New Trailer for MASS EFFECT 3 Forgets What Makes MASS EFFECT Special

     February 21, 2012


I’m counting down the days until Mass Effect 3 hits stores and then playing the hell out of it.  What makes the Mass Effect series stand out is how it builds a big, sprawling space opera, and you realize that there are whole galaxies and non-human races that have their own conflicts.  The big selling point of Mass Effect 3 is that Earth is now under attack, and the plot has the series’ hero, Shepard, on a mission to rally the universe to defend against the attack from the malevolent Reapers.  Sadly, this new trailer decides to go ful-on Michael Bay, and make an ad for a game that could easily be Halo, Resistance, or Gears of War, but with different-looking aliens.  Where’s Garrus?  Where’s Wrex?  Where’s Mordin?  Not to be found here.  But there is a shot of a falling building that could have been taken directly from a Transformers movie.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  For comparison, I’ve also included the far superior “Reinstated” trailer, which features the female Shepard.  Mass Effect 3 hits Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on March 6th.


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  • !_!

    to bad i will playing tales of grace f instead of this wrpg garbage. everyone knows jrpgs are waaaay better!

    • Neo

      Tales of grace looks like a crappy babies game….

      MASS EFFECT series is THE GAME!

      • Pockets

        Both of you sound ridiculous.

        Western RPGs have an absolute solid place in the gaming industry and are far, FAR more relevant now-a-days than Japanese RPGs are in the gaming market. Even in Japan, the biggest JRPG franchises are waning. Square Enix is losing money, Xenoblade sold well, but not fantastically…

        Meanwhile, WRPG games like Mass Effect and Skyrim (even though I despise Elder Scrolls games) continue to be recognized with Game of the Year honors and high sales.

        And “Tales looks like a crappy babies game” is a flat-out retarded statement, made by what is likely a 15 year old who thinks one game is more hardcore than the other. You, young man, need to look beyond the exterior and find the depth of a game. Pretty graphics, blood and american accented voice over only go as far as a good story surrounded by solid gameplay. Many Japanese RPG’s have exactly that, and I’d take a new Kingdom Hearts over Mass Effect each and every day of the week.

        Get over it…both of you need to stop hating for hating’s sake.

        The only game on the market right now that deserves any hate is Call of Duty or Battlefield.

    • somerandomguy

      I am a big JRPG fan, but that statement is complete bullcrap. JRPG of these days (expect for Xenoblade Chronicles and World Ends with You) have been generic, boring games that make you watch more while you play (I’m looking at you Final Fantasy XIII)

      Meanwhile, WRPG’s are showing their muscle. You don’t have to look further than Skyrim and Mass Effect and Deus Ex to see how far it has come.

      Enjoy Tales of Graces, but don’t go and say crap that’s not true

  • james

    I’m REALLY not worried about them screwing this game up. They knew what they were doing with the first one, and improved upon that with the second. This is one of the biggest releases of the year, and I’m pretty sure they’re not about to let anyone down.

  • RIC

    “I’m counting down the days until Mass Effect 3 hits stores and then playing the hell out of it”…

    Regardless of what this trailer showed or conveyed, you, I and the entire Mass Effect community are going to purchase this game. We will buy it for the very reasons you gave of what makes it great.

    Obviously they don’t need to appeal to us at all because we are already hooked. This trailer is trying to draw in the large section of gamers that haven’t played either of them and had no desire to. People hooked on the likes of Halo and COD will be better drawn to this and may give it a chance, thus increasing bioware’s profit. Simple as that.

  • Wes

    i think the ‘take earth back’ trailer gives you an atmospheric idea of what you fight for in the game, that earth has become a total loss with most people being killed or enslaved. There are A LOT of movies portraying invasions of the planet, but the invading force usually never gets further than the attack itself.

  • broski

    I hope this isn’t the actual “launch trailer”…the launch trailer for ME2 was way better and felt much more cinematic.

  • Razalian

    You say that you’ve been counting the days for Mass Effect 3 to come out. I was puzzled enough, to the fact that you didn’t mention the Demo. Either you haven’t acknowledged it or you’re staying away from spoilers. Plus, why would you want spoilers in the trailer?

    I won’t say anything, in case people haven’t touched the demo, but to throw everything in one thing is bad marketing. You give enough for people to want it & play it or watch it. Make the consumer curious of what was missing, & what was shown. & for the newcomers, some will be tripping out on what they missed out on for many years.

  • Mark Anthony

    Dear Mr. Goldberg,

    I understand your point in this article but could you please stop comparing everything with everything! Plus, why it is so important to see or not Garrus, Wrex and Mordin? We know that they’re in the game and anyway, the hero is Shepard so I think that it’s normal to see him in the foreground. We don’t need to see every single characters in a trailer! Nobody knows the entire story yet. Maybe they are not on Earth at this moment of the story. Who knows?

    If you can’t wait the game to see them well it’s your problem.

  • Tarek

    I’m talking to you dear Bioware Team : When can we expect to see KOTOR 3 on PS3 ?

    • Pockets

      You will not see KOTOR 3…ever. They’ve gone on record saying that the console manufacturer’s demands for a game like KoToR were too much, and instead of attempt to meet them and comprimise their game, they went with The Old Republic. Fans need to deal with it.

      • Tarek

        Sad News… Bioware are really good in RPGs. Kotor was a great experience for me, It should have been the background story used in star wars prequels, if only Luca$ didn’t trash the place.

  • Pockets

    I think that this game is being taken over by EA, and it’s starting to scare me.

    EA is putting pretty high demands on their developers, now. Stating that they will never release a game that does not have Multiplayer again is a terrible decision. I don’t care how well it’s implemented, multiplayer is in no way what the Mass Effect experience was ever intended to be, and it’s a plague on the game to be included.

    On top of that, you have three different modes of single player play? Story, action and RPG? Why would they pander to the crowd like that? Story is just that, you only play the story scenes, make your dialogue decisions and let the game play the action for you. Action is the opposite, far worse version, only play the bro shooting and let the game make all of your decisions during the story segments, or RPG is the regular mode of play.

    Why?! What’s the point? Bioware was one of the few developers to still stand for something, to have a higher standard than the rest of the morons pandering to the large crowd.
    “Oh man, the calls of duties sell like HOT CAKEZ bro$! We need the multiplayers in there to be like that totally awesome and not at all complete and utter trash ruining the industry, releasing the same damned game year after year with a pallet swap, doing madden worse than madden, made only for brodiots who want to get their pants wet at the sight of the biggest gunz! Let’s do everything we can to take our intelligent and unique Sci Fi RPG that had balls, that had depth and strength of design, and dumb it down so that all of frat bros can sit around and play it! They’ll love it once they get to the alien lesbians, but where we made them actually play to get to that point before, now we can just hold their hands and get them to the digital humpty dance with no effort! $$$$!”

    It’s ****ing disgusting.

  • Tim

    You complain about there being no wrex, garrus, mordin….clearly you never played ME1 or ME2 because its entirely possible those characters died and will not be in the 3rd game based on your previous decisions. I would call it a prudent decision to not show them.

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