Martin Scorsese to Direct Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert De Niro in Short Film Promoting New Casino

     August 31, 2014


The good news: Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert De Niro are teaming up to star in a new film from Martin Scorsese.  The disappointing news: It’s for a short film promoting a casino.  According to Deadline, RatPac Entertainment is producing a short film that will be used as a campaign for Melco-Crown Entertainment, a global resorts and casino brand.  In addition to nabbing three movie stars and a legendary director, Terrence Winter (The Wolf of Wall Street) will handle the script.  The film will premiere next year at a new movie-themed resort in Studio City, Macau.  I assume it will be about how casinos are awesome as opposed to Casino, which shows a glamorous world of delights masking a seedy, violent underbelly.

Despite the short’s purpose, I’ll still watch it if I get a chance.  It’s too exciting to see this kind of talent align for any project.  I just wish it were a real feature, but as Deadline points out, this short could at least function as a bit of a warmup for another project.  In particular, there’s the Frank Sinatra movie Scorsese has been kicking around the past few years.

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  • Jeremy Flores


  • d

    Huh promoting casino Wtf.

  • World’s Finest Comments

    Afterwards Steven Spielberg will be directing Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks in a brand new Burger King commercial.

    • 80sRobot

      I’d watch it.

  • MJ

    What a bunch of sellouts. L A M E Cashgrab. This is Mike Tyson or Wayne Newton territory.

    • 80sRobot

      If you have the money, most actors and directors will consider your project if it is not too out there or makes them look bad. Seriously. They’re just hired talent.

      • MJ

        Yes, but this is Vegas and gambling. I just find it kind of low-brow. That is my opinion.

    • jimjam

      It’s not as if these guys haven’t done commercials in other countries before. They get paid scale to do the movies that they are truly passionate about and go film commercials overseas to rake in the big monies.

    • the king of comedy

      Why can`t they get paid to do a comercial, if this is the only way we`re going to see all this talent together I`m in.

    • lord jim

      You mean like Fincher or Lynch?Besides the fact that these two have demonstrated that advertising can be art (just take a look what Lynch did when Sony asked him to make a commercial for the Playstation), you do realize that even Scorsese has trouble to get his dream projects financed, so he has to do more commercial stuff inbetween?But I guess you think that great movies grow on trees, moron.

      • MJ

        No, I don’t mean like Fincher or Lynch, moron.

        This is about Scorcese, DeNiro, DeCaprio and Pitt. These guys are hardly short of money. You attempted analogy to Fincher and Lynch is ludicrous and nonsensical.

      • p.mcmahon

        Because Fincher and Lynch are….living paycheck to paycheck, and barely scraping by???

      • MJ

        I would bet you that Lynch’s net worth is not even 10% of Scorcese’s.

      • p.mcmahon

        You might want to do some googling…Lynch’s net worth is $60 million which is only 10 million shy of Scorsese.

      • MJ

        If that’s the case, then fine, but it then rules our Lord Jim’s initial point anyway that a supposed cash-strapped David Lynch would need to scrape some money together by making commercials to fund his movies.

      • lord jim

        Lynch nearly couldn´t make Inland Empire, he had to finance it in Europe (just like Mullholland Drive) and shoot it in Poland on digital, and it didn´t make any money at all.So yes he needs to scrape money together for his projects.Scorsese´s movies make a lot more money but he still had problems to get Gangs of New York financed, and he certainly does have bigger problems to get Silence financed.Your comment completely ignores the realities of Hollywood.The market for movies that are neither big budget nor low budget has been largely diminished in the last decade.Even Jim Jarmusch or Woody Allen who really doesn´t make expensive movies started to finance his movies mostly in Europe for the last ten years, because in his own words, studios started to interfere with his ideas – which they hadn´t been doing before – to make them more commercial, which he refused to do.

      • lord jim

        p.s.I rather have directors do commercials inbetween than compromize even more on their dream projects, than they have to anyway.Just look what happened with Noah – Aronofsky´s graphic novel was a much better and darker story.Or can you imagine that Terry Gilliam wasn´t able to work with Jeff Bridges on Twelve Monkeys because the studio thought that Bridges was not bankable?The studio system went completely mad.

      • MJ

        You are pretty naive.

        Lynch would put the couple of mil he got for a commercial like this into this pocket, and then keep trying to get others to finance his films. He didn’t get rich by putting his own money into his largely overrated list of films.

      • lord jim

        So at first you don´t mean like Lynch and Fincher, because that analogy would be “ludicrous and nonsensical”, and now Lynch ist the big sellout?Your arguments aren´t even consistent, because not having a clue, you have to make them up on your way, just to keep face on the internet – which is rather sad.

      • MJ

        Dude, you are the one who inferred that Lynch would be cash strapped in funding movies, and then someone else here informed us that he’s actually worth $70M. That is a huge disconnect!

        So if I was confused at first here, it was because your inference that Lynch was cash strapped proved out to be wrong. I had accepted that on face-value…I will not make that mistake again now that I realize that you are just making this stuff up as you go along.

        Lesson learned!

      • lord jim

        “someone else here informed us that he’s actually worth $70M.”
        Which is completely ridiculous, just think about it!Twin Peaks was the first and last time he had a hit.Lynch is box office poison, so I don´t even understand hwo you could consider him overrated.Michael Bay is overrated, J.J.Abrams is overrated, or did you mean that he is overrated by the critics?Even if you don´t like his mindfucks, movies like The Elephant Man and Blue Velvet are clearly masterpieces.And movies like Mullholland Drive and Inland Empire clearly show that he is anything but a sellout, I never ever heard anyone call David Lynch a sellout.Scorsese got softer and closer to Hollywood with age, Lynch did exactly the opposite.Don´t you think he would direct more accessible movies if it was about the money?

  • André Camilo

    Ok, but where’s “Silence”?

  • the king of comedy

    A movie with Scorsese, Winter, De Niro, Di Caprio and Pitt, about Casinos, could be a classic, I wish they were making a real movie and not this short comercial, I guess I`ll still see it since I`m a huge Scorsese fan, but deam I wish they could bring this kind of talent for a real picture.

  • afsgagetgSDgadgdgar

    As long as someone’s head ends up in a vice….

  • Person

    Best cast of the year.

  • Mr. Orange

    Me reading the title in real time:

    “OH MY GOD THIS IS SO- god f*cking dammit….”

  • Strong Enough

    what a waste of money

  • Rykshaw

    Sinatra is overrated.

  • One of Nine

    Why play with our emotions like this?!?!?!