SCREAM 4 Writer Ehren Kruger to Pen Screenplay Based on Disney’s Matterhorn Ride; Will Feature Yetis

     February 22, 2012


The noble Yeti: a creature neglected by modern cinema.  We lavish our attentions on vampires and zombies, but the Yeti goes ignored and unloved.  Until nowTHR reports that awful screenwriter Ehren Kruger (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) will write the screenplay for director Brian Beletic‘s untitled adventure movie based on Disney’s Matterhorn ride.  Per the logline, “The story centers on five young adventure seekers — an action sports guy, travel guide, cartographer, archeologist and escape artist — who venture into the Alps for mysterious reasons and face Yetis that guard a secret.”  In other Kruger news, Variety reports that he and co-writer Bradley Cramp have sold their script Invertigo, but there are no details on the plot.  Presumably, the plot does not involve yetis and is therefore less worthy of our attention.

The scope has been broadened beyond the Matterhorn and Disney hopes “to keep part of the movie grounded in hardcore adventure.”  As well they should.  Softcore adventuring will not do when it comes to YETI SECRETS. [Artwork above by Kiareri]

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  • Leo

    Yes because watching a Michael Bay movie, it is obvious that the screenwriter was the main reason that the movie was terrible. I am a huge Transformers Fan and I watch it for what it is, a big Fucking Popcorn movie with big Fucking explosions and big Fucking Robots beating the living shit out of one another. They are incredibly stupid movies, but I enjoy them. That being said, they are undeniably Michael Bay movies, and it is unfair to call the screenwriter terrible simply because the movie he wrote was bad without taking into consideration the fact that Michael Bay can butcher even the best of scripts with the amount of control he has over the story, the filming, and the editing.

    Matt I try to get past your intense cynicism and criticism and all round negativity that tend to coincide with your unsolicited little witty quips that are unanimously loathed by the readers who come to this site for news, not opinions, but god damn your articles can just be to infuriating to read when.

    Stick to the movie reviews, that seems to be your main purpose on this site. You can give your opinion there and act like your words have worth, but leave the news to the others on this site will either simply report the news as fact or will opt to just choose some positivity rather than anger towards an industry that probably shunned them and left them become a “writer” for a blog.

    P.S. when I say shunned them, im not referring to the Frostys of this site, I’m only talking about you.

    • Jeff T.

      Leo, I agree with you about the annoying Hack Goldberg, but I disagree with the stuff you said about Michael Bay. The man has proven himself through the years and is rightfully considered one of the greatest action directors of all time. No one watches the types of films he makes because of the script. People want great visual entertainment and he gives them exactly that.

      You wanty bad action films to bash?

      Go watch some Rob Cohen stuff or Stephen Sommers stuff.

      • Leo

        I really wasn’t trying to call Bay bad, trust me, when I say that I love seeing his movies in theaters, they are the ones I live for, what I’m saying is that his movies don’t focus on story like say Nolan. Bay’s style is different and its about a fun ride for the 2 1/2 hours that you watch the film, but they aren’t for thinking about after you leave the theater.

        As a HUGE transformers fan (for example I just spent $250 to import $70 worth of transformers from China after the American release of the transformers was canceled by Hasbro (Fuck you Hasbro), ya that HUGE), I can tell you that Bay isn’t somebody who focused on the script. He does incredible looking shots, but the story seems to take a back seat, and rewatching the transformers movies makes it unbelievably clear that logic or consistency is not a huge concern for Bay.

        But even with that in mind, I still love seeing his movies in theaters as a great escape. Transformers Twice, Revenge of the Fallen 3 times, Dark of the Moon 4 Times. (Trust me, repeat viewings after following the production of the Films from Day 1 definately shows some errors.) Still love his movies.

        Anyways, FUCK YOU MATT, you are Worse than HASBRO.

  • jake

    Kruger wrote Scream 3, not 4. I like 4, 3 was terrible.

    • Me

      He sucks.

    • Me

      Yes. He did. He rewrote all Kevin Williamson’s work. That’s explain a lot. The story is from Kevin, not the script.

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