Artwork for Marvel’s AVENGERS ASSEMBLED Blu-ray Set Revealed; Great Individual Covers for Each Film by Matthew Ferguson

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Last month, Marvel announced that they’ll be releasing a 10-disc, six-movie Blu-ray collector’s set called Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled.  The ginormous set will include all of Marvel’s films up through The Avengers, as well as loads of special features.  Now Marvel has released some truly gorgeous box art for the set, as Matthew Ferguson has cooked up some fantastic sleeves to go with each corresponding movie.  The sleeves will house each individual movie, while the actual box for the whole set looks like it’ll be in the shape of a briefcase.

Hit the jump to check out the images, and begin the debates over which one’s the best.  Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled will hit stores on September 25th.

Here’s a trailer for the set, followed by the images (via Marvel).  You can also pre-order the set right now on Amazon.

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  • Ben

    Wow, this is really cool. I might buy it even though I strongly disliked Iron Man 2 and Captain America.

    • Ramone

      Srsly? I don’t know anyone who “Strongly disliked” either movie. Maybe a few who weren’t boled over (we’re talkin’ non-comics fans here) but what was so bad?

      • Zimbo Zambo

        Even some “comics fans” strongly disliked some of these films. I enjoyed Captain America but also strongly disliked Iron Man II. I don’t let my appreciation of comic book franchises cloud my judgment when it comes to enjoying a film or critiquing its artistic merit. And, as a brief sampling of many reviews on rottentomatoes, many professional critics found much to dislike in Iron Man II as well. For me, it was a smug, smarmy, snarky, stereotypical, unfunny, plotless mess of a film which neither resonated with me as a “comics fan” nor as one who appreciates good film in general. In other words, I “strongly disliked” it. I don’t know why that’s so hard to understand unless you allow your perception of yourself to be based on the quality of such movies, in which case, you’d have much more motivation, than the average film-goer (and “comic fan”) to convince yourself that Iron Man II, and others are great films.

      • spongefist

        Captain America was utter shite. What was good about it? Perhaps the first 20 minutes, maybe. Everything after he became Captain America was terrible.

        Iron man 2 was better than Iron man 1.

        Iron man 1 although thanks are given for getting the whole thing going, was really not very good, I know that’s hard to accept, but if you just face reality it will be easier.

  • @jasonseas

    Really like the artwork and the look of everything, but man I hate that briefcase.

  • FAN-tastic

    Who carez about this? Marvel is children’s films made for simpletons. The Dark Knight Rises is already making everyone forget about it. Dark Knight is cinema. Avengers is trash.

    • Ramone

      LOL dude. Wow.

      • FAN-tastic

        Just cause I’m an adult who likez adult drama of the highest realm like Dark Knight Rises doesn’t give you guys the right to be haterz. Avengers is marketed toward and intended to be viewed by childrenz. Just admit that you are fans of childrenz entertainment and we can all move on with our lives. Face it, the Avengerz doesn’t make sense. How can Samuel L. shoot a bazooka at a helicopter with an eye patchz? He has no depth perception. The movie doesn’t make sense.

    • Marc

      Gee… I don´t know if $ 1,5 billion equals ‘trash’… Anyways, it´s unfair to compare The Avengers with The Dark Knight. I really loved both films, and while I still think TDK deserved an Oscar for Best Screenplay and its absence in the nominated flicks for Best Movie (lame The Reader got the spot instead) was one of the most unforgiving Academy mistakes of all time, ‘The Avengers’ is an almost 100% crowd pleaser, that makes you smile through and through and makes you leave the theater eager to see part 2. Pure entertainment, as cinema was invented to… eeeh… entertain. Give us ‘Avengers 2′ and ‘The Dark Knight Persists’ anytime…

      • JPA

        YES. Thank you. Stop all this “my movie is better” bullcrap and watch both, or watch only the one you like and don’t criticize the other so you can sound smart through the internet. Both movies are awesome,for different reasons.

