Launch Trailer for MASS EFFECT 3

     March 2, 2012


I criticized the last Mass Effect 3 trailer for forgetting what sets Mass Effect 3 apart from other sci-fi games is that it builds a universe where humans must cooperate with alien races.  While the attack on Earth is the launching point, the final installment in the trilogy focuses on Commander Shepard rallying the galaxy to bring down the reapers and save what’s left of our planet.  Bioware has now released the official launch trailer and it shows what Mass Effect 3 is truly about.  There’s a bit of re-tread for those who played the demo, but most of the trailer is new stuff and all of it looks incredible.  March 6th needs to get here sooner.

Hit the jump to check out the launch trailer.  Mass Effect 3 will be available this Tuesday on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Via Bioware.



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  • !_!

    this is where i come in and say

    “oh this wrpg crap again, why dont you make articles of real great games like TALES OF GRACES F, THE LAST STORY AND XENOBLADE”

    • Anon

      And this is where I come in and say

      “If you think this is crap than clearly you know nothing of game design, story development, gameplay or any of the other important factors involved in video games. You can keep your androgynous characters, your giant swords, and your recycled plot lines. I’ll stick with Mass Effect a series that lets the gamer actually craft their own story.”

  • Brian B.

    I absolutely love Mass Effect.<3 I think its one of the greatest videogame series of all-time. From the looks of it, Bioware has seemingly done the impossible: they have closed out this series on a high note. ME3 is almost here. I can't wait. March 6 truly can't come here quick enough. :)

  • Greg


  • Anthony

    Hey Matt, you do know that no one cares what you think. You are the worst part of the internet. This game is an action RPG space opera where the ACTION trumps everything.

    • cloxlider

      Poor Anthony, still can’t find a friend.

  • colident

    cant wait to pirate

    • louis scott targas

      how do i pirate this?