genre series. Steinfeld also looks like she could be related to Carrie Fisher and Natalie Portman across the generations. I would strongly recommend Disney considers Steinfeld.

    If the rumors turn out to be true that the sequel trilogy involves cloning Vader, then I wouldn’t be against the idea of bringing back Hayden Christensen. I don’t think he was awful in the prequels — the prequels themselves made most of the actors in them look bad. So the verdict is out on Christensen.

  • WAM

    Mr. Hamill, Let the diet begin.

  • mikey

    I would have been interested in this news with a director like Mathew Vaughn or Joe Johnston, but no. Absolutely no interest in this turd directed by the turd and hack jj.

  • mishka

    Still going to be crap because of hack jj

  • mishka

    I should also add:

    Still going to be crap and fake star wars because of the hack assh*le jj.

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