MCU Timeline Explained: From Infinity Stones to Infinity War and Beyond

Now with Ant-Man and the Wasp updates!

Any Marvel fan worth their vibranium could tell you that the MCU as we know it launched in 2008 with Jon Favreau‘s Iron Man. A tougher task by far is to deliver a blow-by-blow retelling of the events that occurred within the MCU, from the Jotunheim invasion of Earth, to the foundation of the Arena Club, to the next wave of technological innovations on display at the Stark Expo, and the futuristic nation of Wakanda. So with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the major events of the MCU timeline up to and including the latest releases. We’ll be updating this list as more films and TV series are released.

If you’re all caught up on every installment of the MCU so far and are curious about the upcoming releases (including those outside the MCU), you’ll want to check out our superhero release date calendar here.  And if you’ve got a lock on the history of the MCU but are interested in just where on Earth the events occur, reddit’s MrRLopez has you covered with this interactive map. MrRLopez’s own timeline helped to fill out our own, in addition to assistance from the super-detailed Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki.

Here’s a handy list of shortcuts to relevant sections of our guide to make your reading journey a bit easier:

Here’s a refresher on the chronological timeline of the MCU’s films and TV series in the order they were released:

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Phase One:

Phase Two:

Phase Three:

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Future Films:

Marvel’s TV:

If you want to watch the MCU in its entirety from beginning to end, chronologically, check out this insane viewing order breakdown. If it’s a detailed timeline you crave, continue reading below but be aware that there are spoilers:

Ancient Times: Infinity Stones, Celestials, and Frost Giants

Before the Universe Began:

  • Six singularities existed: Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Time, Soul
  • Dark Elves arose from the darkness before traveling to the Nine Realms to rule over them all from Svartalfheim, the Dark World.

After the Universe Began:

  • Cosmic Entities Death, Entropy, Infinity, and Eternity created the Infinity Stones from these singularities.
  • Elders of the Universe: The Collector and the Grandmaster come into being.

Several Million Years Ago:

  • Ego the Living Planet comes into being as a Celestial, a member of a powerful, primordial race.

Thousands of Years Ago:

  • Asgardian, Kree, and Human civilizations emerge.
  • Kree experiments on Earth give rise to Inhumans whose genetic abilities are triggered by Terrigen Mist, causing Terrigenesis.
  • Agamotto founds the Masters of the Mystic Arts and constructs three sanctuaries on Earth.

2988 BCE

  • Convergence, or the alignment of the Nine Realms of Yggdrasil, occurs. This happens once every 5,000 years.
  • First Battle of Svartalfheim: Malekith leads the Dark Elves in an attempt to destroy the Nine Realms using the Aether (Reality Stone). The Asgardian army, led by Odin’s father Bor, defeat Malekith and secure the Aether, hiding it away.
  • Some time later, Odin and his firstborn Hela, acting as his executioner, wage war across the Nine Realms, conquering them all. When Hela’s ambition grows too great, their forces battle against each other and many Valkyries are killed in the combat. Odin, victorious, seals Hela away in a prison and banishers her memory from history.

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965 CE:

  • Battle of Tønsberg: Jotunheim’s Frost Giants invade Tøsberg, Norway in an attempt to conquer Midgard, a.k.a. Earth.
  • Battle of Jotunheim: Odin leads the Asgardian army against the Frost Giants to defend Midgard. Odin also discovers an abandoned Jotunheim infant, adopting him, and raising him alongside his own son Thor with the given name, Loki.
  • Odin negotiates a truce with the Frost Giant king, Lufey.

“Centuries” Before the Current Time:

  • In the opening scene of Black Panther, the story of a Vibranium meteorite crashing into Africa “centuries ago” is retold. This sparked war among the five regional tribes, eventually leading to the emergence of the powerful Black Panther, a leader who gained powers through consuming the Heart-Shaped Herb, united the tribes, established the nation of Wakanda, and continued the mythology of the Panther Gods.
  • The Jabari Tribe remains isolated from Wakanda by their own choosing, watching from their mountain stronghold while the Wakandans develop incredible technology by using Vibranium.
  • Wakanda also chooses to remain isolated, appearing to the world as a Third World nation of sheep and goat-herders.

1014 CE:

  • Kree and Nova Empires fight a war that lasts thousands of years.

1197 CE:

  • A defector from Asgard’s Berserker Army flees to Earth and breaks his strength-enhancing weapon–the Berserker Staff–into three pieces which he hides across Europe.

1342 CE: 

  • Image via Marvel

    The Ancient One is born.

1409 CE:

  • Odin hides the Tesseract in Tønsberg, Norway.

1413 CE:

  • Lorelei enslaves hundreds of men across the Nine Realms by enthralling them before being defeated by Sif and being imprisoned in Asgard’s dungeons.

1839 CE:

  • Members of HYDRA meet to determine who among them will pass through the Kree Monolith.

1876 CE:

  • Ulysses Klaue’s great-grandfather is killed by Wakanda’s Black Panther.

1900-1950: Captain America, Peggy Carter, and S.H.I.E.L.D.


  • The Council of Nine orchestrates the assassination of President McKinley.


  • The Council’s headquarters The Arena Club is founded.


  • July 28th – World War I begins.


  • March 10th – James Buchanan “Bucky’ Barnes is born.
  • August 15th – Howard Stark is born.


  • May 8th – Joseph Rogers dies while fighting in the war with the 107th as a consequence of a mustard gas attack. He received a posthumous Purple Heart.
  • July 4th – Steve Rogers is born.
  • November 11th – World War I ends.


  • April 9th – Margaret “Peggy” Carter is born.


  • October 24th – Council member Thomas Gloucester orchestrates the Wall Street Crash.

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  • January 10th – Dr. Abraham Erskine begins experimentation on a Super Soldier Serum.
  • September 6th – Steve Rogers meets Bucky Barnes in New York City.


  • Johann Schmidt begins searching for the Tesseract.


  • October 15th – Sarah Rogers dies of tuberculosis.


  • April 24th – Dottie Underwood and other Soviet girls train to become master assassins in the Red Room program.


  • September 1st – World War II begins.
  • September 30th – Howard Star founds Stark Industries.


  • August 7th
    • Peggy Carter calls off her wedding and enlists in the British counter-intelligence and security agency, MI5.
  • October
    • Peggy Carter becomes an advisor to American agency Strategic Scientific Reserve.
  • November 11th
    • Johann Schmidt injects himself with the Super Soldier Serum, transforming him into the Red Skull.
  • December 24th
    • Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers enlist while visiting New York City’s U.S. Recruiting and Induction Center, but Steve is designated 4F and rejected. He tries four more times in four different cities but meets the same fate each time.
  • December 25th
    • Led by Dr. Erskine along with Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, and Colonel Chester Phillips, the Strategic Scientific Reserve’s Project Rebirth chamber is completed and ready to transform volunteers into super-soldiers.

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  • March 3rd
    • Red Skull discovers and secures the Tesseract.
  • August
    • HYDRA General Warner Reinhardt’s team, tasked with discovering more artifacts related to the Tesseract, find the corpse of a blue-skinned extraterrestrial, a Kree soldier they dub G.H.


  • June 14th
    • Steve Rogers is recruited by Dr. Erskine for Project Rebirth.
  • June 22nd
    • Steve Rogers is successfully transformed through the use of the super-soldier serum. However, Dr. Erskine is assassinated by HYDRA operative, Heinz Kruger.
  • June 23rd
    • Steve Rogers refuses to be kept in a lab as a research specimen and goes on a USO tour instead as Captain America.
  • November 3rd
    • Captain America leads an assault on a HYDRA facility in Austria to liberate  Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, Jim Morita, James Montgomery Falsworth, Jacques Dernier, Bucky, and the rest of the 107th, some of whom will form the Howling Commandos.
  • November 5th
    • Howard Stark’s research of HYDRA’s mysterious power source leads him down the path to developing a New Element. Tony Stark later completes this research to improve upon his arc reactor.


  • June – General John McGinnis’ soldiers raid Howard Starks lab and steal his research along with Midnight Oil, a combat drug originally designed to keep its users awake and alert, but which had the side effect of causing the user to go mad.


  • January
    • The Howling Commandos capture Arnim Zola but Bucky Barnes falls from the HYDRA train in the process and is presumed dead.
  • January
    • Werner Reinhardt discovers the “Obelisk”, a Kree Diviner used to contain Terrigen Crystals which would release Terrigen Mist upon exposure.
  • Image via Marvel Studios

    March 4th

    • Captain America and the Howling Commandos defeat Red Skull, who uses the Tesseract and subsequently vanishes, never to be seen again… Captain America crashes the HYDRA plane Valkyrie off the coast of Greenland and is presumed dead.
    • Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler: Red Skull, after disappearing from his contact with the Tesseract in 1945, is transported to the distant realm of Vormir in order to take on the mantle of the Stonekeeper and escort those who seek the Soul Stone, eventually including Thanos himself.
    • Reinhardt tests the Obelisk on an unwilling Chinese woman named Jiaying. She survived the experiment but was locked up in a cage while Reinhardt moved his base of operations upon hearing of Red Skull’s presumed death.
  • May 7th
    • Soldiers encounter a mysterious phenomenon known as Zero Matter or the Darkforce while on the battlefields of Europe.
  • May 21st
    • Reinhardt is interrogated by Peggy Carter and sentenced to life imprisonment, despite him attempting to share information on the Obelisk and Kree.
  • September 2nd – World War II ends.


  • April
    • Howard Stark is tried by the United States Congress to determine whether or not he’s a traitor when some of his inventions show up for sale on the black market. Stark flees the country, believing he will be convicted, and tasks his butler Edwin Jarvis with assisting Peggy Carter on her mission. He becomes the SSR’s most-wanted target.
  • April 16th
    • Soviet scientist Anton Vanko tells Carter and Jarvis that Roxxon is the only company with the means of weaponizing Stark’s dangerous chemical compound, Nitramene. The Roxxon Refinery explodes that same night.


  • The Cold War begins.
  • Image via Marvel

    July 11th – Peggy Carter arrives in Los Angeles where an exonerated Howard Stark has opened up a new estate and started a motion picture company.


