Marvel Confirms THOR: THE DARK WORLD and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Panels for Comic-Con; Teases “Ever-Expanding Marvel Universe”

     July 3, 2013


The official panel lineups for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con are due to start being announced imminently, but Marvel has gone ahead and revealed which films will be highlighted during the studio’s Hall H panel this year, taking place on Saturday, July 20th.  Officially, Marvel will be presenting Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier at this year’s Comic-Con, but the press release notes that the panel will also include “an inside look at the ever-expanding Marvel cinematic universe.”

The studio has been announcing release dates for “untitled” films over the past few weeks, with three secretive films now set to hit theaters over the course of 2016 and 2017.  Given this fact plus the aforementioned tease about the expanding universe, I’d be surprised if the studio wasn’t planning on announcing its full Phase Three lineup at Comic-Con.  Hit the jump for more.

captain-america-2-winter-soldier-chris-evansWhile panelists beyond Marvel Studios President and Producer Kevin Feige have yet to be announced, we can reasonably expect to see a few castmembers from both Thor 2 and Captain America 2 pop up in Hall H.  Edgar Wright will be taking part in his own Hall H panel for The World’s End, but this really feels like the perfect opportunity for Feige to introduce the full Marvel Phase Three lineup and bring Wright onstage to tease Ant-Man once again (Wright premiered test footage for his superhero pic at last year’s Marvel panel).

So what will those Phase Three films be?  Well, here is the full list of Marvel release dates post-The Avengers 2 that we know of so far:

  • Ant-Man – November 6, 2015
  • Untitled Marvel Film – July 8, 2016
  • Untitled Marvel Film – May 5, 2017

ant-man-test-footageThere no doubt more release dates to be announced, but Ant-Man will be kicking off Phase Three in late 2015.  Feige revealed recently that Doctor Strange would be “next up” for Marvel after Wright’s film, so we can reasonably expect that Strange will be one of the other Phase Three films; but as for the rest, we’re not so sure.  Sequels to Captain America and Thor are possibilities, and The Avengers 3 will almost definitely act as the capper to Phase Three altogether, but there are other unannounced projects that could debut as well.

Could Black Panther finally be making it to the big screen?  Will Phase Three be completely void of a new Iron Man film?  We should have a much clearer idea of what to expect following Marvel’s panel, and we here at Collider will be at Comic-Con in full force to bring you a full recap of the panel’s events as quickly as possible.  Be sure to check the site very frequently during Comic-Con’s entire run, which takes place July 28th – 21st.


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  • Klein Dominik

    All Marvel films of Marvel Studios, Fox and Sony are dogshit, it all started in 2000 with X-Men by Bryan Singer. It proved that superheo movies based on Marvel or DC Comics can be financially significant and relevant in the film-industry to an wide-spanned general audience post-2000. DC drived not one but two franchises against the wall very hard. They started strong in the late 70s with 2 good Superman films, then ruined it in the 80s with 2 stinkers. Same with Batman: Launched in the late 80s and early 90s with two good films, then hammered in the ground for what would be decades to come (if not for X-Men) by two scandalous cinematic shit-mountains. Some argue that Blade was ihe first real modern marvel film, but thats horsepoop. Blade is hardly a D-Lister in the Marvel-World and the general audience didnt even know he was a Marvel Character or it was a ComicBookMovie whatsoever. Hell,they still dont know. X-Men started it all. Without X-Men no Spider-Man (2002) and X2. Without those two Warner wouldnt have had the guts to pull the trigger on a Batman Reboot by creative youngster C. Nolan.

    Without Batman Begins obviously no TDK and TDKR, let alone a potential DCU but neither would there have been Superman Returns OR Man of Steel. Batman Begins gave them confidence to reactivate Superman (Note: With a sequel, not a reboot), and they gave Singer the go-ahead cause his successful X-Men. Thus resulting in an awful X3 by Brett Hackster (Cause traitor Singer left the franchise with unfinished business to chase his nostalgia-ridden Superman dream) and a cheesy Superman Returns with a not relevant Superman, failing spectacualary.