      • Zimbo Zambo

        Marc, your implied assertion that “Gee… I don´t know if $ 1,5 billion equals ‘trash’” is a non sequitur logical fallacy, whereby you appear to be implying that just because a film made an inordinate amount of money it somehow merits artistic praise. Not true. One does not make the other so. Consider the Ice Age series for example. If you must, go ahead and argue for their high artistic merit. But history has shown, time and again, that the movie-going public is not necessarily propelled to the theaters by the high artistic qualities of a film, but moreso by other factors such as popularity, “coolness,” media hype. When these factors coincide with a film which also has strong artistic merit, that’s great, but not at all determinative.

      • FAN-tastic

        Youz doltz don’t know what cinema even means. it meanz good moviez. Avengers isn’t a good movie. How could Samuel Jackson fire a bazooka with one eye? He has no depth perception. It makez the entire movie straight whack. DC foreverz

      • juanotaco

        @zimbo zambo, just because you are trying to sound articulate to make a point doesn’t mean your opinion sounds intelligent. It just make you sound like a TOOL.

        Marvel’s The Avengers = Great Fanboy Film

        The Dark Knight Franchise = Great Cinematic Masterpieces (Even if its man wearing a bat suit)

        Nuff said

        Everyone else bashing superhero films can kiss our true loyal Fanboy asses.

    • John Thomason

      LOLOLOLOL!!!!!….you are talking about a movie about a grown man who dresses up like a bat and punches people. And has bat planes and bat cars too. That is about as childish as you can get ! You are priceless..please keep posting!

    • your dark knight ends

      What will all batman fans do when it’s all over……Nolan and batman are done. It’s funny because no great director is going to wanna touch batman for a long time but WB doesn’t care they will put out another green lantern.

      • grude

        I think you mean GAY-Lantern.

    • GunsOfNavarone

      I’ve got to hand it to you, that is some quality trolling. But what’s the deal with all the z’s?

  • Nate H

    This comment makes no sense. Avengers made over $600 million – that’s a LOT of movie-goers. The simple truth is that anyone who goes to see Dark Knight Rises has ALREADY seen the Avengers. So if it’s made for simpletons, DKR is sharing that same audience.

    They are different types of films, plain and simple.

  • El Alto

    Best blue-ray sleeve art goes to Captain America.

    The rest IMO go:
    Iron Man 2
    Iron Man
    Hulk (don’t really like the way it came out)

    *FYI: This is about the art, the actual films go like this:

    Iron Man
    Captain America
    Iron Man 2

    **If you include Batman films it goes:

    Batman Begins
    Iron Man
    The Dark Knight
    Captain America
    Iron Man 2


  • Phil Beta

    No way. Aang Lee’s Hulk may have been an absurd flick, and out of the Avengers’ Marvel mega plot, but it deserves its place in the ensemble box. Just because of that, I’m not aiming to buy it.

    • Tom

      Pretty sure Lee’s ‘Hulk’ isn’t part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Meaning, it’s not in continuity with any of these movies. So, it’s absence is actually justified. Plus, even if it was, I’d throw that out once the set arrived anyway..

    • Thundersauresrex

      You are an idiot. Serious?! Ang lee’s flick was bad to begin with bastard using the property. Nortons wasn’t great but it was better. Plus Angs has nothing to with this new marvel uniseve. Saying that is also saying the old captain America movie should be in this set too go fuck off.

  • Tim

    I like it when people equate the amount of money a movie makes for being quality. Hehe. Look at Transformers.

    • Mr.Rich316

      All that points out is the film had some quality that many people enjoyed. Not everyone has to be blown away by some great cinematic experience to enjoy a movie. I think its far more telling when people say a movie is “trash”to elevate their opinion regardless of how much money it makes. Most people who will compare TDKR with The Avengers are going to (probably) make the argument that Nolan has created “art” and Whedon created a live comic book. That may turn out to be true,but I never hear people compare The Godfather part 2 to Goodfellas and they are both mob movies. True comparison will be The Dark Knight Rises to The Dark Knight. I’m betting we never hear a Nolan Troll make that comparison.

  • Migzter13

    WOW! Awesome Individual cover art!:D
    I might just buy this shiz! I just… might!

  • t

    This set looks awesome.

  • t

    It’s a great set.

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