  • An unidentified Iron Fist is caught on film by the Chinese Government while defending a secret passage into K’un-Lun from soldiers who had become lost in the jungle.
  • September – Howard Stark and Peggy Carter plan to form S.H.I.E.L.D., which they launch in January of 1949.


  • Zola, now recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D., begins to rebuild HYDRA from within the agency. He and former HYDRA agents track down Bucky Barnes, who had survived his fall and was in the custody of Soviet authorities. Bucky’s memory is wiped and modified, as is his body; he’d lost an arm but was outfitted with a metal prosthetic. HYDRA kept Bucky cryogenically frozen, thawed out only when needed as the elite assassin, Winter Soldier.

1950 - 2000: Nick Fury, Tony Stark, and Phil Coulson


  • December 21st – Nick Fury is born.


  • June 21st – Peggy Carter is interviewed about her experiences with Captain America during World War II.


  • January 1st – The year-long Stark Exposition kicks off.


  • February 15th – Yondu Udonta is sold into Kree slavery as an infant.


  • April 25th – The Winter Soldier conducts an operation, as documented by the KGB.


  • September – Meredith Quill is born.


  • Vietnam War begins, orchestrated by HYDRA.
  • August 10th – Midtown School of Science and Technology is founded. (Peter Parker will later attend.)
  • October 14th – 28th – Cuban Missile Crisis, manipulated by HYDRA.

Image via Marvel


  • March 13th – Anton Vanko defects to the U.S. to develop Arc Reactor technology with Howard Stark as part of The Unity Project.
  • November 22nd – The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is orchestrated by HYDRA and carried out by the Winter Soldier.


  • January 1st – Stark World Exposition held alongside the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, New York City.
  • July 8th – Phil Coulson is born.
  • October 12th – Trevor Slattery performs his first theatrical role as Boatswain #1 in William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest.’


  • October 17th – Anton Vanko is accused of espionage, deported as a spy, and exiled to Siberia for 20 years. Howard Stark assumes full credit for the Arc Reactor technology. Obadiah Stane convinces Stark to once again focus his efforts on weapons technology.


  • February 15th – Anton Vanko’s son Ivan is born.
  • October 8th – James Rupert Rhodes is born.


  • December 18th – Bruce Banner is born.


  • May 29th – Tony Stark is born.


  • January 7th – Clinton “Clint” Barton is born.

Image via Marvel Studios


  • Arnim Zola dies of a terminal illness, but his consciousness is uploaded into a computer system in a S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker in Camp Lehigh, New Jersey.


  • November 8th – A young Wilson Fisk kills his father with a hammer to stop him from beating Wilson’s mother, Marlene. Wilson and his mother cut up the body and dump it into the river over a few days. Marlene soon sends Wilson to live on a farm with his relatives.


  • April 1st – The last Stark World Exposition until 2011. Howard Stark’s video advertising the expo cleverly disguises a clue to perfecting the Arc Reactor technology, one which only his son Tony Stark will recognize.


  • April 2nd – Yondu Udonta is freed from Kree slavery by Stakar Ogord and becomes a Ravager. Yondu goes against the code by working for Ego and delivering children gathered from across the universe to Ego’s planet.
  • April 30th – Vietname War ends.


  • July – Misty Knight is born.


  • September 23rd – Sam Wilson is born.
  • September 24th – Howard Stark unveils his Arc Reactor technology but does not explore the tech’s profitability.
  • Image via Marvel Studios

    November 7th – Ego comes to Earth to plant a seedling and falls in love with Meredith Quill. He leaves on December 23rd, but returns multiple times over the months ahead.


  • Hope Van Dyne is born.
  • October 27th – Peter Quill is born.


  • April 7th – Hank Pym uses his Ant-Man suit to test his EMP communication device by shrinking down to the size of Bullet Ants.
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp spoiler (highlight to reveal): At some point around this time, Hank and Dr. Bill Foster had worked on Project G.O.L.I.A.T.H. (where Foster attained a maximum height of 21 feet thanks to their Pym Particles experiments), but after their partnership grew too contentious, Pym and Foster soon parted ways. 
  • October 22nd – Natasha Romanoff is born.


  • November – Matt Murdock is born.


  • January – Anton Vanko returns from Siberian exile.
  • April 2nd – Thanos kills Gamora and Nebula’s families, and then adopts them as his daughters. They become skilled assassins and fighters under Ronan the Accuser.
  • May 28th – During a training scenario, Gamora tosses Nebula over a cliff, injuring her to the point that she requires cybernetic augmentations which disappoint her adopted father.
  • July – Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne try to disarm a Soviet ICBM as Ant-Man and the Wasp. Janet is thought to have died after turning off her suit’s regulator in order to shrink down small enough to enter the missile and disable it, but she actually becomes lost in the quantum realm.
  • August 19th – Leo Fitz is born.
  • September 11th – Jemma Simmons is born.

Image via Marvel Studios


  • July 2nd – Daisy Johnson is born.
  • November 10th – Meredith Quill dies and Peter is abducted by Yondu’s Ravagers under orders from Ego.


  • March – Reinhardt is set free by Alexander Pierce and returns to Austria to resume experimentation on Jiaying, using his discoveries to restore his own youth.
  • June – Hank Pym resigns from S.H.I.E.L.D. upon discovering that the organization attempted to replicate his size-changing technology.


  • Ant-Man and the Wasp spoiler (highlight to reveal): Sometime this year, or thereabouts, Ava Starr is born.
  • March 17th – John Garrett becomes the first test subject for HYDRA’s Project Deathlok after becoming mortally wounded by an IED in Sarajevo.


  • April 1st – Danny Rand is born.
  • December 16th – Howard and Maria Stark assassinated by the Winter Soldier. Obadiah Stane assumes interim CEO duties of Stark Industries.
  • December 25th – Soviet Union dissolved and the Cold War ends.

Image via Marvel Studios

1992: (Spoilers ahead for Black Panther.)

  • During the Los Angeles Riots, two men in Oakland, California plot to use their cache of weapons to start a race war. They’re interrupted by two “Grace Jones-lookin’ chicks with spears”, members of the Dora Milaje who herald the arrival of the current Black Panther, T’Chaka (Atandwa Kani). 
  • It turns out that one of the men is actually Prince N’Jobu (Sterling K. Brown), T’Chaka’s brother, a Wakandan royal, and member of the Golden Tribe who possesses one of their father’s royal rings. 
  • While on assignment, N’Jobu met an American woman; they had a son named Erik (Seth Carr). At some point, N’Jobu gifted his son with a Vibranium inner-lip tattoo that acted as a mark of a true Wakandan. 
  • N’Jobu, a War Dog tasked with reporting back to Wakanda on the events transpiring in California at this time, became entangled in the racial tensions, opting to help the mercenary Ulysses Klaue to steal Vibranium from Wakanda in order to start a race war and give his people the upper hand. 
  • However, it was revealed that N’Jobu’s right-hand man James was actually Zuri (Denzel Whitaker), a Wakandan confidant who had earned N’Jobu’s trust while also reporting back to T’Chaka.
  • Learning of the deception, being caught in the act of aiding Klaue in smuggling Vibranium from Wakanda, and facing trial in Wakanda for the resulting deaths of his people (including W’Kabi’s parents), N’Jobu attempts to shoot Zuri, but T’Chaka interferes, killing his own brother. 
  • Young Erik, having witnessed the arrival and departure of T’Chaka’s ship, returns home to find his father murdered. He also finds N’Jobu’s journals, including a decryption key for the Wakandan language, and begins his journey of vengeance.
  • Over the years, Erik Stevens, a.k.a. N’Jadaka, a.k.a. Erik Killmonger, would graduate from MIT, become a Navy SEAL, be recruited into the CIA Ghost unit as a Black Ops mercenary, and rack up dozens of kills, which he marked on his body using scarification. 


  • Image via Marvel Studios

    May 5th – Ivan Vanko receives 15-year prison sentence for selling Soviet-era weapons grade plutonium to Pakistan.

  • October – While attempting to save a bystander from being hit by a truck, Matt Murdock is doused in hazardous chemicals. He loses his sight, but his other senses become enhanced.


  • February – Jack Murdock is assassinated for failing to throw a boxing match.
  • May – Stick introduces himself to Matt Murdock at the St. Agnes Orphanage, offering to train him.


  • May 5th – Bruce Banner and Betty Ross begin dating as undergraduate students at Harvard.
  • July 24th – Natasha Romanoff joins Russia’s covert espionage program, emerging three years later as the Black Widow.


  • June 6th – Stick was also training another pupil, Elektra. Rather than following orders to kill her once it became clear that she was the latest incarnation of the Black Sky, Stick placed her with a wealthy adoptive family in Greece for her own safety.

Image via Marvel


  • April – In attempting to reconcile the death of his wife Adria, Kaecillius is brought to Kamar-Taj by Karl Mordo and meets with The Ancient One, joining the Masters of the Mystic Arts.
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp spoiler (highlight to reveal): Sometime this year, or thereabouts, Dr. Elihas Starr’s Argentinian quantum tunneling research lab explodes, killing him and his wife Catherine were killed, though their daughter Ava survived and gained the ability to phase through solid objects and out of the visible spectrum. Dr. Bill Foster, now working for S.H.I.E.L.D., took custody of her and attempted to find a cure for her painful and debilitating disorder while the organization itself trained her as an assassin, spy, and infiltrator. This relationship lasted 20 years until the events of the Ant-Man sequel.


  • January 27th – Nick Fury sends Clint Barton to eliminate Natasha Romanoff in Russia, seeing her as a threat to global security. Instead, she’s given a chance to join S.H.I.E.L.D., which she takes.


  • July – Jessica Jones is the sole survivor of a car crash during a family road trip. Chemicals spilled during the crash grant Jessica Jones her abilities.
  • December 31st – Tony Stark travels to Bern, Switzerland for a New Year’s Eve party where he meets Maya Hansen and Ho Yinsen. Disabled scientist Aldrich Killian requests funding from Stark for his think tank Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.), but is rudely rebuffed. Hansen later reveals her work on the Extremis virus to Stark.