    It took Nolan 2 good billion dollar Batman films (1 by the time of the green-light with TDKR already a upcoming sure success) and a hell lotta talkin by himself to make Warner untwat their pantys and reboot Superman. Outside Batman Nolan is a decent director. No more no less. I give kudos to him for trying to be original, yet he has a bit of an idiotic “Abrams-syndrom” too. Trying to be secretive and mysterios when his films are not special enough to make up for this premise.

    Inception is a normal decent blockbuster. Not the modern Kubrickian masterpiece some claim it to be. Its a bit smarter and trickier then your nowadays standard Hollywood fare (think Marvel, Transformers) but only because it isent as retarded as the aformentioned it doesent mean its genius. Films like The Prestige and Inception only look so special and intelligent cause there is just no competition. At all! I keep an eye on Nolan cause he never shat in the bed quite like Abrams or other younger filmmakers (in their 40s , thats a young filmmaker k?), but he is no god, and he still has to prove himself.

    Back to Marvel: Without X-Men 1-3 and Spider-Man 1-2 they would have had neither the confidence nor the starting money to fund a studio which sole purpose is Marvel Films. Thus no Iron Man, thus no MCU.

    So, bottom line. FUUUUUUCCCK you Bryan Singer for starting this!!!!

    He is the reason we have to endure 4 cmbs every yeeaaar



    The Godfather

    The Shawshank Redemption

    Taxi Driver

    A Clockwork Orange

    Fight Club

    Once upon a time in America

    Blade Runner

    Why are there no movies like this anymore? Striking and unforgettable quality that blows you away with atmosphere, high-class acting and narrative significance rather than 80% CGI, deafening Sound-effects, eye-paining yet still flat 3D, digital colour corrected filming and epileptic editing?

    Even the oscar contenders these day suck the anus quite wetly (LIncoln, Django Unchained).

    They ve become comic-ised and blockbuster-ised.

    Side note: As a teenager I was a big Manga / Anime fan (Dragon Ball, One Piece were my favs) and also a big fan of Nintendo video-games. When I started my real life getting older I noticed how retarded Shonen-Manga and Nintendo are and that just left me with Movies as my hobby. I will always have the old good films but it pains me that I am loosing my one true Hobby to ComicBookFilms. And it pains me even more whenI think about how some Manga (One Piece, Bleach) or even Nintendo-Games (Pokemon Editions for example) have BETTER STORYS than most ComicBookFilms. Damn, how embarrassing.

    Gimme true films. Why are Sergio Leone and Stanley Kubrick dead ? Well bad for us, good for them. They would vomit looking at all those Comicbookfilms…Even Spielberg has lost it (No good film since….eh…Saving Private Ryan?)

    Fatty George “I am 90% businessman and 10% half-assed director” Lucas ruined Star Wars and JJ “Lensflare + retarded mystery” Abrams will blow Ep7.

    I admired James Cameron until he came up with the now standard stereoscopic 3D. Well thank you ASSHOLE!!! Avatar….ugh…….-.-* ah he is making 2 sequels….will make 4 billion each still fak u wasted talent ruined value of film through 3D.

    Peter Jackson didnt blow le meat-stick as hard a Lucas with The Hobbit, but he still showed us a insulting drop in quality comparing The Hobbit to LotR. LotR felt real…organic…true. Like the biggets fantasy epic ever. What it should be. The Hobbit is just another Blockbuster. AnotherMarvel film if you will. Same quality.

    I admired Ridley Scott for some films (was always hit or miss) but last year he delivered that burning trainwreck Prometheus pulling a Lucas taking a good ol dump on his own legacy. “The Counselor” looks good however and I praise Cormac McCarthy. Maybe Im in for a good surprise from Ridley Scott here..? I am stoked a bit but remain cautious.

