Mark Ruffalo Says We’ll See Hulk Again in AVENGERS 2, But No Plans for a Stand-Alone Movie

     March 6, 2013


Rumors have been flying around that there are/aren’t plans for Marvel to make a stand-alone Hulk movie some time in the near future.  Marvel’s own Kevin Feige put two potential source materials for a Hulk film on the table last year.  Then we got news on possible plot details for not only a stand-alone Hulk film after The Avengers 2, but what may turn out to be a Hulk-centric plot for The Avengers 3.  About a month after that, writer/director Joss Whedon (The Avengers) put the kibosh to the rumors.  Now, the face behind the Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo, has taken to the Tweets to comment on the state of Hulk.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

avengers-mark-ruffalo-hulkHere’s what Ruffalo Tweeted earlier today in response to the legions of Hulk fans’ questions:

A lot of folks have been asking about the Next Hulk. The next time you see my Hulk it will be in the Avengers 2. No plans for stand alone.

I am not giving up on another stand alone HULK. But it’s not in the works right now. One never knows what the future will bring.

We know that directors are rarely straightforward with their answers, especially for projects as big as recent comic book properties (ie The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel, any Marvel movie) or films with massive fan bases (ie Star Wars and Star Trek…I’m looking at you, J.J. Abrams).  It’s also conceivable that Marvel wouldn’t necessarily fill Ruffalo in on their plans five years down the road when all that would accomplish is giving him information to accidentally let slip between now and then.  Ruffalo is contractually obligated for six Marvel films; he’s not going anywhere.  It’s also possible that Ruffalo will pop up in credits scenes and end-tags in other heroes’ stand-alone films, but that seems like an incredible waste.

I’m inclined to believe the guys at Latino Review, partly because they have a good track record and mostly because I want these particular Hulk movies to come to fruition.  It would be fantastic to finally see Hulk taken off-world where he finally gets to smash something other than puny humans/Gods.  Time will tell!


  • will

    Honestly, I think Hulk mainly worked in The Avengers because he wasn’t the focus. Not being the center of the movie allowed him to instead take his rightful place as the team’s wildcard. He ended up being the best part of the movie as a result. Yeah, a Planet Hulk movie would probably be very cool, but I think keeping him in the team dynamic is the right way to go for now.

  • Ramone

    Hulk worked as a hero in Avengers. I sincerely hope there’s nothing to the (now squashed) rumor about WWH. Making him the baddie would run against everything they built up in the first film.

    • Chad

      A hero, except for when he was chasing Black Widow and Thor around the heli-pad trying to kill them… then later being able to inexplicably control that anger so he conveniently ONLY killed bad guys. Inconsistency kills.

      • Jay

        Oh God. Still. Still with this.

        The first time he turned into the Hulk, it was forced, triggered by stress and anger and circumstance. He had no control over the Hulk.



      • ed

        ummm how many times do people have to explain the “inconsistencies” of the hulk scenes……

      • Disproving Troll

        I hate the theory about “inconsistency” regarding the hulk in Avengers. The Incredible Hulk starring Ed Norton clears up any “inconsistencies” that there are regarding his “sudden ability to control his anger!!?? SMH WTF!!!”

        In Incredible Hulk, the last scene has Banner practicing turning into the Hulk by his own control. I don’t understand why so many “fans” are so butthurt by the fact that he changes into Hulk when needed. The entire film (Avengers) focused on how Banner had finally taken control of losing control, and the only reason he had “Hulked” on accident was due to Loki’s presence on board, Shield’s lies, the fact that he had just taken a spill, Hulk’s ensuing rage towards friendlies was a direct result of Banner’s own mental state pre-rage.

        When he chooses to Hulk out, it falls in line with The Incredible Hulk previously established continuity, and Hulk doesn’t go after the rest of the team due to Banner’s acceptance of the task at hand during the New York incident.


  • Rahuldravid

    Why are they backing off??
    If its about the money then thats stupid coz both the hulk movies made $350 mil with a budget $150 mil(thats enough for gaining some profit) and also both the movies wasnt that much bad…Captain America is also were in the same position as that of hulk but they did allowed Captain America to move on so why not hulk and also after avengers the popularity of hulk is rapidly increased..especially in india!! :)
    And a planet hulk would be totally awsm(bringback ang lee) its not at all a bad idea to make a planet hulk movie!!

    • Chad

      $350? Try Around $250 mil worldwide for each, off budgets of $130 mil and $150 mil (not counting another $50 mil in P&A) That’s not really a profit, considering studios only get 50% of overseas grosses. Both films barely broke even, if that. They are wise to nix the stand-alone films for now.

  • Calebrcrawford

    Am I the only one who is still very fulfilled with Edward Norton’s The Incredible Hulk? He was most definitely the BEST Hulk yet, and in my opinion that movie is one of the best Marvel has done to date.

  • Mavro

    Daaaaaaave! These guys at latinoreview do not have a good track record. You guys source them all the time but in my experience, they’ve always been wrong. I’m just sayin’ because I love this site. ;)

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  • andrew

    i agree i thought the ed norton hulk was very good also. The story was good it had great action and ed norton is a bad ass actor anyway. Ruffalo did a good job to i guess but it would have been cool to have norton back as the hulk.

  • adam

    so i guess were sposed to foergetabout sterns becominbg theader at the end

  • Chris

    So Marvel finally has a talented actor on their hand to play Banner/Hulk. They have developed great CGI techniques to make him not look like a stupid robot monster and now they don’t want to develop this character any further? I ten times rather want to see another Hulk movie with Ruffalo and also an Iron Man/Hulk movie than another Thor or Captain America movie.

  • Travis Hopson

    Since when does Latino Review have a good track record?

  • Bruce LeeRoy

    This is Why Marvel Took So Long To Announce Guardians! Look People, At The End Of The Day You Say That You Want A Planet Hulk Movie. But Fail To Realize They Tried Once And Twice The World Gave It The Middle Finger! Popular Means Nothing That Could Mean Only Core Group Of People But Still In This Case Let Them Find One Thing Wrong Before It Even Gets Shooting And You Will Have To Subtract That MONEY! Marvel Doesn’t Want To Revisit The Past Knowing How It Will Play Out. The Hulk Is One My Favorite Anti Heros Of All Time But Until They Find A Director That Can Tackle This Story And Make It Critical And Financial Successes As Marvel Wants Overall And Not Just One! The Have Plenty Films To Put Hulk In So I’ll Sit Back And Enjoy Phase 2 Because The Hulk Doesn’t Need A Stand Alone He Already Dose!

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