Mark Wahlberg Says to Expect Two More Seasons of ENTOURAGE Plus a Movie

     December 3, 2009

entourage_tv_show_image_hbo.jpgRight on the heels of one of its most successful seasons, Entourage has been picked up for another year, but executive producer Mark Wahlberg is looking further ahead.  At the premiere for The Lovely Bones, Wahlberg told The Hollywood Reporter he feels the series has two more seasons left in it, and then, perhaps, a movie.  A spokesperson from HBO revealed that though an Entourage film is not “out of the realm of possibility,” the staff has their sights set on the new season and not much beyond that.  But with the success of the Sex and the City movie with its sequel already due out in Summer 2010, an Entourage movie seems very much in the “realm of possibility.”

Ultimately, as much of an Entourage fan I am (it’s really useful for learning about the business!), it’s hard enough watching half-hour episodes during which nothing really happens; I don’t know if I can sit through two hours of nothing.