Mark Ruffalo NOT Doing Motion-Capture Work for Hulk in THE AVENGERS After All?

     January 28, 2011


The culmination of all of Marvel’s films so far, The Avengers, is set to start shooting in April. Directed by Joss Whedon, the film boasts an all-star cast of Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jeremy Renner. Ruffalo, who replaces Edward Norton as the Hulk, previously stated that he would be the first actor to actually play the character, with all the previous versions having someone other than the lead actor do the motion capture. Well, now it looks like he may not be doing motion capture work after all. Actor Brandon Molale recently tweeted the following (via Comic Book Movie):

“My life: Just auditioned to play the Hulk (motion capture) in the new Avengers movie. Pretty damn cool job!”

So is Joss Whedon completely ditching the idea of Ruffalo doing the motion capture work for Hulk? Or are they simply covering all their bases to see which works better? At this point, no one’s saying for sure. It would be cool to know that all of Hulk’s movements come from Ruffalo, but I don’t really see it as a dealbreaker regarding the film. The Avengers hits theaters on May 4th 2012.

  • Anoymous

    Well if they use the computer animated CGI hulk again i’m pretty sure they will fail! motion capture it’s so much better to create a real character or maybe Lou Ferrigno who voices the character can play the hulk i motion capture.

  • cartouche

    I find that the luster from the AVENGERS movie is fading..

    I am very stocked about the film and have all the faith in Joss but come on, why even cast Ruffalo if he is not playing the motion capture version as well?

    Ed Norton was the real way to go with The Hulk character which has become the most bastardized property in Hollywood.

    Three actors playing the HULK in 3 different movies, how fucking gay! Norton made the best version while Ang Lee almost suffocated it evebn tho Bana was Ok in the role..Ruffalo?? COME ON!!!!!

  • Blazer


    So apparently Ruffalo can act facially but not physically. Just get Smegal and call it a day..

    3 actors have played the HULK in 3 movies.. Get your shit together Hollywood..

    Joss needs to get this production under wraps, it sounds like it has failure written all over it unfortunately..

    Next news we will get will come from Downey Jr. not reprising his role or something..

  • Adam

    If you buy the 3 disc special edition of The Incredible Hulk, yes the one with Edward Norton, which is the best comic book movie other than The Dark Knight, to be released to date, you will see that Norton did do all of the facial expressions for Hulk in that movie and alot of the motion capture stuff as well. I really hope that Ruffalo knocks this thing out of the park, b/c I am still not over this replacing Ed Norton thing, the continuity of these actors is beyond important for this who Marvel world, and Ed Norton is way up there on the best actors in the world list, and the fact that Louis Lettier will not be co-directing/producing, or whatever Farveau and the other directors are doing is just lame, Leitter/Norton’s Hulk is the most amazing movie that Marvel will probably ever do, and Kevin Feige should be ashamed of himself for not doing whatever it took to make sure both of them were on board for The Avengers, let Ruffalo be Antman for whenever they get that ship sailing

    • duh

      actually the continuity of the movies is key. having the same actor makes no difference unless they suck. don cheadle was a way better rhodie (once again if you’ve ever actually read iron man, west coast avengers, ect…) than terrance howard.

      these characters have been around for a long time and obviously transcend any particular actor. to think otherwise is extremely narrow minded.

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  • b

    hulk is the punisher of superhero movies with all the actor turnarounds… wait punisher was a superhero movie too…

  • EV M

    I see eye-to-eye with cartouche, Blazer and Adam. This is just out-of-hand. Pick the right direction, the right-approach, and the right actor, and commit to them.

  • dogg

    Meh, fretting over who does the motion capture is pointless. Those data are so massaged by animators after the fact that the overall performance is a group effort anyway. The voice acting is hugely more important since it drives the emotion of the character.

  • QU347

    the producers and ed norton should kiss and make up so they can please the anticipating fans

  • duh

    are you guys retarded?! hulk looks nothing like bruce banner in the book. if you actually pick up a book and read something instead of bitching about things which you’re ignorant to you’d see that morale’s face is about perfect.

    every time i see people bitch about things like this regarding a comic movie it’s so obvious to me that these fools are total posers and don’t even read comics.

  • Serge

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