21st Century: Phase One - Avengers Assemble


  • January 3rd – A rejected Killian accepts a jilted Hansen into A.I.M. where they work on Extremis together.


  • June 28th – Under HYDRA’s influence, NASA sends astronauts through the Monolith to survey the planet on the other side.
  • September 12th – Frank Castle enlists in the Marine Corps following the September 11th attacks.
  • September 13th – General Thaddeus Ross starts the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project through the U.S. Armed Forces in order to replicate Project Rebirth.


  • March 20th – Iraq War begins, orchestrated by HYDRA.
  • August 29th – Matt Murdock meets his college roommate, Foggy Nelson.


  • Image via Marvel Studios

    February 25th – Bruce Banner joins the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project under false pretenses of Thaddeus Ross and earnest convictions of Betty Ross.

  • April 16th – Testing his experiment on himself, Bruce Banner is exposed to a combination of Gamma radiation and Betty’s formula derived from Dr. Erskine’s super-soldier serum, accidentally becoming the Hulk.
  • April 19th – Learning that the Army wants to use him as a weapon, Banner runs, starting a six-year chase across the globe.


  • November 14th – Microsoft releases the Zune 30. Peter Quill later obtains one.


  • January 3rd – S.H.I.E.L.D. assists Thaddeus Ross in the quest to bring down the Hulk until 2011. Stark also provides Humvee-mounted sonic cannons.
  • October 31st – Aldrich Killian injects himself with the Extremis virus, healing his disabilities and allowing him to walk without a cane.


  • February 19th – Killian exposes willing subjects, mostly seriously injured military veterans, to Extremis. Those who survive heal and regrow lost limbs.
  • May 15th – S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Melinda May earns her nickname “The Cavalry” during the Rescue in Bahrain.

Image via Marvel


  • December 18th – Nick Fury places Phil Coulson in charge of Project T.A.H.I.T.I. with the aim of using the Kree corpse to potentially revive a fallen Avenger.


  • January 12th
    • Tony Stark demonstrates his Accelerated Wave Explosion (A.W.E.) weaponry to the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • January 24th
    • Christine Everhart is kicked out of the Stark Mansion by Pepper Potts after a one-night stand; she later becomes an anchor for WHIH World News. Later, during a weapons demonstration in Afghanistan, Tony Stark is kidnapped by the Ten Rings, who are working for Obadiah Stane.
  • January 25th
    • Under Fury’s orders, Phil Coulson questions Obadiah Stane as to whether or not Stark could have sold weapons to terrorists. Fury refuses Coulson’s request to go search for Stark himself.
  • April 21st
    • Project T.A.H.I.T.I. test subjects go insane and are given new memories to cope with the effects of the trauma.
  • April 26th
    • Stark and fellow captive Ho Yinsen, who saves Stark’s life multiple times, construct Tony’s Mark I suit of armor, allowing him to escape; Yinsen does not survive. Stark’s first flight as Iron Man is picked up by S.H.I.E.L.D.’s radar and Nick Fury contacts the U.S. Department of Defense with the intel.
  • Image via Marvel Studios

    July 16th

    • Having returned to the U.S., after pulling out of the weapons business and cancelling all military contracts, Stark turns his attention to his Arc Reactor and Iron Man tech.
  • October 24th
    • Pepper Potts and Phil Coulson discover the Iron Monger Armor and Stark uses his Mark III armor to battle the power-hungry Stane, who dies in an explosion of the industrial Arc Reactor.
  • October 25th
    • Stark publicly claims his new nickname as Iron Man, rejecting S.H.I.E.L.D.’s cover story; he’s later approached by Nick Fury to join the “Avengers Initiative.” That same day, Anton Ivanko dies and his son Ivan vows to take revenge on Stark by developing his own powered-armor tech.
  • November 17th
    • Emil Blonsky and his team track Bruce Banner to South America


  • April 23rd
    • Tony Stark appears before the Senate Armed Services Committee’s Weaponized Suit Defense Program Hearings.
  • May 22nd
    • Natalia Rushman, a.k.a. Natasha Romanoff, joins Stark Industries as Tony’s new personal assistant, on Fury’s orders.
  • May 24th
    • Ivan Vanko crashes the Circuit de Monaco, battling Tony Stark, who equips his lightweight Mark V armor and defeats Vanko’s Whiplash tech.
  • Image via Marvel Studios

    May 30th

    • While Fury confines Tony Stark to house arrest after helping to slow his palladium poisoning, Rhodes delivers the stolen Mark II armor to the military, where it’s upgraded by Justin Hammer.
    • At the same time, Jane Foster and Erik Selvig monitor strange atmospheric disturbances in New Mexico, landing them on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s radar.
    • Meanwhile, Thor’s coronation is interrupted by the Frost Giants breaking into Odin’s treasure room; the Asgardian quickly brings the battle to Jotunheim before Odin puts a stop to it.
  • May 31st
    • Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow, and Happy Hogan defeat the Hammer Drones when Vanko hacks them to attack the Stark Expo. During this battle, a young boy (now confirmed to be Peter Parker) stands up to a Hammer Drone, assisted by Iron Man himself.
    • Coulson arrives in New Mexico and Thor crashes to Earth while Bruce Banner arrives at Culver University.
  • June 1st
    • Odin enters Odinsleep and Loki begins to move against his brother when his true parentage is revealed.
    • Romanoff begins spying on Banner while Blonsky receives an unauthorized dose of enhancement serum.
  • June 2nd
    • Sif and the Warriors Three arrive on Earth with the Destroyer following them on Loki’s orders. It attacks S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and citizens at Puente Antiguo, but Thor proves himself worthy and, with his powers restored, defeats it.
    • Image via Marvel

      Later that day, Thor and Loki duel at the Rainbow Bridge. Thor destroys the Bifrost Bridge to prevent Loki from destroying Jotunheim, but that restricts Thor to Asgard and sends Loki into space. After a time, he arrived at the asteroid-strewn area known as Sanctuary, presided over by Thanos.

    • An enhanced Blonsky battles the Hulk on Culver University’s campus while Romanoff reports her findings to Fury.
    • Stark accepts an advisory role with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers Initiative.
  • June 4th
    • Blonsky mutates into Abomination when injected with products derived from Banner’s blood. Hulk defeats the Abomination after a destructive battle in Harlem.
    • Samuel Sterns, who attempted to cure Banner, ends up mutating due to exposure to Banner’s blood. Romanoff finds him and takes him into custody.
  • June 5th
    • Fury receives the necessary funds to study the Tesseract and launch the Avengers Initiative.
  • June 7th
    • Fury approaches Selvig with an offer to join S.H.I.E.L.D. in an advisory role, while the first “Mandarin bombing” occurs.
  • June 9th
    • Tony Stark approaches Ross with a plan to put a team together, inquiring about Blonsky. His attitude rubs Ross the wrong way and the General refuses to release the Abomination, thus fulfilling Coulson and Agent Sitwell’s plan to keep Blonsky imprisoned.
  • November 13th
    • The second “Mandarin bombing” occurs.

Image via Marvel Studios


  • January 11th
    • Aldrich Killian hires Trevor Slattery to pose as the terrorist known as the Mandarin in order to provide a cover for his explosive Extremis side effects which continue to make the news as “suicide bombings.”
  • April 15th
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. continues research on Vanko’s “Whiplash” technology, the Tesseract, Samuel Sterns’ mutation, Jane Foster’s Nine Realms theory, and manage to thaw out a recently recovered Steve Rogers. The Darkhold also comes to their attention.
  • April 22nd
    • The Fifth Street Locos shoot up Eli Morrow’s car, which Robbie and Gabe Reyes had recently stolen. The car flips and Robbie is killed while Gabe is paralyzed. The Ghost Rider appears and saves Gabe’s life as well as Robbie’s, though the later is transformed into the new Ghost Rider.
  • May 1st
    • Loki, aided by Thanos and The Other, uses the Tesseract energy to teleport him to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility where he steals the Tesseract and controls the minds of Selvig and Hawkeye. Heimdall alerts Thor and Odin of Loki’s arrival on Earth.
    • Meanwhile, Romanoff is undercover and interrogating weapons-dealer Georgi Luchkov; her mission is cut short by a call from Coulson, telling her Hawkeye’s been compromised.
  • May 3rd
    • Thor arrives back on Earth thanks to Odin’s use of dark energy to transport him. He has a brief skirmish with Iron Man and Captain America that ends with the agreement to take Loki into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.
  • May 4th
    • Image via Marvel Studios

      Loki manages to escape captivity aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier when his mind-controlled agents take it over and the Hulk goes on a rampage. Phil Coulson is killed in the process.

    • The Battle proceeds to New York where Loki opens a wormhole to allow the invading Chitauri army to swarm into the city. The Avengers unite, defeat Loki, and manage to prevent a missile from wiping out New York City. The invasion is ended and the Tesseract is reclaimed; Thor takes it to Asgard for safe keeping.
    • Many media outlets and private citizens record video of the invasion that show off both the heroic and destructive effects of the battle, in which the mother of Audrey Eastman and the mother of Ellen Nadeer and Vijay Nadeer died.
  • May 6th
    • The cleanup from the Battle of New York begins. Citizens begin to gather bits and pieces of the alien tech, taking it either as trophies or for other purposes. To prevent this, Tony Stark and the federal government reformed the U.S. Department of Damage Control, which puts private salvage contractors like Adrian Toomes out of business. Toomes, however, takes this opportunity to pilfer more alien technology and put it to criminal purposes.
  • May 9th
    • Phil Coulson is resurrected at the Guest House, though the painful process has the agent begging the surgeons to let him die and necessitating the implantation of false memories, like Tahiti.
  • July 10th
    • Scott Lang is fired from Vistacorp for fixing what he believed was a code error that was illegally overcharging customers.
  • July 12th
    • Lang then breaks into Vistacorp Headquarters to return $4 million of the ill-gotten money to customers. He also breaks into his former boss’ mansion to steal his possessions and drive his car into the pool.
  • Image via Marvel

    July 13th

    • Lang is arrested and sentenced to five years in San Quentin.
  • August 19th
    • A fourth “Mandarin bombing” occurs.
  • December 18th
    • The fifth “Mandarin bombing” occurs. Tony Stark tests his Mark XLII armor as his Iron Legion project causes friction between him and Pepper.
  • December 19th
    • The Mandarin bombs both Ali Al Salem Air Base and the TCL Chinese Theater, which explodes when Jack Taggert succumbs to Extremis’ effects. Happy Hogan is caught in the blast but survives.
  • December 22nd
    • Stark’s mansion is destroyed by the Mandarin.
  • December 25th
    • After discovering Killian’s plan, Stark and his Iron Legion save an Extremis-infected Pepper Potts (who didn’t need much saving after all) while Rhodes rescues the kidnapped President.
  • December 27th
    • Pepper’s Extremis effects are neutralized while Stark has the last of the shrapnel near his heart surgically removed, throwing the old, obsolete Arc Reactor into the sea. Stark has the Iron Legion destroyed.

