Mark and Donnie Wahlberg to Star in WAHLBURGERS Reality Series on A&E

     November 12, 2013


While Wahlburgers may only have one location at the moment, A&E is about to bring the family-owned restaurant into your living room with a new reality series.  Titled Wahlburgers, the series will follow brothers Mark and Donnie Wahlberg as they return home to Boston to join forces with their “most talented sibling,” Paul Wahlberg, who is the restaurant’s executive chef.  Hit the jump for more, including Donnie’s announcement for the show.

Via THRWahlburgers premieres Jan. 22 at 10:30 p.m. on A&E.  The location doubles as “a hangout for their friends and family, including the real Johnny “Drama” (Alves) and their mother,Alma, along with other members of the Wahlberg’s “original entourage,” including Henry “Nacho” Laun and Billy Leonard.”  Wahlburgers plans to open a Toronto-based location early next year.  Watch the announcement from Donnie below:

  • LEM

    Doesn’t Mark Wahberg already have a failed supplement line?

  • Leo Spaceman

    Mark Wahlberg is starring in a movie that will have Optimus Prime riding a T-ranosaurus Rex into battle. Mark Wahlberg can do what ever the F**k he wants.

    • mbmarquis69

      Donnie, on the other hand…

      … has to do whatever Mark wants.

  • God’s Diamond

    F mw. He blinded an Asian guy in one eye and hasn’t done anything to make up for it.

  • Idris Wahlberg

    Idris Elba needs to be a Wahlberg.

  • Norrtron


  • alk

    them Wahlbergs…they sure seem to have it in their mind that their legion of fans will watch anything they grace their mug faces on…even a tv reality show about their brother’s TERRRRIBBLEE CHAIN NAME called “wahlburgers” that’s reason enough to give this a pass….and could that logo be any more repulsive to look at? yuck!