Marvel’s Logos for IRON MAN 2, THOR, THE AVENGERS, and CAPTAIN AMERICA Look Like Comic-Book Counterparts

     June 2, 2009

slice_marvel_movie_logos_01.jpgIf you’re wondering what the logos for Marvel’s upcoming slate of superhero movies will look like then you probably haven’t been to a comic book shop in a while.  Of course, this is the smart strategy.  Why redesign a logo when you already have one that’s been established by the comic books you hope to sell when the respective film hits theatres?  Sure, they’ve been glossed up a little but the graphic design remains intact.  Of course, “Iron Man” doesn’t share his comic-counterpart but that’s because they’re keeping it in line with the logo from the first film.

I have gone on too long about logos so I will only make one more note before I ask you to click over to AICN or on the image after the jump to see the full goods: why does Marvel insist on calling the Captain America movie “The First Avenger: Captain America”?  You know how I know an Avengers movie is coming up?  Because they’ll be marketing the hell out of it.  I don’t need a reminder attached as part of a film’s title.


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