Max Landis to Pen Sony’s HOUDINI Pic with a Lovecraftian Twist

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The latest attempt at an adaptation of Harry Houdini’s life and legend will be penned by Max Landis (Chronicle) for Sony Pictures.  Originally scripted by Scott Frank nearly three years ago, Houdini previously had Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) in line to direct.  There’s no mention of a new director for the picture, but Landis’ involvement adds some momentum to it.  On an interesting note, it sounds as if Landis will color his Houdini interpretation with a bit of an H.P. Lovecraft influence.  Hit the jump for more.

max-landis-houdiniDeadline reports that Landis will draft up a new take on Houdini for Sony, one with a Lovecraftian influence.  While there are no plot details available at this time, there’s a little bit of history to lean on as Lovecraft did some ghostwriting for Houdini in the latter years of the illusionist’s life.  The 1924 short story “Under the Pyramids” may be the most famous in the collaboration between the two cult icons, so it’s likely that elements of the story could find its way into Landis’ script.

In addition to Sony’s Houdini, Landis turned in a screenplay for Paul McGuigan’s Frankenstein, currently filming with Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy and Jessica Brown Findlay starring.  His more recent efforts include Good Time Gang and American Ultra, along with his feature directorial debut, Me Him Her.

If you’re not following him on Twitter, you probably should, as he’s known to talk quite a bit about his upcoming projects:

IA! IA! CTHULU FHGTAGN! One of my three secret projects, announced! Can’t wait for the next one to Go Go public.

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  • Andres

    I’ve met several people who have punchable faces before. I’ve never met someone with a punchable personality, and this douche takes the fat ass cake.

    • Leo Spaceman

      I don’t know you and have never seen you around here before, but you have already won my heart with that comment.

      Also, his face is also quite punchable.

    • nintendo zapper

      couldn’t agree with you and Mr.Spaceman more. I think Max is a product of nepotism and that’s about it. His ‘talent’ is far from the meaning of the word.

      • Leo Spaceman

        Actually, its Dr. Spaceman but thats neither here nor there. I’m just glad we are all in agreement over how much we don’t like Landis and I agree on the talent comment. I tried reading the first few pages of the chronicle script and just reading the dialogue is unbearable.

      • nintendo zapper

        My apologies, Doctor.
        I too have read the Chronicle script. Just awful.
        Though Landis isn’t exactly being handed a-list offers or work and he knows it.

      • Andres

        Hahaha, glad to hear it. Thanks to you both.

        Fortunately, I can’t make myself sit there and read that garbled rag of script. The man is the epitome of pretension.

        Hearing what few details I could bear about his idea for Wonder Woman was more than enough. The guy’s got half the creativity of Dennis Dugan’s left nut but thinks he’s the second coming of Kubrick.

        My ass.

      • Andres

        The guy was born on third base thinking he hit a triple.

      • Leo Spaceman

        Andres, I don’t care for baseball, but you could justify the existence of the sport for the sole purpose of that comment. It is hands down the absolute most perfect way you could ever possibly describe a person. Thank you for that.

        And Nintendo, you are a stronger man than I. I gave up reading the script half way through the conversation between the two main leads which took place on page two. My heart goes out to you if made it passed that.

  • Leo Spaceman

    I would not be at all surprised if he had no idea about that LoveCraft Houdini connection until someone else brought it up and he has since claimed it as his own brilliance. He just strikes me as somebody who would think that he is acting so hip and unusual for knowing about LoveCraft when in reality he is actually just flashing around his Daddy’s Ferrari.

  • Nintendozapper


  • The Flobbit

    More people need to be on the incredible life of Houdini. Am I right in thinking this will be League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-esque?

  • Batt Damon

    Fuck you all, Max Landis rules. I can’t wait for this.

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