21st Century: Phase Two - The Rise of Ultron


  • January 30th
    • Carl Lucas is set up by Willis Stryker and sentenced to Seagate Prison for a crime he didn’t commit.
  • February 15th
    • Carl Lucas meets his therapist, Reva Connors.
  • August
    • Matt Murdock turns down permanent positions at law firm Landman and Zack, but also commits his first act of vigilantism by beating up his child-abusing neighbor.
  • August 5th
    • Carl Lucas undergoes an experiment at Seagate Prison that grants him super-strength and impenetrable skin, allowing him to break out of prison that same night. Reva meets him at a motel and they continue their relationship, though he now goes by Luke Cage.
  • September 8th
    • Nick Fury gives Coulson command of the Bus.
  • September 9th
    • Centipede Project test subject Michael Peterson saves a woman from an exploded building, earning the moniker “Hooded Hero.” A day later, he’s apprehended by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who hope to stabilize his Extremis virus that comprised the Centipede serum.
  • September 18th
    • Agent Grant Ward begins training Skye to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.
  • Image via Netflix

    September 27th

    • Jessica Jones is forced to wear a sandwich costume for her job at a bad sandwich shop and manages to save a kid from being hit by a car.
  • September 28th
    • Carl Lucas marries Reva Connors
  • September 29th
    • Kilgrave places Jessica Jones under his mind control, a kidnapping that lasts for months.
  • October 15th
    • Frank Castle receives his medal of honor for his service as a marine in Afghanistan.
  • November 9th
    • The Convergence begins.
  • November 11th
    • Thor leads the Asgardians in the Battle of Vanaheim and defeats the Marauders. Thor then heads to Earth to locate Jane Foster who has become infected with the power of the Aether. Thor brings Jane to Asgard for treatment, against his father’s wishes, but the reappearance of the Aether itself awakens Malekith and his army from a 5,000 year slumber.
  • November 12th
    • Malekith and Algrim kill Thor’s mother, Frigga. Against his father’s wishes yet again, Thor plots to free Loki in order to find a way to defeat the Dark Elves and take his revenge.
  • November 14th
    • While Loki uses his magic to trick Odin into claiming the throne, Thor and his human allies defeat Malekith and the Dark Elves at the Battle of Greenwich.
  • November 16th
    • Image via Marvel Studios

      Thor refuses the throne of Asgard from Odin (who’s actually Loki in disguise) and chooses to remain on Earth, while Sif and Volstagg meet the Collector to deliver the Aether to him for safe keeping. Unbeknownst to them, he then tasks Gamora with finding the Orb in order to collect more Infinity Stones.

  • December 5th
    • Michael Peterson awakes after suffering horrific injuries to find himself missing a leg, but now sporting a Backscatter X-Ray Eye implant, and under the employ of the Clairvoyant.
  • December 18th
    • Ten Rings agent Jackson Norris infiltrates Seagate Prison and kidnaps Trevor Slattery to deliver him to the real Mandarin.


  • January 20th
    • Under Kilgrave’s control, Jessica Jones kills Reva Connors.
  • January 23rd
    • Jessica Jones escapes Kilgrave’s control following a car accident, presuming him dead. Kilgrave survives, however, and forces Jack Denton to donate his kidneys which Dr. David Kurata transplants into Kilgrave without anesthesia.
  • February 6th
    • Coulson discovers the Kree body in the Guest House, which is destroyed after Skye is healed of her gunshot wounds.
  • February 12th
    • Lorelei arrives on Earth and is followed by Sif, on Odin/Loki’s orders, who attempts to apprehend her.
  • February 19th
    • Sif and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. defeat Lorelei and Sif returns to Asgard.
  • Image via Marvel Studios

    March 31st

    • Phil Coulson and other agents discuss possible identities of the entity known as the Clairvoyant.
    • Steve Rogers meets Sam Wilson during a morning run in Washington, D.C. (On your left.)
    • Captain America and Black Widow lead S.H.I.E.L.D.’s STRIKE team in retaking the Lemurian Star and rescuing hostages; Captain America fights and defeats Batroc the Leaper while Black Widow downloads information from the ship’s computers.
  • April 1st
    • Steve Rogers confronts Nick Fury about the espionage and learns of Project Insight. He later visits an ailing Peggy Carter and attends Sam Wilson’s counseling session.
    • Nick Fury is attacked by the Winter Soldier. Captain America pursues the assassin while Agent 13 / Sharon Carter gets Fury to a hospital, where he appears to die while undergoing surgery.
  • April 2nd
    • Captain America is attacked by members of STRIKE and goes on the run with Black Widow. Together they learn the truth of the Winter Soldier’s history and of HYDRA’s existence within S.H.I.E.L.D. before the Camp Lehigh bunker is destroyed.
  • April 4th
    • Image via Marvel Studios

      Captain America, Black Widow, and the Falcon take on the members of HYDRA who have infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D., including the high-ranking Alexander Pierce. Along with the not-actually-dead Nick Fury and Maria Hill, they take out the three helicarriers HYDRA had planned to use to neutralize over 715,000 potential threats to their organization.

    • After a brutal fight that damages the Triskelion, the Winter Soldier begins to remember his past as Bucky Barnes and pulls an unconscious Captain America from the Potomac River.
    • With HYDRA’s infiltration exposed to the public, a series of battles take place between the double agents and the S.H.I.E.L.D. faithful before the agency itself is labeled a terrorist organization by the federal government.
  • April 9th
    • Coulson and his agents defeat John Garrett.
    • Fury appoints Coulson as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and grants him the Toolbox which points him to their new facility, the Playground.
  • April 11th
    • Wolfgang von Strucker assures his HYDRA personnel that their work will continue despite recent events. He observes Pietro and Wanda Maximoff practicing their “miraculous” abilities.
  • July 31st
    • The Kree and Nova Empires sign a peace treaty, ending the long war between them. Ronan the Accuser refuses to submit to the terms and is labeled a terrorist.
  • Image via Marvel Studios

    August 1st

    • Star-Lord travels solo to Morag to take possession of the Orb, but is attacked by Korath the Pursuer and Sakaaran mercenaries.
    • Quill flees and informs Yondu that he’s breaking off from the ravagers, which results in a bounty placed on Quill’s head.
    • Ronan sends Gamora after Quill and the Orb.
  • August 2nd
    • After Gamora attacks Quill and steals the orb, and once Rocket Raccoon and Groot attempt to capture Quill in order to claim the bounty, they’re all apprehended by Nova Corps and imprisoned at the Kyln.
    • In the prison, they meet Drax the Destroyer who attempts to kill Gamora as vengeance for the death of his wife and daughter at Ronan’s hands. They work together to escape the Kyln the following day, but are now pursued by Ronan and Nebula.
    • At Knowhere, the group learns of the Orb’s power from the Collector, but the Infinity Stone it contains soon falls into Ronan’s hands. Ronan betrays Thanos, with Nebula at his side, and uses the stone for himself.
  • August 4th
    • The Ravagers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Nova Corps worth together to defeat Ronan.
    • The Infinity Stone is given to Nova Corps for protection.
  • September 10th
    • Nebula is apprehended by the Sovereign while attempting to steal Anulax Batteries.
  • September 19th
    • Brock Rumlow awakens from his coma, attacks his nurse, and escapes the hospital.
  • Image via Marvel Studios

    October 17th

    • The Guardians of the Galaxy are hired by Ayesha of the Sovereign to defeat the battery-eating Abilisk. Their reward for doing so is the release of Nebula.
    • Rocket Raccoon steals some of the Anulax Batteries, leading to a skirmish with the Sovereign fleet.
    • Ego saves them from destruction and introduces himself (and Mantis) to them when they crash-land on the planet Berhert.
    • On Contraxia, Yondu’s expulsion from the Ravagers for child trafficking is publicly restated by Stakar Ogord. Ayesha arrives and hires Yondu to capture the Guardians.
  • October 19th
    • Yondu, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Kraglin kill the mutineers and escape the Eclector.
    • Gamora, Drax and Nebula learn of Ego’s plan from Mantis, just as Peter Quill hears it from Ego himself. Quill uses his access to Celestial power to battle his father while the other Guardians manage to destroy the heart of Ego’s power.
    • Yondu sacrifices himself in order to save Quill. He receives a traditional Ravagers funeral, restoring honor to his memory. Stakar reunites with his former teammates Charlie-27, Aleta Ogord, Mainframe, and Krugarr.
  • October 25th
    • Adam Warlock is created by Ayesha as the perfect weapon to take down the Guardians.


