Matt’s 2009 San Diego Comic-Con Photoblog: Preview Night

     July 23, 2009


If you want a taste of the insanity you’ll be drinking down over the next four days, you can get a preview of that at “Preview Night”.  Of course, that’s not what they intend to preview as folks being lining up everywhere to nab the latest swag.  Sometimes they’re not even lining up for anything good (like the folks who waited for a “District 9” poster and some “Zombieland” hand-sanitizer; one of the booth babes at the Sony booth just handed me the admittedly-cool “District 9” poster when I walked by); although sometimes they were lining up for great stuff like the “Extract” booth where you could get a chance to appear on the “Extract” DVD and show off what you would look like if you got hit in the balls (I have no idea how women participated in that). [CLARIFICATION:  I was unclear when talking about the “Extract” DVD.  What I meant was that when the film hits DVD after its theatrical release, this material may be on there.  The film opens in theatres on September 4th and its panel will be on Saturday in Hall H from 1:30 to 2:30.

Check out my photos and comments after the jump.  I’ll be posting photos throughout the Con so check back every day (you should be checking back anyway as we’re going to have a ridiculous amount of coverage).

Check out the “Extract” booth if you can.  They’re doing some really fun stuff over there and they’ve got free t-shirts and posters to hand out.


I’ve always wanted a Bobble Head that would give me nightmares.


Because fellow drivers need to know that.


You really gotta admire Robert Downey Jr.’s commitment to the role and the amount of time he’s willing to put in just to stand perfectly still in the middle of the exhibitors floor.


I don’t fear adamantium skeletons.


The “Nut” shirt is from “Extract”.  I did not spend money on it.  I did, however, drop $8 for the Dr. Zoidberg action figure and some TPBs t hat w ere 50% off.


At least four different people came up to me asking where I got the “Dexter” bag.  It was from the Entertainment Earth booth which is also where I got the “Dark Defender” action figure.  The “Extract” poster (let us cheer testicle-based marketing) and the “District 9” posters were freebies.


I knew  I had to have that “Scott Pilgrim” shirt the moment Bryan Lee O’Malley posted a picture of it online.  You can also see the “Dark Defender” action figure I bought, the tin was a feebie for “Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth”, and I bought that Jawa plush the moment I saw it because I love those filthy creatures.


Yes, I know we’ve seen this banner before.  I don’t care.  I’m still jazzed as hell to see this flick.


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