Marvel Stockholders Approve Disney Merger

     December 31, 2009

Walt Disney and Marvel logo.jpg

Earlier this morning, Marvel stockholders approved the merger with The Walt Disney Company.  Assuming the deal passes the Securities and Exchange Commission, the two companies would be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disney.  Meaning, Disney would be able to use the Marvel universe to create new films based on characters not already licensed out to other studios.  In simple terms, as long as superhero movies continue to make money at the worldwide box office, you can expect Disney to make even more of them.  For fans of the genre, it’s very good news.

Also, with this merger, Disney will be able to use the characters to create even more merchandising opportunities and also new superhero themed rides at Disneyland and Disneyworld.   While some companies might not know what to do with all these new characters, if there is one thing Disney has always done well is create ways for consumers to spend their money.  You have to wonder what they’re already trying to come up with as I type these words.  More as we hear it.


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