June 29, 2012


Limited Paper just keeps on coming, people!  Last time, we told you all about the Phone Booth Gallery’s amazing A Distant Winter gallery show (and showed up some pretty kick-ass photos, to boot), and this time we’ve got even more exciting news for all the limited paper-collecting poster-freaks in the audience:  want details on Mondo’s drop schedule at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con? Wanna see the newest prints from Gallery1988’s Breaking Bad series?  What is the Horror Die-Cut Collection, anyway (hint:  it’s awesome)?  Find out after the jump, people.

Oh, my fellow poster-collecting brethren, ‘tis a busy time to be a collector.  Last week, Mondo dropped the one-two punch of a Drew Struzan regular/variant set on us, Gallery1988 is about to launch an Arrested Development-themed gallery show (on top of their ongoing Breaking Bad series), next week brings Mondo’s tenth-ever Mystery Movie (which is rumored to be something…epic), and—just a week or two after that—we’ve got the 2012 San Diego Comic Con sharpening its knives and hungrily eyeing our bank accounts.  If you’re like me, you’re feeling the pinch.

But if you’re like me, you’re also prepared to go homeless if it just…means…holding on…to those prints…for a few…more….months.

“Oncoming Bankruptcy” is, indeed, the name of the game, but what can I say?  Collecting’s addictive, fun, involves making pals with a community that continues to prove itself one of the most trustworthy and badass (amongst the many geeky communities out there) and it turns your house into an absolute goddamn shrine of awesomeness.  There are worse ways to spend your money.

Anyway, this week’s latest installment of Limited Paper starts off with an exclusive, something that I’m always happy to include for the poster-geeks out there.  Let’s get this party started, eh?


The fine folks over at Spoke Art sent this exclusive over to us earlier in the week, and we’re enormously proud to be presenting it to you now.  What you’re about to see is….well, let’s just let Spoke Art’s Ken Harman explain it, shall we:

On Friday, June 29th at 3pm PST we’ll be releasing a new art print by artist Max Dalton, “The Horror Die Cut Collection.” This fun print features all of Max’s favorite horror film villains laid out in a retro die cut/snap action figure collection…the print will be limited to 250 hand numbered copies!

Max Dalton?  Name ring a bell?  If you’ve been collecting for a while, it should:  Max is the same dude that gave us that pair of ridiculously awesome Tarantino-themed pieces (First Things First and Pulp Fiction Action Figure) awhile back?  The ones that look like this:



Yeah, so, there you have it:  Dalton knows his stuff.  Here’s the piece that Ken sent over to us—which you can purchase as of today at 3pm PST over at Spoke Art’s website titled The Horror Die Cut Collection.

  • The Horror Die Cut Collection by Max Dalton
  • 18×24” $50 screenprint, edition of 250


And, what the hell, let’s look at some close-ups of this awesome print in action:





Whoo, boy.  That’s a mean little print, ain’t it?  If you’re interested, check in with Spoke Art later today (remember:  3pm PST—we really wanna make sure you’re clear on that point, don’t we?) and pick one up as soon as they’re available at this link! Without only 250 in the run, it’s likely that these are going to go quick.

Oh, and by the way, here’s a question for the commenters:  Lately, Pennywise the Clown—who also recently popped up in Mark Englert’s gloriously unhinged They All Float screenprint (see below)—has been appearing in more prints than ever before.  Is this good thing (he’s awesome) or bad thing (you still have nightmares from seeing It on network TV when you were 8 years old and don’t want that hideous bastard on your wall)?  Discuss.



Well, Gallery1988’s Breaking Bad series—modeled, in part, on the one-print-revealed-at-a-time-via-ARG method used for ABC and Mondo’s LOST series a few years ago—has been going strong for the past few weeks, and it feels like it’s been awhile since we checked in on things.  Last time we looked, Los Pollos Hermanos had been immortalized in its very own screenprint, and the results were…well, depends on who you asked.

So far, the Breaking Bad screenprint series hasn’t exactly been setting the limited-paper community aflame in the same way that the LOST screenprint series did, but hey:  that’s not to say that it hasn’t had some pretty fine moments, and Rhys Cooper and Rich Kelly’s prints—the two that arrived on the heels of the Hermanos print—certainly fall into that category.  Let’s take a look at those now:



That Cooper’s kick-ass, isn’t it?  Unfortunately, your lowly Limited Paper scribe was on vacation down in Florida when that one dropped, or that piece (awesomely titled The Rise and Fall of Jesse Pinkman) would’ve been added to my collection immediately.  Same thing with Kelly’s Mexican Shootout, which I’m a big fan of:  both of these prints capture two very pivotal moments from AMC’s series, and are probably must-haves for any Breaking Bad print-collectors out there.

