Max Borenstein to Write GODZILLA Reboot

     November 9, 2011


This summer it was reported that David Goyer would write the Godzilla reboot brewing over at Legendary.  The news gave Matt pause at the time, and I tend to agree.  Goyer is hit (The Dark Knight) or miss (The Unborn), and its not entirely clear how responsible he is for the hits.  We’ll have to find other things to worry about, though, since Heat Vision reports Legendary has hired Max Borenstein to write Godzilla.  Wisely, Borenstein has not yet amassed a series of credits by which Matt and I would judge him.  But you’ll see “Written by Max Borenstein” on a number of films over the next few years.  He just turned in the latest draft of Art of the Steal to producers Zac Efron and Kevin McCormick.  He entered into the Legendary family earlier this year with the assignment to rewrite The Seventh Son.  Last (but certainly not least), Borenstein is working on the Jimi Hendrix biopic Jimi, also for Legendary.  In other words, Borenstein is a fresh up-and-comer, which seems the right fit for director Gareth Edwards, who made waves in 2010 with his microbudget feature debut Monsters.

Legendary’s Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni are producing alongside Dan Lin, Roy Lee, and Brian Rogers.  Warner Bros. will distribute Godzilla as part of their ongoing relationship with Legendary.

  • William J.Howell

    will this be a new Godzilla movie or will it be a sequel to the 90s movie?

    • Reggie

      It’s supposed to be a reboot and more in step with the Japanese version we grew up with just brought into today’s setting with today’s visual fx of course.(fingers crossed)

    • john mendoza

      It’s a Reboot which has nothing to do with the 1998 movie.

      Supposed to be the Japanese Godzilla atomic breath an fighting other monsters.

      With an American budget an FX… Japanese Godzilla FTW!

      Screw the 98n movie!

    • selena

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  • dogg

    This would be so kickass if done with the right attitude. Godzilla should be like the older brother who made your life hell, but beat up the bully who was after you. That was the funky vibe the originals always put out. He stomps your city for fun, then saves your ass from the “real” threats. A clever writer could turn that into black comedy gold if they had the balls to go there.

    But they’re probably just looking to cash in with a biological version of Transformers.

  • zootcatchy

    ugh, hollywood ran out of ideas

  • Tarek

    Yet another Transformers movie with Monsters instead of mechas.

  • Yahzee

    David Goyer didn’t wrote The Dark Knight, he helped Nolan with the story, so that’s one less hit for his resume…

    • Alex

      “didn’t wrote?”

      DIDN’T WRITE!!!

  • Jarvis


    How bout dem white & black singles?!?!

    Thas what I’m talkin bout!!!

    Seriously though…look I grew up with the big G (& not the Gono) & every Saturday morning I looked forward to that magical Monster Hour…but come on…I just don’t see it.

    The allure to the big G back in the day was the rubber suit & campy villians…I just don’t see how they’re going to transfer a compelling enough version of him onto an American screen.

    Oddly enough…& I know someone’s gonna flame me for this…I didn’t absolutely hate Godzilla 1985 or whatever it was dubbed…but there again…that was basically a Toho shot with Raymond Burr (as Steve Martin) in it…so I guess that doesn’t count as Americanized.

    That travesty with Matthew Broderick & Jen Reno?

    Come on now…the big G laid eggs for Pete’s sake.