Matt Reeves Set to Direct TWILIGHT ZONE Film

     October 15, 2011


After mulling over a number of directors for the gig (which reportedly included Christopher Nolan, Alfonso Cuaron, and Michael Bay), Warner Bros. has settled on Let Me In director Matt Reeves to helm their new Twilight Zone film. Deadline reports that negotiations are set to get underway next week, with the intention of getting things moving quickly in order to star production by next summer. Jason Rothenberg (Body Politic) wrote the script, which will be “one big science fiction action movie with a single freestanding story that is linked to the original series mainly in that it shares that familiarly eerie feel.” The single story angle is unlike the previous 1983 feature film iteration of the TV series, which was an anthology comprised of multiple segments with different directors (including Steven Spielberg and John Landis).

Reeves’ 2010 horror film Let Me In, a remake of the Swedish flick Let the Right One In, drew some high praise both as a remake and as a standalone pic. In my opinion, he’s a fine choice to take on the sci-fi update, and I’m excited to see what he’ll he has in store for the mind-bending material. Hit the jump for a rundown of the many projects that Reeves currently has in development.

While Twilight Zone is sure to be a priority for the director, Reeves actually has quite a few projects in various stages of development at the moment. He’s set to direct an adaptation of Kenneth Oppel’s novel This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein. Jacob Aaron Estes (The Details) wrote the script for the Frankenstein prequel, which finds a young Victor Frankenstein on a mission to find a mysterious alchemist and create the Elixir of Life in order to save his twin brother’s life.

Reeves is also poised to helm an adaptation of Justin Cronin’s novel The Passage, which takes place in the future where a government attempt to cure cancer turns people into vampires. Jason Keller (Machine Gun Preacher) was tapped to perform a rewrite on the script this past June. Additionally, Reeves has been writing (and plans to direct) a sci-fi film based on Ray Nelson’s short story 8 O’Clock in the Morning about a man who wakes up and realizes that aliens are controlling our daily lives. There’s no word on where these projects stand at the moment, but the latter sounds like a Twilight Zone pic unto itself.


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  • IllusionOfLife

    I would have preferred to see Nolan or Cuaron at the helm, but as long as we don’t have Michael Bay’s Twilight Zone I will be content.

    • Elitist Prick

      You could probably say that about a dozen in-the-pipeline projects, but as it stands, I think Reeves is a great choice. Maybe this movie, like Let Me In, will also be a remake/adaptation that surpasses artistic expectation yet underperforms at the box office? That would benefit me, so… nifty!

  • billyjean

    it’s a good choice. but the first batch of finalist were far more interesting. PARTICULARLY Cuaron(Nolan might be the best director out of the bunch but people would prefer him pursuing his own projects).

    Gulliermo Del Toro once said that between him and Cuaron, Cuaron was always better in horror. it’s just that he hasn’t made one in a long long long time.(the two goes way back in their early careers) i would have preferred to see it.

  • Kevin

    He doesn’t look THAT bad for a guy that fell off a horse.

  • Michael Bay

    A Michael Bay Twilight Zone would be crazy. You aren’t curious what that might have looked like?

    • IllusionOfLife

      I already know exactly what a Michael Bay Twilight Zone would look like: some kind of global, or at the very least, national threat; the US army steps into defend us; the main love interest is a Victoria’s Secret model, the less acting experience the better; every other scene contains either a dick joke, a sex joke, a racist joke, or a homophobic joke; there’s some kind of hackneyed twist ending because that’s really what The Twilight Zone was all about; oh and cheap “BOO!” scares because The Twilight Zone was creepy, right guys?


    Ok good But make sure no body dies this time.

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  • CoreyL

    Alright choice but J.J. Abrams would be great. He would treat the franchise with deep respect given he was already a big fan growing up with it. I think that he would be the best chance for a successful revamp.

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  • Marshalsify

    Looking forward for another Nightmare on 20,000 Feet remake on the works to be penned by Richard Matheson and Stephen King and to be directed by either George A. Romero, Frank Oz, David Schwimmer, Terry Gilliam, Edgar Wright, John Moore or Joe Dante at the helm.

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