Today, however, Gallery1988 is set to announce/release its most recent addition to the series, from artist Dave Perillo.  Reaction to this one’s been a lot more mixed than it was on the Kelly or Cooper pieces:  let’s see if we can figure out why.


OK, first thoughts?  Perillo’s got an awesome style, one that he’s used to great advantage in the past (See Also:  the great print he put together for Mondo’s Adventure Time marathon earlier this year).  But most of the naysayers seem to agree that this style is an awkward fit for Breaking Bad…and especially the moment (from the show’s first season) being captured here.   To these naysayers, all I have to say is:  the print’s tongue-in-cheek, and a whole lotta that first season was tongue-in-cheek, as well.  While I can certainly understand why the mixture of “style” and “subject matter” could be an issue for some on this one, I certainly wouldn’t consider it among the lesser offerings from Gallery88’s Breaking Bad series:  in fact, I dig this one quite a bit.

But, hey, art’s subjective:  whatcanyado?  Well, if you like this one, you can keep your eyes peeled over at Gallery1988’s Breaking Bad website, where the print should be going on-sale sometime soon.   By the way, I know you’re not wondering, but…I’m still partial to the Daniel Danger piece that opened this series:  it’s got my money for “Best of Series Thus Far”, easy.  See if I’m wrong:


Hit Page 2 for Info on Mondo at Comic-Con



A big dose of “Holy Shit” dropped in our laps earlier this week, when—totally without warning, and just as casually as can be—Mondo’s Creative Director, Justin Ishmael, confirmed a whole bunch little details regarding Mondo’s presence at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con.  He also clarified that—though they hadn’t been listed amongst the official list of vendors that was released by SDCC this week—they would absolutely be on the selling floor.

Here’s what he said (via the @MondoNews handle on earlier this week:

So, the San Diego Comic Con vendor list came out today and we weren’t on there…but we will be there with a booth…We’ll be at booth #437 and will have multiple drops every day.  All new stuff.  Will have archival stuff for sale, too.  Signings, etc…Should be fun!

And with that, everyone promptly lost their shit.

This will be the first Comic Con that I’ve ever attended as a Mondo collector (or the first Comic Con I’ve attended period, for that matter),  and I’ve been led to believe that—on any given day, at any given time—there’s plenty of stuff going on to keep attendees busy.  The fact that Mondo’s releasing “multiple drops per day” means that collectors are going to need to stay focused, at-the-ready, and deeply connected to their Twitter feeds:  if some of the rumors I’ve heard about what’s going to be on sale at the SDCC are true, prints aren’t going to last long once they’re announced.

We’ll have more for you regarding Mondo’s presence at Comic Con (including some exclusive interviews and reports from the frontlines of the Con itself) in just a few weeks.  Until then, you can look forward to the following:  after the weekend, we’re debuting an all-new offshoot of Limited Paper called Unlimited Paper (where you’ll find links to a bunch of open-edition prints that are still available for purchase);  after that, we’re going to have some exclusive, totally-kick-ass coverage from Mondo Mystery Movie X for you (including photos of the print(s)—that’s regular and variant, mind you—being released at the show) and a report from the epic poster-swap taking place in Austin the day before the event;  and much, much more.


After our last installment, I got a number of emails from people asking for photos of some of the frames that my preferred framer (Frank Hensey, from Bauhaus Custom Framing) had put together for me.  I’ve also been seeing a pretty-regular series of emails from readers asking to see photos of my “collection” (silly emailers:  don’t you realize half the collection’s in the tiny drawers of a flat, metal box?!).  As an added bonus to this week’s Limited Paper, I thought I’d toss in the following “walking tour” video, which shows you what things look like here at Limited Paper HQ (on the day this installment was written:  God knows what it’ll look like after MMMX).  Please enjoy that below, and stay tuned for more from us in the very near future!  As always, you can feel free to sound off in the comments section below if you’ve got anything you’d like to add to all this!

Finally, if you’ve missed any of our previous Limited Paper columns:


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