Mark Wahlberg Talks Seth MacFarlane’s TED and Untitled Basketball Movie with Justin Bieber

     January 7, 2012

The other day, we brought you updates from Mark Wahlberg on a sequel to The Fighter, the Entourage movie, and Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain.  As noted at the time, Wahlberg is a very busy guy. As such, during his interview with Steve regarding his upcoming crime thriller Contraband, the actor/producer talked extensively about a number of projects.  Today we’re bringing you what he had to say about starring in Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s feature directorial debut Ted, and his basketball movie starring Justin Bieber (including a fantastically awesome title for the latter).  Hit the jump to see what Wahlberg had to say about the two projects.

seth-macfarlane-imageTed marks the feature directorial debut of Seth MacFarlane. The film, also written by MacFarlane, tells the story of a grown man (Wahlberg) whose wish that his childhood teddy bear (played by MacFarlane using motion-capture) would come to life comes true. However, the bear turns out to be a swearing, pot-smoking mess and wreaks havoc on the man’s life. As expected, the script is riddled with salacious material, and when asked if there was anything Wahlberg had to debate over whether or not to actually say out loud, the actor replied “quite a few things,” adding:

“I want a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie saying that all these things are written by Seth MacFarlane not me (laughs), and I didn’t improvise any of it and he’s gotta take full responsibility for all the people he’s offended. But it’s off the charts.”

This was MacFarlane’s first time in the director’s chair, but Wahlberg has high praise for the first-timer:

“Working with him was a dream. He’s such a sweet guy, such a generous guy, I just had a blast. It was one of those occasions like an Adam McKay or a Tim Burton where you just can’t wait to get to get to the set and be around the guy and watch him do his thing, it was one of those special occasions.”

mark-wahlberg-imageIt sure sounds like we’re in for a treat with Ted (both in explicit content and professionalism), and I can’t wait to see what a Seth MacFarlane feature film looks like.

Additionally, Wahlberg talked a bit about a curious project that he’s attached to. He’s set to star in an untitled drama set in the world of street basketball alongside pop sensation Justin Bieber. When asked if the idea of a Bieber/Wahlberg team-up was a tough one to pitch to studios, Wahlberg responded that it was actually a piece of cake:

“I remember going into Paramount and talking about it and within five minutes they were like “We’ll do it.” It’s more like The Color of Money, that’s kind of the best thing I can compare it to. I’ve gotta reluctantly mentor this kid but I’m really hustling him too. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen him play basketball, but he’s incredible.”

The Color of Money angle is certainly intriguing, and How to Make it In America creator Ian Edelman is currently hard at work on the script. When asked whether or not the film has a title, Wahlberg offered up what I genuinely think could be the greatest title in cinematic history:

“Not yet. We’re calling it Wahlbieber right now.”


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