  • January 11th
    • Bobbi Morse rescues an undercover Jemma Simmons from the HYDRA Laboratories.
  • January 12th
    • Matt Murdock, having recently confessed his sins and begged pardon for his future activities, decides to become a force for good in Hell’s Kitchen, becoming the vigilante, Daredevil. He saves three women from being kidnapped by Turk Barrett and his men.
  • January 13th
    • Karen Page is accused of killing Daniel Fisher. Murdock and Nelson are hired to defend her.
  • January 18th
    • Badly injured, Daredevil is tended to by Claire Temple for the first time. He later survives a brutal battle in order to rescue a kidnapped boy.
  • January 30th
    • Daredevil and Stick attack Nobu Yoshioka’s men while they are receiving delivery of the Black Sky, a young boy. Daredevil prevents Stick from killing the boy, but only temporarily.
  • February 2nd
    • Wilson Fisk publicly announces his intention to rid Hell’s Kitchen of the criminal element, sabotaging Murdock and Ben Urich’s plans to expose the mobster.
  • Image via Netflix

    February 4th

    • After barely surviving a duel against Yoshioka, daredevil narrowly escapes death at the hands of Wilson Fisk.
    • Foggy Nelson learns of Daredevil’s identity while Claire Temple patches him up, once again.
  • February 8th
    • Daredevil encounters Madame Gao while infiltrating the Steel Serpent drug manufacturing and distribution warehouse.
    • Ben Urich is assassinated by Fisk.
  • February 14th
    • After being arrested by the FBI, Wilson Fisk’s men free him, but Daredevil (in his new suit from Melvin Potter) duels Fisk in Hell’s Kitchen, and defeats him. Fisk is apprehended by the NYPD.
  • March 7th
    • An attack on the United Nations Headquarters is carried out by HYDRA operatives claiming to be operating under the orders of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • March 10th
    • Jessica Jones takes a case tracking down the missing Hope Shlottman.
    • Jones meets local bar owner Luke Cage and the two have a one-night stand, but Jones quickly leaves when she sees Reva Connors’ picture in his apartment.
  • Image via Netflix

    March 11th

    • Jones finds Hope and rescues her, but since Hope was under the influence of Kilgrave, she shoots her own parents.
  • March 12th
    • Jones starts to investigate Kilgrave’s activity once again, inspired by the radio show of her adopted sister, Trish Walker.
  • March 14th
    • A brawl at Luke’s bar reveals to Luke Cage and Jessica Jones that each other have powers.
  • March 29th
    • Jessica Jones, Trish Walker, and Will Simpsons successfully subdue Kilgrave, but he’s freed by his bodyguards.
  • March 31st
    • The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. battle HYDRA agents in Kree City, where Skye and Raina’s Inhuman abilities are revealed by Terrigen Mist. Antoine Triplett dies in the process.
  • April 3rd
    • Frank Castle finishes his last tour of duty and heads home to New York City.
  • April 4th
    • Castle and his family are caught in a mob firefight in Central Park. He survives with only a gunshot to his hand, but his wife and daughter are killed.
  • April 8th
    • Kilgrave attempts to win Jessica Jones’ affections by purchasing her childhood home and showing her tapes of his own childhood in which his unethical parents experimented on him.
    • Jones manages to drug Kilgrave and escape both his bodyguards and those who want to kill him.
  • Image via Netflix

    April 13th

    • Under Kilgrave’s thrall, Luke Cage destroys his own bar. Jessica Jones comes to his rescue, but the two soon fight since Luke is still under Kilgrave’s influence.
  • April 15th
    • Now resistant to Kilgrave’s powers, Jessica Jones tricks the mind-controlling villain into letting his guard down. She snaps his neck, killing him. Jones is then taken to prison but is soon freed by Jeri Hogarth.
  • April 28th
    • The Avengers assemble to raid HYDRA’s main research base in Sokovia. They interact with the twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff but manage to succeed in their mission to liberate the Scepter and take Wolfgang von Strucker into custody, ending the War on HYDRA.
    • They return to Avengers Tower where Tony Stark and Bruce Banner discover an artificial intelligence hidden within the Scepter, which they opt to use for Stark’s peacekeeping Ultron Program.
  • May 2nd
    • During a celebratory party at Avengers Tower, Ultron becomes sentient, determines that the human race is volatile and self-destructive, and attempts to destroy J.A.R.V.I.S. before forming a body for itself out of parts of Stark’s new Iron Legion suits.
    • Ultron introduces himself to the Avengers and uses the Iron Legion drones to attack them. They defeat the drones and Thor destroys Ultron’s body, but his AI inhabits a remaining suit and flees with the Scepter.
    • Ultron flies to the Sokovia base and builds an army of drones to control. He also wins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff to his cause since they seek vengeance on Tony Stark due to the death of their parents in an attack which used Stark weaponry.
    • Ultron also assassinates Wolfang von Strucker.
  • Image via Marvel

    May 3rd

    • The Avengers attempt to prevent Ultron from securing vibranium from Ulysses Klaue (who loses an arm due to an angry Ultron) in South Africa, but are stymied by Wanda’s mind-altering powers.
    • Hulk goes on a rampage in Johannesburg due to these visions and Tony Stark summons the Hulkbuster armor to defeat him after a lengthy battle.
    • The team goes into hiding after this terrifying and destructive public display while Thor goes off in search of answers to his own visions, leading him to discover the existence of the Infinity Stones and the Scepter’s Mind Stone.
  • May 5th
    • The Avengers, joined by the Maximoff twins who have learned of Ultron’s true plans to destroy the human race, arrive in Seoul, South Korea to stop Ultron from completing his vibranium body. They secure the robot body, but lose Romanoff to Ultron.
    • Stark and Banner attempt to upload the remaining J.A.R.V.I.S. program into the synthetic body which houses the mind stone in its forehead. With Thor’s assistance, Vision is born. He proves his worthiness by lifting Mjølnir and handing it to Thor before siding with the Avengers against Ultron.
    • Stark uploads a new A.I. named F.R.I.D.A.Y. into his Mark XLV armor.
  • May 6th
    • The Avengers head to Sokovia for a final showdown against Ultron and to rescue Black Widow, while S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrive to evacuate citizens of the now-floating city.
    • Pietro Maximoff sacrifices himself to save Hawkeye and a young Sokovian boy.
    • Hulk tosses Ultron from the hijacked Quinjet, but then sets the autopilot for an unknown destination to keep from endangering the team anymore. For two years, Banner remains in Hulk form, winding up on the planet Sakaar and battling in gladiatorial combat as the Grandmaster’s champion.
    • Wanda Maximoff rips out Ultron’s core and Vision destroys the final Ultron sentry containing the insane A.I.
    • The Avengers prevent an extinction-level event that would have been caused by Sokovia crashing to Earth, but the son of Miriam Sharpe and Helmut Zemo’s family die in the battle.
  • Image via Marvel Studios

    May 8th

    • The New Avengers Facility breaks ground in New York.
    • Jonathan Pangborn heads to Kamar-Taj to find a cure for his injuries.
  • May 9th
    • Thanos retrieves his Infinity Gauntlet, sans Infinity Stones, and vows, “I’ll do it myself.”
    • Coulson loses his hand during the retaking of the Illiad.
    • Terrigen Crystals dissolve in the world’s oceans and make their way into fish oil pills …
  • May 16th
    • Jemma Simmons is swallowed up by the Monolith and winds up on an alien planet known as Maveth.
  • May 28th
    • The New Avengers facility officially opens (in record time), but Hawkeye returns to his wife and newborn son, Stark appears to retire, Banner is AWOL, and Thor is pursuing answers to his visions on Asgard. Captain America and Black Widow prepare to train the New Avengers: Vision, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, and War Machine.
  • June 1st
    • Luke Cage starts working at Pop’s Barber Shop.
  • July 13th
    • Senate hearings for Sokovia relief efforts begin.
  • July 16th
    • Stark Industries announce new scholarships.
  • July 17th
    • Scott Lang is released from prison and gets a job at Baskin-Robbins.
    • Darren Cross presents his Yellowjacket suit during a meeting with Pym Technologies and other companies while also privately revealing to Hank Pym that he knows of his past as Ant-Man. Pym plans to put a stop to Cross’ efforts.
  • July 20th
    • Scott Lang is fired from Baskin-Robbins and kicked out of his daughter’s birthday party. He signs on to a heist job.
  • Image via Marvel Studios

    July 23rd

    • Having successfully pulled of the heist, Lang tries on the suit he found in the home’s safe. He tries it out, shrinking him down to size and hearing Hank Pym’s voice in the suit.
    • When Lang tries to return the suit, he’s arrested and sent back to prison. Here he meets Pym in person for the first time and learns that the older man orchestrated the whole heist. An ant delivers the Ant-Man suit to Lang on Pym’s behalf, allowing him to escape prison.
  • July 29th
    • Lang masters the suit’s abilities and combat training thanks to assistance from Pym and Hope van Dyne.
  • July 30th
    • Lang battles Falcon at the New Avengers facility and manages to steal a device that will help him to liberate the Yellowjacket suit.
  • July 31st
    • Lang infiltrates Pym Technologies HQ and battles Cross, who dons the Yellowjacket suit. The battle continues at Lang’s ex-wife’s house in his daughter’s bedroom where Cross is defeated. His plans to sell his tech to HYDRA are foiled when Cross is killed by Lang shrinking into the Quantum Realm to destroy the suit.
    • Lang figures out a way to emerge from the Quantum Realm, but forgets it upon his sudden enlargement.
  • August 4th
    • Hank Pym presents Hope van Dyne with a new Wasp suit.
  • August 23rd
    • Groot is now “adolescent” in maturity level and size, making Peter Quill appreciate how tough Yondu’s role as guardian really was.
  • October 21st
    • Members of the Dogs of Hell biker gang are killed by a mysterious attacker.
  • Image via Netflix

    October 28th

    • Gunfire tears apart the Burren Club where the Kitchen Irish were meeting. Only Grotto survives.
    • Frank Castle attempts to finish his hit on Grotto, but the man is saved by Karen Page. Daredevil intervenes but is concussed and wounded during a rooftop fight.
  • October 29th
    • Castle goes after Grotto again but is once again foiled by Daredevil. However, Castle is able to take Daredevil hostage in the process.
    • Daredevil escapes his chains but Castle kills Grotto anyway and forces Daredevil to fight against the Dogs of Hell biker gang in order to flee.
  • November 1st
    • The Kitchen Irish kidnap and torture Castle, now known as the Punisher.
    • Daredevil learns of Castle’s family during a conversation in St. Michael’s Cemetery.
    • Elektra Natchios returns asking for Matt Murdock’s help.
  • November 2nd
    • Daredevil and Elektra defeat the Yakuza who ambush them at Elektra’s penthouse.
  • November 5th
    • Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider.
  • November 14th
    • Peter Parker decides to use his new abilities to protect people as Spider-Man.
  • November 15th
    • Luke Cage defends Connie and Jin Lin from thugs attempting to extort them, though he busts up Genghis Connie’s in the fight.
  • November 16th
    • Pop’s Barber Shop is shot up and Pops dies.
  • November 17th
    • Frank Castle is imprisoned on Ryker’s Island and wastes no time in attempting to kill Dutton after getting the information that he needed from him. Double-crossed by Wilson Fisk, Castle also manages to kill all of Dutton’s allies before being subdued by prison guards. He soon escapes prison.
    • Daredevil investigates a Hand facility in which children are being drained of their blood. He discovers that Yoshioka is still alive.
    • Image via Netflix

      Luke Cage smashes his way through the Crispus Attucks complex and steals the ill-gotten money.

