Martin Scorsese’s SILENCE Gets Financing; Poised to Start Filming July 2014 in Taiwan

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Director Martin Scorsese’s passion project Silence is finally moving forward.  Back in January, Scorsese confirmed that the adaptation of the Shusaku Endo novel would be his next project after completing The Wolf of Wall Street, and he was hoping to start production in mid-2014.  Now, after numerous delays, Deadline reports that financing for Silence has been secured by Emmett/Furla Films, which means that this thing is actually, finally, for real happening.  Written by Scorsese and Jay Cocks, the story takes place in the 17th century and follows a group of missionaries sent to Japan in order to investigate the reported torturing of Christians by the country’s emperor.

Scorsese has been trying to get Silence made for 15 years, and at one point Danie Day-Lewis and Benicio del Toro were attached to star.  The plan now is for filming to begin in Taiwan in July 2014, depending on the cast.  I’d really love to see Silence make it in front of cameras, so hopefully things go smoothly this time.  The Wolf of Wall Street opens later this year, but Scorsese will likely be busy with an awards campaign for the Leonardo DiCaprio starrer through early 2014.

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  • Great news, but…

    I just can’t help but wish he would have done this over his last two lesser movies, Shutter Island and Hugo.

    • k0

      F that Shutter Island was fantastic.

      • Nope

        @kO: My guess is that you haven’t seen the multitudes of multiple personality twist flicks under the guise of “psychological thriller.” It was a real ham.

      • k0

        @Nope – Sounds awesome. Oh and btw, Shutter Island was fantastic. Stop trying to change my opinion, douche.

      • Daniel

        There are a lot of similar films, but none of them made quite as well as Shutter Island.

    • LOL

      You realize he makes projects like Hugo and Shutter Island as a trade off to get to make projects like this, right? He’s done it his whole career. He made The Color of Money in exchange for the financing for Last Temptation of Christ. Ditto, Carpe Fear and Kundun.

      He NEEDS big hits like Hugo and mainstream fare like Shutter Island to keep his passion projects alive.

      • Willy

        No company related to Hugo is involved in any other Scorsese movie. And it was mostly financed by the producers. No trade off.

    • Tyler

      I loved Hugo. Maybe one of my top five Scorsese films…and I’ve seen (almost) all of them.

  • edenL

    can’t wait… really. I hope it will be goin on well.

  • edenL

    can\’t wait… really. I hope it will be goin on well.

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