What Will We See at Marvel’s Comic-Con Panel This Year?

     July 11, 2014


The madness of San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, and that means it’s speculation time.  Marvel is always a highlight of the event, and this morning the studio “announced” that its Hall H panel is set for Saturday from 5:30-6:30pm.  I say “announced” because the official description of the panel is as follows: “Marvel Studios President and Producer Kevin Feige and special guests will provide an inside look at the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.”  That’s incredibly vague, but not altogether surprising given that Marvel loves to keep things under wraps.

However, even though no official Comic-Con announcements have been made, we actually have a pretty good idea of what the panel will entail.  Much more after the jump.

avengers-age-of-ultron-cast-comic-conWith Guardians of the Galaxy being a focus of last year’s panel, and given the fact that it opens on August 1st, Marvel has already said it won’t be featuring that film during its Hall H panel.  Clearly the studio will be highlighting at least one of its upcoming projects, and since Avengers: Age of Ultron is the next Marvel pic set for release on May 1, 2015, that’s our prime candidate.  For further confirmation, Mark Ruffalo recently revealed to us that he and the entire Avengers 2 cast are flying down to San Diego to Comic-Con, so you can bet that Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and their fearless leader Joss Whedon will appear on the Comic-Con stage in Hall H.

I’d also imagine that Marvel will want to show off a bit of footage from the film.  Even though Iron Man 3 had only been shooting for a short while, Marvel teased a sizeable portion of that film during Comic-Con 2012.  We’ll likely get to see the first footage from Age of Ultron this year, but given that Marvel is one of the only studios that keeps its Comic-Con footage exclusive, don’t expect it to pop up online anytime soon.

ant-man-comic-conAnother project that will be highlighted is Ant-Man.  Marvel is going to have to work hard to win back fans who were justifiably upset that the studio somewhat forced co-writer/director Edgar Wright to walk away, and Michael Douglas recently revealed to us that he is also coming to Comic-Con.  That means some or all of the cast of Ant-ManPaul Rudd, Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Patrick Wilson, and Michael Pena—could grace the stage, as well as director Peyton Reed.  Filming hasn’t yet begun so there won’t be any footage to show, but maybe we’ll get a sneak peek at Rudd in costume for the first time?  Again, Marvel has a lot of work to do in order to get the fans back on it side for Ant-Man, but this would be a start.

As far as news goes, Marvel will also likely be unveiling its official lineup for Phase Three.  This current Phase Two closes out with Avengers: Age of Ultron next May, kicking off the third phase next July with Ant-ManA couple of years ago, Marvel unveiled logos and titles for all of its Phase Two movies, and I’d be surprised if they didn’t do the same for Phase Three here.  We know that Captain America 3 is slated as the second Phase Three film, and Doctor Strange now has a director in Scott Derrickson, so I imagine the studio has gotten its ducks in a row and is ready to set official release dates.

doctor-strange-comic-con-marvelSpeaking of Doctor Strange, many are also expecting Marvel to bring Derrickson onstage and possibly reveal the actor who will be taking on the lead role.  Rumors have run rampant as to whom the star might be, but so far Marvel has done an incredibly swell job of keeping things under wraps.  Either that or they really haven’t started casting yet.  Derrickson only recently got the job so it’d be understandable if they didn’t have much to show, but it would be neat to hear him talk briefly about his take on the material and unveil a logo of some sort.

While all of the above sounds entirely plausible, Marvel is also known for surprises.  Last year, Whedon took the stage to introduce a short video teaser that revealed the subtitle for Avengers 2.  In 2010, the entire cast of The Avengers took the stage and tore the house down.  Marvel is anything but predictable, so be prepared for something unannounced or unanticipated to occur.

I’ll be down in San Diego for this year’s Comic-Con along with the rest of Collider’s trusty team, so be sure to stay tuned for our numerous panel recaps and interviews—including a full rundown of what actually happens during Marvel’s Hall H panel.

San Diego Comic-Con runs from July 23rd to July 27th.


  • Manuel Orozco

    Give us some Age of Ultron footage

  • Starlord

    Hoping they up the ante to 3 movies a year for Phase 3, hopefully looking something like this:
    2015: Ant-Man
    2016: Cap 3, Doctor Strange, Thor 3
    2017: Incredible Hulk 2, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy 2
    2018: Ms. Marvel, Inhumans, The Defenders
    2019: Avengers 3

    • milo

      I’m a big marvel fan, but two is plenty.