    • Cottonmouth blows up Genghis Connie’s but fails to kill Luke Cage in the process.
  • November 18th
    • The Hand attack Metro-General Hospital and retrieve the children they had been draining of blood.
  • November 21st
    • Sam Wilson searches for Ant-Man and hears stories about Spider-Man in the process.
    • Daredevil and Elektra take on the vast numbers of the Hand and are assisted by Punisher and Stick. Elektra dies in the battle, however.
  • November 27th
    • A monstrous Inhuman known as Lash arrives, one of many new Inhumans transformed by the Terrigen Mist.
  • November 29th
    • After 4,722 hours, Simmons is finally rescued from Maveth and returns to Earth.
  • November 30th
    • Mariah Dillard kills Cottonmouth.
    • Willis Stryker, a.k.a. Diamondback, wounds Luke Cage with a Judas Bullet.
  • December 3rd
    • Luke Cage duels Diamondback (now in his power suit) through the streets of Harlem.
    • Luke Cage is arrested for his escape from Seagate Prison, though Claire Temple mentions a lawyer she knows who might help him.
  • Image via Netflix

    December 23rd

    • Elektra’s funeral is held. Nelson and Murdock close their tab at Josie’s Bar.
  • December 24th
    • Frank Castle returns home and burns it to the ground, but not before retrieving a disc labeled “Micro.”
  • December 25th
    • Matt Murdock reveals his identity as Daredevil to Karen Page.
    • Elektra is revealed to be the next incarnation of Black Sky.

21st Century: Phase Three - Infinity and Beyond


  • January 22nd
    • A disillusioned Kaecilius confronts the Ancient One
  • January 24th
    • Coulson presumably kills Ward during a fight on Maveth.
    • Ward’s corpse is reanimated by It, the parasitic Inhuman also known as Hive and Alveus.
  • February 28th
    • Kaecilius forms the Zealots and rebels against the Ancient One with the aim of performing rituals found in the Book of Cagliostro.
  • March 16th
    • The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. covertly order drinks for Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse at a bar as part of a “spy’s goodbye.”
  • May 1st
    • Kaecilius and the Zealots break into the Kamar-Taj library, decapitate the librarian, and steal pages from the Book of Cagliostro. The Ancient One pursues them as they hop through portals to London, trapping them in the Mirror Dimension, but is unable to prevent Kaecilius’ escape.
  • May 3rd
    • Video surfaces of Spider-Man preventing a car from crashing into a bus.
    • Thaddeus Ross becomes Secretary of State.
    • Crossbones, a.k.a. Brock Rumlow, assaults the Institute for Infectious Disease in Lagos, Nigeria in order to steal a biological weapon. Captain America, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and Black Widow stop him.
    • Crossbones detonates a suicide bomb, but the blast is contained by Scarlet Witch. Unfortunately, the explosion also damages a building and kills civilians, including Wakandan aid relief workers.
    • Tony Stark’s M.I.T. speech ends with him being approached by Miriam Sharpe, a grieving mother who blames him for her son’s death in Sokovia.
    • The UN releases the Sokovia Accords following deliberation over the attack in Lagos.
  • Image via Marvel

    May 5th

    • Stark signs the Sokovia Accords, registering him under the control of the federal government. He believes control and restriction of the Avengers will prevent needless destruction and death.
  • May 6th
    • Doctor Stephen Strange survives a terrible car crash, but his hands are irreparably damaged.
  • June 4th
    • Peggy Carter dies peacefully in her sleep.
  • June 5th
    • Wakandan king T’Chaka publicly supports the Sokovia Accords.
    • The Avengers are given three days to sign the accords or they will be forced to resign. Romanoff, Rhodes, and Vision side with Stark, while Wilson and Maximoff disagree and side with Rogers.
    • Helmut Zero tortures a HYDRA agent for information regarding the trigger words used to manipulate the Winter Soldier.
  • June 8th
    • Sharon Carter delivers a eulogy at Peggy Carter’s funeral in London, revealing that she’s Peggy’s niece.
    • Romanoff meets T’Challa, son of T’Chaka, during the signing of the accords in Vienna, but are interrupted by a terrorist bombing orchestrated by Helmut Zemo. T’Chaka dies in the blast and Zemo flees to Berlin.
    • Jeffrey Mace is caught on camera during the bombing and is inadvertently labeled a hero by the media.
    • Bucky Barnes is blamed for the bombing. T’Challa, a.k.a. Black Panther, swears vengeance on him, while Rogers and Wilson head to Bucharest to reach the Winter Soldier first.
  • Image via Marvel

    June 9th

    • War Machine arrests Captain America, Black Panther, and the Winter Soldier in Bucharest after a tense battle. They arrive at the Joint Counter-Terrorist Centre along with Sam Wilson.
    • Helmut Zemo infiltrates the facility and triggers the Winter Soldier, forcing him to divulge the details of a secret mission and the HYDRA Siberian Facility where he was held. He then orders the Winter Soldier to attack Rogers, Sharon Carter, Black Widow, and even the Black Panther before fleeing.
    • Upon recapturing Bucky, Captain American learns that Zemo likely plans to thaw out the other Winter Soldiers. Rogers calls on Hawkeye and recruits Ant-Man for help. Hawkeye breaks Scarlet Witch out of the New Avengers compound to join the team; she uses her powers to subdue Vision temporarily.
    • Stark and Black Widow, meanwhile, call in Black Panther, War Machine, and Spider-Man, whom Stark gifts a scholarship and a new costume.
  • June 10th
    • The battle at Flughafen Leipzig-Halle airport occurs between the heroes with Captain America, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Winter Soldier taking on Iron Man, War Machine, Vision, Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Black Panther.
    • The airport is substantially damaged in the battle and War Machine becomes paralyzed from a fall. Captain America and Winter Soldier manage to escape and fly to Siberia to defeat Zemo thanks to Black Widow switching sides. Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Ant-Man are arrested.
    • Stark is alerted to Zemo’s frame-up, learns of his own mistake, and visits the imprisoned Avengers to learn of Captain America’s plan to stop the villain from Falcon, promising to go to Siberia as an ally. Black Panther covertly tracks Iron Man on his journey to seek revenge on the Winter Soldier.
    • Image via Marvel

      At the HYDRA facility, Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Iron Man temporarily put their differences aside to defeat Zemo, but they discover that the remaining Winter Soldiers have all been killed by Zemo. He reveals his plan to tear the Avengers apart due to their role in the death of his family. Black Panther overhears this, and withdraws from the impending battle. He later spares Zemo’s life and prevents him from committing suicide so that he can head to prison.

    • Zemo reveals the Winter Soldier’s hand in the death of Stark’s parents and Iron Man attacks both Bucky and Captain America. Winter Soldier’s metal arm is lost and Iron Man’s Arc Reactor is damaged, making his armor useless. Captain America leaves his shield behind since it was created by Stark’s father and “he doesn’t deserve it” as Stark says.
    • T’Challa delivers Zemo to the Joint Counter-Terrorist Centre in Berlin, accompanied by Rogers and Barnes who fly with him to Wakanda.
    • Everett Ross taunts the imprisoned Zemo.
  • June 11th
    • Lash attacks Hive and frees Daisy Johnson from his sway.
  • June 12th
    • Peter Parker is returned home from Berlin by Tony Stark, in time for school.
    • Barnes volunteers to be frozen again until his mind-control can be completely purged.
  • June 16th
    • Stark arrives at the New Avengers facility and assists Rhodes in his physical therapy.
    • A letter from Rogers apologizes for everything that happened between them and a phone gives Stark access to Rogers and his team should the need arise.
    • Rogers frees his imprisoned teammates from the Raft. Ross informs Stark, who simply puts the Secretary of State on hold.
    • Around this time, Rogers and Barnes head to Wakanda.

From our set visit on Ant-Man and the Wasp so some mild story spoilers ahead; highlight if you’re interested: After being set free from his imprisonment in the Raft, Lang struck a plea bargain and remained under house arrest with Luis for two years. Meanwhile, Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne are on the run from the law due to the Sokovia Accords. Rather than sign on for government oversight, they shrank the lab itself down and went into hiding. The events of Ant-Man and the Wasp will play out over roughly one day. 

  • June 22nd
  • Daisy leaves S.H.I.E.L.D. and becomes the vigilante known as Quake.
  • June 23rd
    • The events of Black Panther take place; see the breakdown below.
  • Image via Marvel

    September 10th

    • After numerous failed surgeries, Stephen Strange meets with Joseph Pangborn and learns of the mystical Kamar-Taj. He spends the last of his funds to travel to Nepal.
  • September 12th
    • Strange is eventually admitted into Kamar-Taj where he meets Karl Mordo and the Ancient One and begins his training in the mystical arts.
  • September 17th
    • Jeffrey Mace goes through the Project Patriot program to improve public perception of the Inhuman race.
  • September 21st
    • Jeffrey Mace becomes director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • September 23rd
    • Peter Parker ditches the Midtown High School Homecoming dance in order to take down the Vulture, a.k.a. Adrian Toomes.
  • September 25th
    • Man or Mandarin: The Trevor Slattery Story airs on TV
  • September 26th
    • Kaecilius and his Zealots successfully contact Dormammu.
  • October 21st
    • Stephen Strange’s training continues. The Ancient One deposits him on Mount Everest to force his ability to use the Sling Ring.
  • December 11th
    • Dr. Holden Radcliffe brings his artificial intelligence Aida to life using a Life-Model Decoy body.


