Matthew Vaughn to Direct Adaptation of Mark Millar’s THE SECRET SERVICE for November 14, 2014 Release

     March 27, 2013


Matthew Vaughn has finally settled on his next project.  After passing on the sequel to X-Men: First Class and being in the running for Star Wars: Episode VII, Vaughn is set to helm an adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ comic The Secret Service, which the director began developing back in 2011.  According to Deadline, “The drama closely follows the comic, about a veteran secret agent who leads a young protege into the shadowy business.”  Vaughn has reportedly completed the script with writing partner Jane Goldman. As we saw with Kick-Ass, Vaughn and Goldman have had success in turning Millar’s sub-par writing into an above average movie.

Fox has picked up the worldwide distribution rights, and filming is already set for August with the studio eyeing a 2014 release date.  I’ve enjoyed all of Vaughn’s films, and as long as his movie doesn’t revolve around saving the White House, I’ll be interested to see what he has planned. [Update: Fox has now announced that The Secret Service will hit theaters on November 14, 2014]

  • Kanwar

    Kick Ass…An Above Average Movie???….Really?????

    • Alan B

      Look, everyone has a right to their own opinion and Collider didn’t really like the film … wait a minute, Collider gave the film ‘A-’ score. Then again, Goldberg might not have reviewed the film … except he did, and called it “a delicious concoction that won’t only kick your ass, but will punch you until you’re smiling through a bloody mouth and broken teeth. Then you’ll ask for seconds.” He also wrote, “Kick-Ass is one of the most fun times I’ve ever had at a movie. It’s a miracle of balance as it imbues heart into a film where people have their hearts impaled with a samurai sword.”

      So I guess it is true: Goldberg will only hate on a film if other people like it. It doesn’t even matter whether he originally called the film a “miracle”.

  • MR.Mayhem

    Anyone else sick and tired of Matt Goldberg and his stupid comments. Did you all know he’s a film school drop??..

    • MR.Mayhem

      Anyone else sick and tired of Matt Goldberg and his stupid comments. Did you all know he\’s a film school drop out??..

      • InternetSaviour

        YUP!! and now all he does is write crap about movies and writers/director that are better than him…He’s a joke

      • mattinacan

        and what do you do?

    • DotheOpposite

      I know, right? Kick Ass was as sub-par as Millar’s writing. ; p

  • James

    Old news.

  • DD

    Fuck you Goldberg

  • jum

    Millar’s sub-par writing harsh to say the least

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  • Josh

    Who the hell do you think you are, Goldberg? You couldn’t hack it at film school, so now you’re a a make believe reviewer making peanuts to write on a copy and paste movie website. The only person with legit talent on this site is frosty.

    • Strong Enough

      shut the hell up

  • RichardTheNerd

    Calling Millar’s writing “sub-par” is one of the dumbest / ignorant / trollish things I’ve ever read. What is this, Screenrant?

    • RichardTheNerd

      What’s the point of having a captcha code if you publish the comment anyway?

  • Just FYI

    MV’s listed as co-creator in the comic along with MM &DG.

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