Matthew McConaughey to Star in THE DALLAS BUYER’S CLUB

     March 10, 2011


Matthew McConaughey has signed on to star in the drama The Dallas Buyer’s Club.  24 Frames reports that Jean Marc Vallee (The Young Victoria) will direct the film, which is based on the true story of Ron Woodroof, a heterosexual man who was diagnosed with AIDS in 1986.  Given only a few months to live, Woodroof began to smuggle alternative and illegal treatments into the US and into the hands of other AIDS patients.  He ended up living six more years and prolonging the lives of countless others.  Presumably, McConaughey will have to lose his signature physique as he wastes away, but isn’t it worth it just so we can all potentially hear the words: “Best Actor Nominee Matthew McConaughey”?

Hit the jump for more on the project and my thoughts on McConaughey landing the lead role.

matthew-mcconaughey-01The Dallas Buyer’s Club has been in development for years with various high-profile actors and directors circling the project.  Brad Pitt was interested in the project for years, and Marc Forster (Finding Neverland) was at one point attached to direct.  Back in 2008, we reported that Lars and the Real Girl duo Ryan Gosling and director Craig Gillespie had signed on, but that project never came to fruition.

So are McConaughey and Vallee the team to make this movie happen?  It’s unquestionably a difficult movie to make since it’s not based on a comic book or doesn’t feature giant robots punching each other.  And while I love to poke fun at McConaughey for not starring in a good movie in about a decade, he was excellent in Frailty and I’m hearing positive buzz around his new movie, The Lincoln Lawyer.  The problem is that he’s right at the edge of being a parody of himself.  It’s possible that projects like Dallas Buyer’s Club, The Lincoln Lawyer, William Friedkin’s Killer Joe, and the indie drama The Headhunter’s Calling, are his attempt to pull away from his more forgettable rom-com fare and make a real run at serious roles.

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