Mash Up Trailer: WONKA: LEGACY (WILLY WONKA and TRON: LEGACY Trailer 3)

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If you’re a fan of mash up trailers, you’re going to want to check out WONKA: Legacy.  That’s because ChiefBrodyRules on YouTube has cut together a trailer that features the visuals of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the audio of TRON: Legacy Trailer 3.

While some mash up trailers start strong and then sputter out, I think this one is solid throughout.  I also like the way he brought in Johnny Depp towards the end as Klu.  Hit the jump to check it out.  I’ve also posted a bonus mash up of Toy Story and Fight Club.

via Toplessrobot


And for an extra bonus, Toy Story/Fight Club mash up.  This one is also quite good.

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  • Mathieu David

    The Toy Story/Fight Club one works better, probably because the ‘looser’ animated lip movements allow the dialogue to slot in more convincingly. Whoever did these has far too much time on their hands, but they gave me a few chuckles – so thanks!

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