Jason Flemyng Comments on Matthew Vaughn Possibly Directing STAR WARS EPISODE VII

     November 27, 2012


During the UK premiere for Seven Psychopaths, actor Jason Flemyng got caught in a bit of a rough spot on camera when he began commenting on Matthew Vaughn directing Star Wars Episode VII. The news remains unconfirmed since we broke the original story, and whether Flemyng let slip some confidential news or was just reporting internet rumors, we don’t know. But Flemyng and Vaughn have collaborated on nine films together, so it would make sense that Flemyng knew what the director was working on next (especially if he wants a part in arguably the biggest movie in years). Hit the jump to watch video of Flemyng’s comments and response.  

The first we heard of Flemyng’s commentary on Vaughn’s possible involvement with Star Wars: Epsiode VII came via DIY TV’s Twitter feed (via AICN).  Here are the relevant Tweets:

We chatted to the lovely Jason Flemyng who pretty much let slip that Matthew Vaughn will be on Star Wars IV duties oops! #Jameson7Psychos

We mentioned earlier about Matthew Vaughn’s involvement in Star Wars IV When we of course meant Star Wars VII. We’ll blame the cold.

Then we happened upon a recording by HeyUGuys (via The Film Stage) that captured the moment on video. Flemyng starts talking about Vaughn and Star Wars at 1:11 and gets caught in the headlights at about 1:35. Check it out:


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  • Strong Enough

    Holy shit. he is gonna be dead by the end of the week

  • Kevin

    I hope Matthew Vaughn does star wars that would be awesome

  • Darth Vader hearing Mathew Vaugn will do star wars


    • hero/villan

      Hahaa your nooooo goes way off screen that’s awesome!

      • Northern Star

        It’s a comment in 3-D :-)…

    • sense 11


      That’s the greatest Noooo I have ever seen,

    • jay

      lol thats awesome

    • J.R.

      @Darth Vader hearing Mathew Vaugn will do star wars

      How is this possible? you sure got Mathew Vaughn attention!! LOL

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  • Northern Star

    I’m just finding it hard to get excited about a project that’s clearly so commerce-driven; it’s not as if there was some great story idea in George Lucas’ head regarding a sequel trilogy, he stated unequivocally over the last 15 years, there WAS NO STORY for Episodes VII-IX, and now he decides there is… just as he’s negotiating the multi-billlion-dollar sale of his company to Disney! The story finished with ‘Return of the Jedi’, let’s move on to original new projects instead of whipping the proverbial dead horse until there’s no flesh left on the bones…

    • GunsOfNavarone

      Star Wars is a huge universe, I would like to see it return, and you know, it could be a lot worse. It could be directed by Lucas.

    • Steve

      Just because George Lucas didn’t have a story for Episodes VII through IX doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t. Believe me, someone else could. And it can be epic and it can make people fall in love with Star Wars all over again. All it takes is the right talent and vision, the last part being something that has eluded Lucas in recent years. Will Disney find the right people to make that magic happen? Well, that’s the billion dollar question, isn’t it? (not whether there is any story left to tell)

    • Sean

      Lucas has “unequivocally” stated countless things about the history and future of Star War which weren’t true and which contradicted each other. If you go on YouTube you can find a good number of interviews with the original cast promoting Return of the Jedi where they talk about a plan for a sequel trilogy and mention plot points. Clearly George HAD a story in mind 30 years ago, but changed his mind along the way.

      This might be a money driven project for Lucas, but any screenwriter or director who grew up on Star Wars it would be a passion project.

    • Grayden

      Timothy Zahn wrote three excellent novels that follow Jedi. Many have stated that they were the closest thing to official canon of all the non-canon publications over the years. I think that says something in the context of the SW Universe that for all intents and purposes, officially, is only contained in 6 films and the Clone Wars series.

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  • BW

    Originally tweeted by Mark Millar:

    Just off the phone with my fave director & he’s buzzing about this Star Wars thing, saying it’s his dream gig. I told him to go for it.


    The only hint I’ll give is that we’ve known each other 5 years and he sneaked onto the Dagobah set at Elstree when he was 8 years old.


    Vaughn’s dream has been to direct MH (Mark Hamill) since he was 8.


  • Tim Overbach

    This will be in 3D and apparently, it may be based on The Last Star Chronicles series of books. There’s only two books out so I’m not sure what that means for a trilogy.

  • Tim Overbach

    This will be in 3D and apparently, it may be based on The Last Star Chronicles series of books. There\’s only two books out so I\’m not sure what that means for a trilogy.

  • amg907

    What a cool dude.

  • GHolt

    Matthew Vaugn is a pretty cool director but it is disappointing if other more exciting directors – Verbinski, Fincher, Kosinski are no longer in the running.

  • Mr Kippling

    wow, what’s with some of these negative views on the possibility of Matthew Vaughn directing a Star Wars film? Because Lucas did such a great job didn’t he, jokers! Id understand if the rumors were of Michael Bay directing it….

  • Yes

    The bar is so low bc of Lucas. Anything is an improvement

  • Jeff

    I agree, Vaughn is a great choice. The fact that most of the movies he is involved with teeter on the PG-13 side of things makes me less scared of getting another terrible story aimed at the under 12 demographic.
    The star wars universe is huge and predominantly a scary place. I want a more Empire feel echoing through the next three films. I definitely don’t want another Jar Jar, prepubescent child, or musical numbers clouding up the screen.
    Vaughn can do it justice and make a Star Wars for all of us!

  • bubba

    I want to see an entry where all the characters and actors are donuts.

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