Warner Bros. Sets Screenwriter for Ben Affleck’s THE STAND; Matt Damon’s Untitled Drama Moves to Universal

     January 18, 2012


We’ve got a couple updates on the latest projects from Oscar-winning screenwriting duo Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (yes, they act too). A few months ago Affleck was chosen by Warner Bros. to direct their big-budget adaptation of the Stephen King novel The Stand. While it’s been a while since we’ve heard any movement on the project, it now appears that Affleck has now set a screenwriter on the pic. After apparently wowing the studio with an adaptation of King’s It, David Kajganich (The Invasion) has been tapped to handle scripting duties. Hit the jump for much more, including news concerning the untitled drama that Damon was previously set to direct.

ben_affleck_matt_damon_imageWhen we first reported on Affleck’s involvement with the project, we had no official confirmation that he was attached. With this news, courtesy of Vulture, it seems like he’s 100% onboard for the pic. A multi-film adaptation was being eyed when David Yates was flirting with the project, but here’s no word on whether or not that’s still the plan. It may be a while before Affleck moves onto The Stand full time, as he’s currently in post-production on his most recent directorial effort, Argo. In addition to directing, Affleck stars in the period/political drama alongside Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, and Michael Parks.

Additionally, Vulture’s report on Affleck includes an update on the untitled drama that was to serve as Matt Damon’s directorial debut. John Krasinski and Dave Eggers originated the story idea for the untitled drama, and Krasinski co-wrote the script with Damon. A few weeks ago Damon dropped out of the director’s chair, saying his packed schedule would prevent him from devoting the necessary time to direct the pic. He still plans to star, and they’ve attached Damon’s Good Will Hunting director Gus Van Sant to helm.

Though they’ve found their director, Warner Bros. has decided to drop the project. Vulture reports that Universal is now in negotiations with Damon to produce and distribute the flick, with Van Sant still onboard and plans to begin production on the $15 million drama by late April or early May. All seems to be well on the Damon and Affleck fronts, but I’m still itching to see the duo reunite on a project together. Plans are in motion for the two to work on a Whitey Bulger biopic, but it appears they’re going to be quite busy for the foreseeable future so I’m not sure when they’ll get to it.

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  • christi

    OH HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS NO wtf are you thinking?!?!?! UGGGGH. “Millions of King fans to be Disappointed in Choice of Writer” is what this headline should have said. “IT” was horrid!!!! Blech. Besides, there is NO WAY any 2-hour MP can top the amazing mini-series that King wrote himself.

  • Carin

    I REALLY hope an updated version of The Stand is made! The Stand was the first Stephen King book I read and was hooked from there on!

  • Hogg

    Christi, he didn’t write the 1990 “It” miniseries (which was horrid). He would have been 20-21 years old at the time. The article is just poorly worded. I’m guessing he’s written a new, as-yet unfilmed script based on It, the novel. And the previous Stand mini-series was not particularly good either. A quality adaptation would be welcome.

  • Marc

    It’s always good news when a quality director takes on a King classic. Hell, Ben could even play Stu Redman and I wouldn’t be pissed. Michael Shannon for Flagg anyone?

    The only request I have is please change the ending. I don’t care if you anger the Constant Readers or King himself (whom I adore). The ending to The Stand was disappointing in the book, a laugh-out-loud travesty in the mini-series….and it will be a freakin’ abortion on the big screen. Please…change it, tweak it, something!

    (Oh, and Jackie Earl Haley for the Trash Can Man)

  • Sagan

    I’d be okay with Ben playing Stu. Michael Shannon for Flagg anyone? Jackie Earl Haley as the Trash Can Man?

  • drew

    hogg… stephen king was born in the 1940′s… he would have been almost 50 when the IT miniseries came out

    • Jeff

      Drew… Hogg was talking about Affleck, not about King.

      • Bill

        Actually he was talking about David, the writer, which the article states that he (David) wowed the studio with an adaptation of IT. It is pretty clear.

  • Sagan

    Stu: Ben Affleck
    Flagg: Michael Shannon
    Trashcan man: Jackie Earl Haley
    Larry: Josh Holloway
    Nick: ??
    Tom Cullen: ??


  • Warner Brown

    Awful choice for a screenwriter. And if this were to be done right it would have to atleast be a trilogy.

    • Nullify

      How do u know? Have u read the new as-yet-unreleased It script?

  • T2

    How about Patrick Warburton for Tom Cullen “M-O-O-N, that spells Tom Cullen”!!! I just think his voice is soooo awesome!!! And Logan Lerman for Nick???

    • Zach

      No… and no…

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  • Chris

    Jensen Ackles for Stu
    Brad Pitt for Flagg
    Joseph Gordon Levitt for Nick Andros
    Eric Bruskotter as Tom Cullen

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