Matt Damon Talks PROMISED LAND, His Reaction to ELYSIUM After Watching a Rough Cut, George Clooney’s MONUMENTS MEN, and Terry Gilliam

     December 26, 2012


Opening this weekend in limited release is director Gus Van Sant’s Promised Land.  The film stars Matt Damon and Frances McDormand as natural gas salesmen who try to prey on an economic town in decline only to have their mission complicated by the citizens they encounter and an environmentalist played by John Krasinski.  Damon and Krasinski wrote the screenplay, and the film deals heavily with the consequences of fracking.  The film also stars Rosemarie DeWitt, Hal Holbrook, Scoot McNairy, and Titus Welliver.  For more on Promised Land, here are seven clips and the trailer.

During the recent Los Angeles press day I got to speak with Damon.  He talked about what surprised him when researching fracking, how the issue is very divisive, how lucky he’s been as an actor, and more.  Damon also spoke about his reaction to seeing a rough cut of Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium, confirms he’s doing George Clooney’s Monuments Men, and says he was happy to work with Terry Gilliam again on The Zero Theorem, but he only has a very small part.  Hit the jump to watch.

Matt Damon:

  • T-shirt talk
  • How he won the actors lottery with how many great directors he’s gotten to work with
  • Talks about how the issue of fracking is not a black and white issue
  • What surprised them when researching the issue that they wanted to make sure got into the story
  • Has he seen a rough cut of Elysium yet.  Talks about his reaction to the cut and the effects
  • Is he doing George Clooney’s Monuments Men and how is it working with Terry Gilliam again (says it is a very small part in The Zero Theorem)



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  • NEIL

    Hey Steve, nice shirt!

  • Chris

    Steve, by any chance have you heard any reactions regarding the private screenings for ‘Elysium’ back in June?

  • Nick Froman

    I was at the screening for Elysium and I will tell you right now that it was HORRENDOUS; I loved District 9 but Elysium was career-endingly bad, no exaggeration. I hope they re-shot the whole thing.

    • Chris

      How exactly was the movie that bad? The promo images released seem to suggest the film has an excellent art design. That alone would save it from being “career-endingly bad.”

  • matt

    Maybe Nick hated it but it seemed others loved it
    got some quotes from people (there was more reviews all popsitive that I saw but were taken down due to legal reasons)

    “The film was greeted with a standing ovation following its last private screening” at the time only other film to do that was the last batman film.

    Peter Sciretta @slashfilm
    “Ran into someone who saw Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium and was over the moon about it, claiming its better than Blade Runner.”

    “The film will be remembered as a dystopian sci-fi classic. I have no idea how Blomkamp got away with making a hard R blockbuster on this scope. I only say blockbuster because of its action sequences–there’s only three action scenes but they are a giant step above the action in District 9.”

    “Without a doubt the ballsiest ending in any recent (sci-fi) film.”

    “The vfx, though unfinished, were some of the most creative of any recent production.”

    “Syd Mead’s guttered city designs are more memorable and refined than his Blade Runner work IMO.”

    “The political subtext shouldn’t distract too many viewers, as Matt Damon’s character’s arc–much like Wikus (character from “District 9″)–is the real heart of the story.”

    “Damon’s character truly becomes the ultimate badass. Can’t wait to see it again.”

    “I loved it. There is a sequence that is an absolute classic. Unbelievable.”

    “Saw the full movie at a screening a while back. Only thing I’m saying is this: fucking see this movie when it comes out. I saw it when it wasn’t even finished and it still blew me away.” Someone from reddit

    There was a lot more but majority of them were taken down now.

    • Chris

      I saw some of those reviews on IMDb… but unfortunately a lot of those were bullshit reviews from people who had not seen the movie.

      • matt

        Yeah 6 of those quotes I cant prove as they were anonymous, but 4 of them were pretty legit and two of them I know for a fact are real because they proved with their screening tickets and had info that other wouldn’t know about. Theres one I didnt put down
        he loved it, gave it 4 and a half out of 5 and hes seen it for a fact.

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