    There is still David Fincher for quality film-making with substance and atmosphere over CGI-shitfests (The Social Network, Zodiac, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…all brilliant)…but he is pretty much semi-redtired since he cant find a new project because he is butthurt Disney wouldnt give him 250 Million for 20000 Leauges under the Sea (understandable because Fincher doesent exactly have a history as a box-office darling)…and he is even more butthurt Brad Pitt doesent have time to take the lead…so he is like : ok fak u all I wait a gazillian years until disney gives me dat budget and brad has time until then fuck you leave me alone…

    Get ur shit together Fincher!!! You can do more than this.

    Dont get me started on this ugly overrated autistic stealing uninspired uncreative sonofabitch Tarantino. I hope he chokes to death on the feet of a Russian DragQueen.

    Francis-Ford Coppola hasent been relevant in DECADES. A few weeks ago I catched myself ckecking his Wikipedia page out of the blue, spontaneously to find out wether he is STILL ALIVE…I was disgusted with myself…because we are talking about Coppola….But I guess its saying something when I look up Coppolas Wikipage to find out if he is alive. Yeah I thank him for his work in the 70s, I love him for that, but now he might as well be dead.

    Martin Scorsese is like the last man standing…the last of the now old former movie brats, the last fortress of quality in a blockbusterised, moneydriven and comicbooky hollywood film-business where acadamy awards get handed over to shitty oscar-baiting like Lincoln.

    The trailer to “The Wolf of Wall Street” looks great. After the unusual (but awesome) kid-friendly Hugo he is going back to the Scorsese-feel. I havent been so excited for a film in years. Also he has planned Silence (could be meaningful, beautiful, character-driven yet also epic in scope)…and THE IRISHMAN (Scorsese,DeNiro, Pacino, Pesci, Keitel!!!!-Woah)…he is the last throwback to the old Blockbuster-quality of the 70s, 80s and early 90s…Acting and dialouge-driven films. The last man standing making good films…in a world he isent a part of anymore..PRAISE SCORSESE!! SAVE CINEMA! The Wolf of Wall Street will be my film of the year and Im so hyped. Unfortunatly it will be the best film to come out until Scorsese makes his next film…Unfortunatly he seems to be the last reliable good american director.

    After this write-up Im sad. My hobby Movies…Cinema….is going down the gutter. When Scorsese dies I ll quit this hobby, have a nice drink in his honour and write a eloborate condolence. I will visit his grave whereever it might be and thank him. Then I move on to find a new Hobby for films will have died with him.

    • Mike Spiteri

      Dude, you’re supposed to go to the doctor when your meds are all used up! I mean seriously your all over the place. You lost me with you claim that Nolan’s Batman films were masterpieces, and I started laughing out loud on your rant about magna/animie. I do agree with happier choices for excellent movies, along with your opinion on Bryan Singer. But honestly you could’ve skipped the rest. I’m probably the only one that read this.

      • Klein Dominik

        Im sorry but ur existence seems to be invalid. I have not called Nolans Batman films masterpieces. and yes, my views on cinema are extreme but still fuck you

        sincerly best regards
        (Spiteri is an italian name)

    • Hop

      Please, keep your stupid rants to yourself. No one wants to here about some douchebag stuck in the 70′s and 80′s, whining that Stanley Kubrick is dead. You maybe had a few good points, but that was overwhelmed in your mountain of stupidity.

      Shut up,
      Sincerely, The Internet.

    • Zarles

      No, seriously. You’re a dick.

    • toolongdidntread

      Spelling errors aside, I couldn’t make it through your “woe is me” rant. You are not special. None of the directors that you dissed made movies for you. No one cares that you are sad. Will your new hobby be posting super long rants about how your life sucks? There should be a special place on the internet for you.

    • knallhart

      klein dominik, i was very amused by your rant and i agree with some parts of it.

      But your problem is that you are too focused on american cinema. Try korean, japanese, russian, french, belgian, german, brazilian, mexican, argentinian, spanish, italian, austrian, swiss, iranian, thai, indonesian etc.

      The truth is out there. Seek and you shall find.