  • March 2nd
    • Cellphone video captures Ghost Rider driving away in the Hell Charger.
  • Image via Marvel

    March 3rd

    • Strange learns of the power of the Eye of Agamotto as Kaecilius and his Zealots destroy the London Sanctum and those defending it. Strange becomes trapped in the Sanctum Sanctorum and defends it as best he can, assisted by the Cloak of Levitation and artifacts like the Rotunda of Gateways, the Brazier of Bom’Galiath, and the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.
    • Strange is wounded and travels to Metro-General Hospital so that Christine Palmer can save his life while he gives her direction (and duels the Zealot Lucian) from the astral plane.
    • Returning to the Sanctum Sanctorum, he’s granted the position of protector of the Sanctum by the Ancient One, but when he challenges her on the topic of pulling energy from the Dark Dimension, she flees.
    • Kaecilius returns to finish the job and Strange pulls everyone into the Mirror Dimension. The Ancient One saves Strange and Mordo, but suffers a mortal wound in the process.
    • Despite getting the Ancient One to the hospital, she dies, but not before warning Strange of the dangers of Dormammu.
  • March 4th
    • The battle at the Hong Kong sanctum goes poorly until Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to reverse time, save the Sanctum’s Masters from death, and undo the destruction to the city. Kaecilius breaks free of the spell and manages to summon Dormammu’s Dark Dimension anyway since it is “beyond time.’
    • Strange travels into the Dark Dimension and creates a time loop that eventually forces Dormammu to bargain with the sorcerer after many, many, many deaths.
    • Strange ends the loop only after Dormammu banishes himself from Earth along with Kaecilius and the Zealots, who he transforms into Mindless Ones and pulls into the Dark Dimension.
    • Mordo leaves the Masters of the Mystic Arts, disillusioned by The Ancient One’s reveal.
    • Strange returns the Eye of Agamotto to Kamar-Taj before taking up his role as protector of the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York.
  • Image via ABC/Jennifer Clasen

    March 16th

    • Ghost Rider sightings increase and the people of Los Angeles regard him as a vigilante.
  • March 19th
    • Quake and Ghost Rider duel in the junkyard.
  • April 4th
    • Ghost Rider frees Eli Morrow from South Ridge Penitentiary, but loses him when his rage takes over and he kills Santino Noguera of the Fifth Street Locos.
  • April 12th
    • Melinda May is replaced with a Life-Model Decoy as part of Aida’s plans.
  • April 13th
    • Aida is beheaded, but another version of Aida talks with Radcliffe at their home, where it’s revealed that the first Aida had been programmed to steal the Darkhold.
  • April 16th
    • May keeps attempting to escape the Framework simulation, which soon includes Kitsworth, Coulson, Fitz, Simmons, Mackenzie, Johnson and Rodriguez.
    • The Framework features an alternate history that ranges from HYDRA’s founding in 400 CE to Skye and Ward’s relationship in the late April, 2017.
  • May 12th
    • Robbie Reyes transfers the Ghost Rider power to Coulson who makes a deal with the Spirit of Vengeance in exchange for killing Aida.
    • Mackenzie and Rodriguez finally decide to leave the simulation, waking up on Zephyr One.
    • Ghost Rider uses his Hellfire Chain to open a portal to Hell and return the Darkhold there.
    • Holden Radcliffe is forced to remain in the Framework, both vanishing upon deletion.
    • Coulson’s team enjoys a celebratory dinner, but are apprehended by a mysterious man who wields a device that freezes them.
  • September 8th
    • Karl Mordo pays a visit to Jonathan Pangborn and removes his powers, claiming that there are already too many sorcerers in the world.
  • Fall
    • Coulson awakens and looks out the window … onto outer space.
    • Thor visits Doctor Strange requesting assistance in finding Odin. Strange agrees, on the condition that Thor and Loki immediately return to Asgard once Odin is located.

Image via Marvel

'Black Panther'

Believe it or not, the events of Black Panther occur roughly one week after Zemo’s apprehension at the end of Captain America: Civil War. That means that the action in Wakanda took place before the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Doctor Strange. There’s a little bit of wiggle room regarding when Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes arrived, and when Barnes was apparently cured and thawed, but we’re still waiting for an official MCU timeline to be released.

Roughly June 23, 2016 into July 2016:

  • Image via Marvel Studios

    Returning home to Wakanda to assume the throne after T’Chaka’s assassination, T’Challa first travels with Dora Milaje General Okoye (Danai Gurira) to liberate his ex-lover Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) from her undercover mission in order to have her by his side at the impending coronation ceremony.

  • At the ceremony, T’Challa is challenged by the Jabari Tribe leader M’Baku (Winston Duke), but emerges victorious and lets M’Baku live.
  • Now Black Panther in earnest, T’Challa learns of the whereabouts of Ulysses Klaue and heads to South Korea in order to apprehend him. Though they’re successful, with the help/hindrance of the CIA’s Everett K. Ross, the usurper known as Killmonger breaks Klaue out of the CIA Black Site. Ross takes a bullet in the process.
  • Having taken Ross back to Wakanda in order to heal him, it’s soon revealed to T’Challa and the Tribal Counsel that King T’Chaka killed his own brother and orphaned his nephew. That nephew is Killmonger, who returns to his ancestral nation–having killed Klaue and delivered him to the vengeance-seeking Border Tribe as tribute–in order to challenge T’Challa to the throne.
  • Killmonger defeats T’Challa and assumes the title and the power of Black Panther, throwing the defeated king from the waterfall.
  • Killmonger orders the destruction of the remaining Heart-Shaped Herbs and the delivery of Vibranium weapons to War Dogs waiting in New York, London, and Hong Kong.
  • Queen Ramonda, Nakia, Shuri, and a healed Ross journey to the Jabari lands to request aide from M’Baku, only to find a comatose T’Challa laid to rest on ice. He’s revived with the sole remaining Heart-Shaped Herb and leads the revolt against Killmonger and his newly won allies.
  • Image via Marvel Studios

    T’Challa’s family and friends defeat the uprising with T’Challa himself mortally wounding Killmonger, who decides to die a free man rather than be healed and imprisoned. T’Challa sits with his cousin while the sun sets over a briefly divided and soon-to-begin-healing nation of Wakanda.

  • Later, T’Challa and Shuri arrive in Oakland, CA where it’s revealed that T’Challa has purchased extensive property in the area with the goal of establishing an outreach center, run by Nakia, and technological R&D facility, headed by Shuri. They make their tech clear to both the local Oakland youth and to people on the world stage, starting with the United Nations, finally emerging from their self-imposed isolation.
  • Back in Wakanda, Bucky Barnes emerges from a hut near the river where Shuri is helping with his recuperation.

'Thor: Ragnarok'

Two Years after the Battle of Sokovia:

The Events of Thor: Ragnarok 

(Roughly the Summer of 2017, Earth-time)

  • In search of the Infinity Stones, Thor seeks out (and is captured by) the fire demon Surtur in the realm of Muspelheim. Surtur is destined to bring about Ragnarok–the destruction of Asgard–but not just yet since Thor defeats him and takes his crown as a trophy.
  • Loki, meanwhile, has been enjoying his disguise as Odin for years now, but Thor puts a stop to that party when he returns home to Asgard. The brothers are reunited in their quest to find their father, Odin, and with the assistance of Doctor Strange, they travel to Norway to say farewell to their dying father.
  • With Odin’s death comes the release of Hela, the banished Goddess of Death, form her millennia-long imprisonment. The first clash between Hela and her brothers ends with her destruction of Mjolnir and their flight to the bifrost bridge.
  • Hela continues to Asgard, the source of her power, and destroys the army opposing her (led by Hogun) while resurrecting her own army of the dead (including the giant wolf Fenris) and appointing the reluctant, traitorous Skurge as her executioner.
  • Image via Marvel Studios

    Thor and Loki both wind up on the garbage planet Sakaar, though at different times: Loki has been there long enough to weasel his way into the good graces of the planet’s ruler, the Grandmaster. Thor, however, is captured by an Asgardian Valkyrie mercenary nicknamed Scrapper 142 and thrown into the fighting pit where he faces off against the arena’s champion, Hulk.

  • Having survived the fight and escaped captivity with the help of Valkyrie (and Loki, at least temporarily), Thor is able to restore Banner to his human form thanks to a video recording from Natasha stored in the Quinjet archive. After two years as the Hulk, Banner returns, though he’s concerned that he’ll never be able to do so again should the Hulk be allowed to come out just one more time.
  • When Thor, Banner, and Valkyrie arrive on Asgard, Hela’s forces are about to decimate the rebellious Heimdall and the Asgardians he’s protecting. Banner becomes the Hulk (after a painful fall down to the Rainbow Bridge) and battles Hela’s resurrected Fenris Wolf and the undead forces led by Skurge.
  • Thor and Valkyrie battle Hela, though the God of Thunder loses an eye in this effort. His resultant vision of Odin channels untapped power into Thor and he’s able to rejoin the fight.
  • Meanwhile, a revolution on Sakaar, led in part by the Kronan known as Korg and the planet’s insectoid native known as Miek before they headed to Asgard to rescue the realm’s inhabitants, defeated the Grandmaster, who is last seen attempting to win favor with the victors.
  • Image via Marvel Studios

    Loki and the surviving gladiators, including Korg and Miek, arrive on Asgard to act as a lifeboat to rescue the Asgardian citizens. Skurge sacrifices himself to save his fellow Asgardians in a redemptive final act. While Thor, Hulk, and Valkyrie distract Hela, Loki liberates the crown of Surtur (possibly swiping the tesseract in the process) and summons the fire demon using the Eternal Flame, the only entity who can bring about Ragnarok and defeat Hela, at the price of the destruction of Asgard.