    • NathanArizona

      Nah, two is plenty. I’m guessing something like this:

      2015: Ant-Man 2016: Dr. Strange, Cap 3 2017: Guardians of the galaxy 2, Thor 3 2018: Black Panther, Avengers 3.

      Rumor has it Hulk will appear in GotG 2 so no Hulk 2 film in phase 3, and I’m sure Cap3 and Thor 3 are locks.

      • Lee Harvey Cobblepot

        They haven’t announced Thor 3, right? So that’s probably on the books for CC. But I can agree that the possibilities are so seemingly endless, that it fels like needless procrastination to “only” make two a year. Of course, I know that’s not the case, but it still feens rough to wait 4 years for a possible Black Panther or Captain Marvel movie.

    • theseeker7

      I just hope Ant-Man isn’t *too* much in their plans for majorly setting up things for Avengers 3, just cause they’ve got A LOT of ground to make up for with this thing. It’s become the first Marvel movie to already have such a bad taste in peoples’ mouths, I just wouldn’t be surprised at all if it’s their first “failure”.

    • TigerFIST

      I would move the incredible HULK 2 to 2018. If HULK is loved by everyone in A2 I can see that happening…

    • Batt Damon

      The Defenders is going to be a mini-series on Netflix, not a movie. I think it’s more likely that Avengers 3 will be out in 2018. It also looks like they’re gonna incorporate Hulk into GotG2, so I’d switch Hulk with Captain Marvel. We probably won’t see Inhumans til phase 4.

  • milo

    Marvel article…obligatory whining about Ant Man? Yeah.

  • Jehosophat

    I feel like the anticipation for Age of Ultron is already built in. Just a peek of footage would light Hall H on FIRE.

    But Guardians still has not reached its potential for public-mass hysteria hype, in my opinion. I really was hoping they were saving for a last ditch presentation that would light fans on fire, since all the recent footage we are seeing makes this movie look completely insane!

    I just get a feeling that Marvel’s riskiest adventure is getting the red-headed step-child treatment, and that not so cool – since not too long ago, Marvel itSelf was the risk-taking, red-headed herring itself.

    At least give Chris Pratt the chance to be on the mic to show us what he’s got. In costume, possibly. C’mon Marvel – you owe him that much!

    • Ruprect

      I think most sci-fi fans are already “on fire” for GotG. A big push at C-C won’t do a lot for the general public’s awareness.

    • theseeker7

      FYI, Chris Pratt (and by smaller extension, the movie) is the cover story on the newest Entertainment Weekly issue.

  • http://keychung.com Key Chung

    No mention of the Netflix shows yet.

    • RedMercury

      I’m not going to Comic-Con, but my friend is. From what she says, they’re doing a separate thing for Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter. So I could easily believe they’ll talk about Luke Cage & Iron Fist, Daredevil, etc.


    i agree that it would be cool to have more than 5 movies per ‘phase’. cuz if not then already know what the line up for phase 3 is: ant man, dr. strange, captain america 3 and thor 3. personally I don’t care too much about thor 3 (unless they get surtur and/or beta ray bill involved) but I would really like to see black panther. I also think that guardians of the galaxy should get a sequel and that they should include iron man in it like he is in the modern comics, or that they somehow incorporate the planet hulk storyline into it, which has been rumored a lot on the internet recently

  • ThisGuy01

    If Marvel really wants to explode our minds then when they get to ANT-MAN they just need to have Edgar Wright walk out on stage & say “Guess what, we’ve finally wised up & are doing HIS movie now.”

  • johhny

    Only one guy who can really play Dr. Strange: Mel Gibson. Yes, seriously.

    • Gerry Rock

      Could be cool but, Benedict Cumberbatch looks like Marvel’s Strange guy…

    • Batt Damon

      I wanna see Mel Gibson as Iron Man after RDJ’s contract runs out.

  • sanfransicko

    What will we see at comic con??? HMM if you KNEW you would TELL us so u could get us to CLICK but when u don’t we should know better …..not newsworthy

  • sanfransicko

    What will we see at comic con??? HMM if you KNEW you would TELL us so u could get us to CLICK but when u don’t we should know better …..not newsworthy

  • Edgar

    I hope some people Buuu at the Ant-Man Panel, but those fans are to easy to win, some smart answer by Feige or Reed and everybody is gonna be clapping. sigh.

  • TheMuppetManiac

    I would love to see Jack Huston play Doctor Strange. I think they want a hig name though. I’d like to see some Daredevil footage, even if it’s just a teaser trailer. And It will be cool to find out who will play Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

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