Matt Damon Will No Longer Helm Directorial Debut; May Still Star

     January 5, 2012

Matt Damon had been prepping for his untitled directorial debut, but it looks like he’s left that chair behind.  The star had already begun casting and had brought Frances McDormand on to co-star.  He had also spoken about being inspired by his previous directors and his excitement about getting behind the camera.   However, we’ve now learned that Damon will no longer direct but may still star in the film.   According to Vulture, Damon and co-writer and co-star John Krasinski were being “precious” about the script, which is based on a story idea by Dave Eggers and centers on a traveling salesman whose arrival in a small town causes him to seriously reexamine and change his life.

It’s a bit puzzling that Damon wouldn’t be happy enough with the script to direct, but he likes it enough to stay attached to star.  It’s not the payday since the movie has a low budget ($12 million), so perhaps he’s willing to give up the director’s chair to someone who can find a way to make the script work.  Either way, don’t count this project as dead since the talent on board should draw someone worthwhile to the helm.

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