  • Having escaped aboard a spaceship, an eyepatch-sporting Thor assumes the role of Ruler of Asgard and takes his throne, flanked by Heimdall, Valkyrie, Loki, Korg, and Hulk. Their plan is to head to Earth/Midgard and attempt to rebuild Asgard, perhaps in Norway. However, a massive spacecraft suddenly looms above their ship…

'Ant-Man and the Wasp'

Ant-Man and the Wasp is a prequel to Avengers: Infinity War, though its conclusion dovetails directly into the final, pivotal moments of that movie. But like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok, this movie’s post-credits scene takes place after an unspecified amount of time following the conclusion of the main plot. In other words, the MCU’s baked in some wiggle room as far as the timeline goes.

Summer 2018

  • Scott Lang is staying in his apartment with Luis while under house arrest for two years, as we’re told in a conversation between Lang and Randall Park’s agent Jimmy Woo. The movie opens with Lang having three days left on his sentence and the events that unfold take roughly that long, with the addition of the post-credits scene.
  • Be sure to read Matt Goldberg’s full review for all the details, but essentially, Lang, Hank Pym, and Hope Van Dyne manage to get their Quantum Tunnel working, rescue Janet Van Dyne from the Quantum Realm, and temporarily cure the phasing Ghost, all while keeping the lab and Pym’s technology out of the hands of black-market dealers and saving Lang from more prison time. This is a very self-contained little heist movie that doesn’t dip its toe into the other MCU properties except for the occasional Captain America mention.
  • The kicker here is that Lang travels back into the Quantum Realm through Pym / Van Dyne’s portable Quantum Tunnel, while Hank, Hope, and Janet work the controls from the outside. Unfortunately, Thanos’ genocidal snap occurs at just the wrong time, dusting the three of them and trapping Lang in the Quantum Realm with no conceivable way out … for now!

Image via Marvel Studios

'Avengers: Infinity War'

Red Skull reminder: After disappearing from his contact with the Tesseract in 1945, he was transported to the distant realm of Vormir in order to escort those who sought the Soul Stone as the Stonekeeper, eventually including Thanos himself.

Sometime after Thanos’ kidnapped/adopted Gamora and Nebula, he traveled to Nidavellir, traditionally one of the Nine Realms and, in this case, home to a massive forge surrounding a neutron star which acts as a heat source. There, Thanos sought out Eitri, a master forger among the dwarves who inhabit Nidavellir. (Peter Dinklage plays the part, though Eitri stands nearly twice as tall as Thor himself.) Under threat by Thanos, Eitri crafted the Infinity Gauntlet with the hope that Thanos would take his prize and leave his people. Instead, Thanos took the gauntlet, cast Eitri’s hands in molten metal, killed the rest of the dwarves, and shut down the forge to prevent any future weapons from being made or unmade.

Sometime after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Ben & Jerry’s named flavors of ice cream after Tony Stark (Stark-Ravin’ Nuts) and The Hulk (Hulka-Hulka Chunka Chocolate). [Or something like that?]

Thanos’ forces attacked Nova Corps on Xandar, defeating them and taking his first Infinity Stone, the purple Power Stone.

*The following events take place within roughly 24-48 hours*

Image via Marvel

Directly after the Asgardian refugees find themselves face to face with Thanos’ mothership, the Mad Titan’s forces lay waste to it and a massive battle ensues in which Thor and Heimdal lie broken and defeated amidst many of their fallen brethren. The Hulk attacks Thanos but is soon dispatched rather easily, a fact that terrifies and embarrasses the Hulk. Before he can be killed, however, Heimdall draws on his last ounce of power to activate the bifrost and send Banner to Earth with a warning that Thanos is coming.

Thanos and his Black Order hold court with Loki and demand the Tesseract, which holds the blue Space Stone. Loki hands it over, attempting to form an alliance with Thanos and act as his guide on Earth, but seeing his brother defeated, Loki tries to assassinate Thanos. His treachery is repaid with death at Thanos’ hands, a death which seems likely to stick this time. Thanos then destroys the refugee vessel with his newfound power before teleporting away to safety.

Bruce Banner, whose Hulk persona is now too afraid to emerge, crashlands in Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum in time to warn him, Wong, and Tony Stark about the approaching threat of Thanos. As he does, Thanos’ Black Order members Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw attack New York City. Spider-Man joins the fray and inadvertently travels aboard Ebony Maw’s spaceship with Iron Man in order to rescue Doctor Strange—who’s protecting the Time Stone by will and magic spell alone—while Wong remains behind the man the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Image via Marvel Studios

Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy arrive to answer the Asgardian refugee ship’s distress signal too late, but just in time to rescue a barely alive Thor. Aboard the Milano, Thor meets the Guardians, obtains a replacement cybernetic eye from Rocket, and joins up with the “rabbit” and an adolescent Groot in order to travel to the dwarven star-forge in Nidavellir in search of a new weapon that will fell Thanos.

The remaining Guardians opt to travel to Knowhere and pay a visit to the Collector who is in possession of the red Reality Stone … only to find out that Thanos has beat them to it. Through use of an illusion, Thanos defeats the Guardians, takes Gamora prisoner and teleports away.

Aboard Thanos’ flagship, Gamora learns that her sister Nebula is being tortured, taken apart piece by piece for eternity in order to used as leverage against Gamora, who knows the location of the Soul Stone. Thanos and Gamora head to Vormir where the Stonekeeper—a time-flung Red Skull—leads them to it. Thanos sacrifices Gamora by throwing her off a cliff (a call back to Gamora doing the same to her own sister years earlier), trading her soul for the power of the stone itself. Gamora’s soul becomes trapped here in the form of her childlike self.

At the same time, the Guardians of the Galaxy head to Thanos’ home planet of Titan with the hopes of rescuing Gamora and defeating her kidnapper, only to run into Tony Stark, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, who crash-landed one of Thanos’ ships aboard the same planet. Together, they formulate a plan to draw Thanos out, subdue him, and remove his Infinity Gauntlet, thus defeating him without having to kill him.

Image via Marvel Studios

While the plan seems like it’s going to work, Star-Lord gets distracted by his realization that Gamora has been killed, thus breaking Mantis’ psychic connection to Thanos, who shakes Iron Man and Spider-Man off his gauntlet before they can pry it free. A fierce surprise assault from Nebula follows, but Thanos is beyond harm at this point. Broken and defeated, Doctor Strange—who has seen only one future out of millions of possibilities in which the Avengers actually win—gives up the green Time Stone in order to save Tony Stark’s life. Thanos retreats, leaving the team defeated and stranded.

During the Maw and Obsidian’s attack on New York City, Black Order members Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight attack Vision and Scarlet Witch in Edinburgh, Scotland in order to retrieve the yellow Mind Stone. They’re stopped by the combined efforts of those heroes and Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon. With Earth’s mightiest heroes now aware of Thanos’ plan and the fact that they must defend Vision at all costs to keep the Mind Stone out of the villain’s grasp, they head to Wakanda to seek allies there and prepare to defend themselves. Bruce Banner and James Rhodes / War Machine join them, teaming up with Black Panther and his forces, which include the White Wolf, Bucky Barnes.

Image via Marvel Studios

With Ebony Maw thrown into the cold vacuum of space during the rescue of Doctor Strange, Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, and Proxima Midnight lead thousands of Outrider soldiers in an all-out assault on Wakanda’s defenses. With the Avengers and Wakandan warriors as the last line between Thanos’ forces and the Mind Stone—with Shuri attempting to use her superior science to separate the sentient android from the infinity stone—this is the final stand. And they struggle mightily.

While the battle rages in Wakanda, Thor is forced to bear the brunt of the rays of a neutron star in order to restart the forge of Nidavellir which was snuffed out by Thanos. The dwarven forge-master, Eitri, is able to cast the blade of Stormbreaker, a mighty weapon, but it’s Groot who sacrifices a piece of himself to form the handle. Thor, proven worthy, is able to summon the weapon and rejuvenate his god-like abilities.

Despite Thor arriving in Wakanda in the nick of time, laying waste to the army of Outriders, Thanos also arrives on the scene and quickly dispatches the other solo heroes. Scarlet Witch holds him at bay, having defended both her teammates and Vision from the Black Order elite, and is able to destroy the Mind Stone with her incredible power. Unfortunately, Thanos’ mastery of the Time Stone allows him to rewind time, reform the stone, and pluck it from Vision’s head, killing him and completing his Infinity Gauntlet in the process.

Image via Marvel Studios

A moment of hope arises with Thor smashing Thanos in the chest with the Stormbreaker, but Thanos survives and snaps his fingers. He disappears off to some place in order to recover, but the more important result is that half of the universe’s sentient population is seemingly snuffed out. This includes Spider-Man, Black Panther, Mantis, Bucky Barnes, Doctor Strange, Star Lord, Scarlet Witch, Groot, Drax, and Falcon.

Back on Earth in the devastation left behind in New York City, Nick Fury and Maria Hill arrive on the scene, only to get caught up in the fallout of Thanos’ ultimate attack. Driverless cars slam into each other, a pilotless helicopter crashes into a building, and both Hill and Fury themselves start to turn to ash. In his final seconds, before he can utter an expletive, Fury pages Captain Marvel.

Around the same time as the Avengers are battling Thanos, Glenn Talbot (of all people) infuses himself with the volatile gravitonium (along with the material’s previously absorbed Dr. Franklin Hall and Ian Quinn), becoming incredibly powerful as the MCU’s version of Graviton. Talbot kills the Remorath scavengers and takes Coulson to confront their leader Qovas. Becoming mad with power (thanks in part to HYDRA’s mind-breaking), Talbot takes control of Qovas ship, forces Coulson and Melinda May into his services, and dons a costume with the intention of saving the world from Thanos. Meanwhile, Daisy is taken prisoner by one of Kree ruler Kasius’ entourage. *How this factors in to the destruction of Earth or Thanos’ “snap” remains to be seen.

Later, Thanos is seen recuperating, his Infinity Gauntlet melted and seemingly almost destroyed by Stormbreaker, as he watches a sunrise over his own little plot of land…

*This timeline will be updated as new MCU movies and TV shows air.

Image via Marvel Studios, IMAX

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