Megan Fox, Director Jimmy Hayward and Michael Fassbender Exclusive Comic-Con Video Interviews for JONAH HEX

     July 29, 2009

Jonah Hex movie image - slice.jpg

Due to the number of video interviews I still have to post from Comic-Con, I’ve decided to start grouping some of them together or I’ll be posting them for months. Saying that, I’m going to group them by movie, and in this batch it’s all “Jonah Hex” related.

So after the jump you can see Megan Fox, Michael Fassbender, and director Jimmy Hayward talk about making “Jonah Hex”, being at Comic-Con, and why is the comic book genre so popular. Take a look:

Megan Fox

  • Did she ever see the interview I did with her about the kid in the photograph
  • Does she like coming to Comic-Con
  • What is she going to buy
  • What are fans of Jonah Hex going to be most excited to see

Director Jimmy Hayward

  • How they’re making the budget work for them
  • He talks about the action scenes in the film

Michael Fassbender

  • What character does he play in Jonah Hex
  • What is it about comic cook movie that make them so popular

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