    • Elephant

      This was amazing not because I agree with even half of your views. It was amazing because 1) your mega-rant encapsulates 80% of internet rants about movies, and 2) I started reading it in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, which made it hiLArious!
      Thank you sir.

  • MarvelWatch

    … and a film on May 6th, 2016.


    My gut is telling me that something out of left field could end up on that list. Maybe something we know is in the works, but isn’t as obvious a contender for Phase 3 as the others are. (I’m thinking along the lines of “Inhumans”, another Hulk, or even “Runaways.”)

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  • Murdoch

    Can’t wait for this movie! Its going to be great seeing what happens to Loki that he doesn’t appear in Avengers 2 anymore!

    • Sammy Flores

      I know! D: They say a major character dies in this movie…I hope its not him. T.T But still, I want to see it. ;D

    • Sammy Flores

      I know! D: They say a major character dies in this movie…I hope its not him. T.T But still, I want to see it. ;D

  • Adam

    Really hope Captain America 2 is more kick-ass than the last one, which is the most disappointing Marvel Phase 1 film in my opinion, second only to Incredible Hulk.

    • Guy Smiley

      TIH is actually a pretty good, really underrated movie. Not as big and spectacular as the other Marvel Studios offerings, but a solid story and good performances. The climactic battle between Hulk and Abomination left a bit to be desired, but it was OK.

      I was originally upset that Marvel canned Ed Norton, but it turns out that Mark Ruffalo was so damned good in The Avengers that I can’t imagine anyone else as Dr. Banner now.

      I’ll take TIH over Iron Mans 2 & 3 (I didn’t like either of those) anytime, however and I think it’s at least as good as Thor or Captain America.

      Cap’s movie may be my least favorite of the bunch, even though I thought it was pretty great for the first 2/3 of its running time. It’s the third act when things start to unravel. What exactly happened to Red Skull?

      Red Skull in general was the movie’s biggest flaw. He was underdeveloped as a character, and little more than a mustache-twirling villain. A waste of Hugo Weaving’s talents.

      • Random Bystander

        I have vague disagreements with most of what you’ve said but in reference to the first 2 paragraphs, I have always thought the same thing of TIH. Whenever I think of it I’m like “meh”, but then I watch and I’m like “why the hell didn’t I want to watch this?”. I just think the specifics of the film don’t linger in people’s minds, we just remember it as a whole and it doesn’t seem as good as it actually is, which is it’s biggest fault.
        I also wish they had of cast Ruffalo from the start so that Norton could’ve been the Leader, I think he would’ve been amazing as that character in a sequel.

  • cb

    Visuals for Thor look really good. I bet the other-world battles are going to be way better than the opening battle in THOR!

  • iseeyoupenguin

    im expecting to see a black panther/captain america movie just like in the 2009 motion comic. using cap would be a good way to introduce the character and then let T’Challa run off on his own adventures

    • Random Bystander

      I think they should have a cap flashback to one of the past wakandan kings to set up black panther

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  • poppincherry

    I didn’t like Thor and I didn’t like CA. Both trash to me. And the last Batman movie was as shitty as you can th hell did Bruce make it from the catacombs back to Bane secured Gotham City all clean shaven? And he just happened to rendezvou with worthless ass Catwoman on a bridge. Nolan ventures into cinematic hack territory a lot. Oh, how’d you like Catwoman arriving at the right time to shot bane in the grill. Yeah, like she even knew where that SOB was, not to mention she knew how to use the munitions on the batbike. HACKISH TO THE FUCKING NTH POWER!!!!

  • poppincherry

    I didn’t like Thor and I didn’t like CA. Both trash to me. And the last Batman movie was as shitty as you can th hell did Bruce make it from the catacombs back to Bane secured Gotham City all clean shaven? And he just happened to rendezvou with worthless ass Catwoman on a bridge. Nolan ventures into cinematic hack territory a lot. Oh, how’d you like Catwoman arriving at the right time to shot bane in the grill. Yeah, like she even knew where that SOB was, not to mention she knew how to use the munitions on the batbike. HACKISH TO THE FUCKING NTH POWER!!!!