Max Landis to Pen Superhero Cop Drama Series VIGILANT for TV

     September 17, 2012


Chronicle scribe, Max Landis, is bringing his own brand of superheroics to the small screen.  Landis is set to pen Vigilant, a police drama series that revolves around a twenty-year-old woman who takes on the persona of a crime fighting vigilante in order to take down criminals and flush out corruption from within the police department.  Landis will also executive produce his creation alongside Hugh Fitzpatrick through Teakwood Lane. Homeland’s Howard Gordon landed the sale of Vigilant at Fox with a script plus penalty order.  Hit the jump for more on Vigilant.

max-landis-vigilantTHR reports on Landis’ creation, Vigilant, calling it a superhero origin story. The protagonist of Vigilant is sure to draw comparisons to past female-centric series, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, La Femme Nikita and Dark Angel to name a few.  This time around, the street smart twenty-year-old happens to be the daughter of a veteran police detective.  When the detective is strong-armed into working for a corrupt head of Internal Affairs, his social outcast daughter creates the vigilante persona to start cleaning the streets.   From his Twitter account, Landis says:

No spoilers, but calling #vigilant a “super hero show” is a lot like calling Taxi Driver a pre-cursor to Spider-Man 3.

Whatever that means. Landis has been busy since Chronicle debuted in theaters earlier this year.  He previously landed a job writing a Frankenstein treatment for Fox. He’s currently penning the sequel and talked at length about the plot (which may feature the world’s first super-villain) and the possibility of Josh Trank returning to direct.


  • Gay Vaginahaal

    It’s gratifying to see an ugly and extremely weird and uncool young guy like this who is able to make it with no silver-spoon easy Hollywood nepotistic connections! Way 2 go!

  • LEM


  • Lemmiwinks

    It’s great to see an ugly guy like Max make it without the benefit of any Hollywood nepotistic connections. Way 2 go!

    • Josh

      His father is famous in hollywood-google it

      • Anonymous

        Er… Sarcasm, bro. Look it up

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