Megan Fox to Star in Michael Bay’s NINJA TURTLES as April O’Neil; Casting Underway for the Motion-Captured Turtles

     February 21, 2013


Even though Megan Fox and Michael Bay had an infamous falling out during the Transformers days, it looks like the director has patched things up, not with roses, but with pizza.  Bay announced on his blog that Fox will be cast in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot and will be playing “intrepid reporter and good-natured friend to reptiles” April O’Neil.  The actress was won over by a series of meetings with Bay, as well as impressive storyboard sessions with director Jonathan Liebesman (Battle Los Angeles).  Casting is currently underway for unknowns to play the heroes in a half-shell, who will be motion capture animated in the live-action/CG hybrid picture due out in 2014.  Hit the jump for more.

megan-foxNews of Fox’s involvement with the recently retitled Ninja Turtles comes directly from Bay’s blog:

TMNT: we are bringing Megan Fox back into the family!

Heat Vision confirms the female lead for Fox as well as the status on casting the Turtles.  Perhaps this is why Bay chose to remove the “Teenage” part of the title, because good luck getting teenage boys/mutants to do anything productive with Fox walking around.  On a related note, Bay has now pretty much guaranteed an audience completely full of teenage boys (and slightly-closer-to-middle-age fanboys…ahem).

The last time we’d heard anything on the story of Ninja Turtles was in the backlash of Bay announcing that aliens would be involved in the creation of the titular heroes.  This prompted a response from director Jonathan Liebesman as well as TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman himself.  The Paramount film, which Bay is producing, was also recently pushed back to a May 16, 2014 release date citing script delays.  With Fox’s casting addition being enough to hold fans over for the time being, it bodes well for getting the rest of the roles together over the next few months.  Let us know your thoughts on the casting decision in the comments below!


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  • GunsOfNavarone

    For fvcks sake.

    • Assumption Junction (aka

      Krang’s race of aliens created the ooze the pet turtles get mutated by in the original comic. If Eastman says it will be good then it should.

      I am glad ms fox reconsidered Michael bay’s “casting couch.” She needs money. Open that sexy mouth and get a load of that assholes putrid seed.

      • Assumption Junction (aka

        Ps I am glad the Facebook posts show their profile pics so we can laugh at how stupid these people are.

  • Dan

    Well I can see where this is going.

  • Dequan

    Just because she’s incredibly Hot and have a nice rack doesn’t mean that she’s a good actress!

  • Nate H

    Are you F-ing KIDDING ME?! This movie had two strikes against it already: 1) Bay directing and 2) Turtles being aliens. Megan Fox being cast is strike three, four, five, six, and seven. Any true TMNT fan – and any fan of quality acting – should be outraged/deeply disappointed by this. Fox is a terrible actress and doesn’t fit O’Neil at all. Hope you you all are ready for a Ninja Turtle movie filled with explosions, aliens, choppy editing, terrible acting, and senseless glamour shots of a scantily clad April O’Neil.

    Btw, just watched the original live action TMNT movie the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. Campy, but fantastic. Doubt I’ll be able to enjoy this impending Bay train wreck nearly as much.

    • jk

      I just watched the original live-action movie too. I used to love it when I was 12. What was I on? Couldn’t stomach the obnoxious personalities and dumb humor. Turned it off after 40 minutes. I’ll take a Bay update if it can bring something different to the game.

    • jack

      not saying this will be any good, but learn how to read….jonathan liebesman is directiing not bay…..that said the original does hold up…and megan fox isn’t a great actress, but i highly doubt there will be much acting taking place during this movie anyway

      • Nate H

        Didn’t see that – I was going off of old news when all the headlines said “Michael Bay making new TMNT film.” So that’s good news, except for the fact that Bay still seems to be making all the decisions. It’s him that they keep interviewing, and it’s him that seems to be behind all of these changes, so he may as well be directing. I’m not opposed to changes – for example, JJ Abrams’ Star Trek changed a lot of things, but I loved that film despite being a pretty serious Trek fan). But Michael Bay is no JJ Abrams. I will still plan to go see it, though, until trailers show me that I shouldn’t.

      • Kao

        Jonathan Liebesman is even WORSE than Bay.

        Bay has at least made a couple of dumb-yet-fun movies (The Rock, Bad Boys 2), Liebesman has never made anything even remotely watchable.

        This will have great FX but will be bad. Very bad.

  • Strong Enough

    LMAOO @ that pic

  • Andrew

    Uh Oh somebody leaked the April Fools Jokes early Right?….Right?!!!! Thanks I’ll stick with the original movie

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  • cedartreeradar

    in that top picture it looks like some of her fans have time jumped from 1986

  • Tom

    Turtles everywhere are fapping

  • Devin R.

    This just keeps getting worse and worse….my hopes for this movie are now at an all-time low. I’ll stick with my 80′s Turtles and the new Nickelodeon series, thank you very much.

    • Kao

      The Nickelodeon show will be light years better than whatever this will turn out to be. Just like how the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon was a better reboot than Amazing Spider-Man was, only this will be on an epic scale. At the very least Amazing Spider-Man had a good cast let down by a subpar script/direction. I just can’t imagine this having any redeeming qualities.


    The new TV series is pretty great! The Turtles themselves have nailed it design wise, and voice actors from that show should voice this movie.

    However Fox as April O Neil? Its Aprils hair that is orange not her skin!!!

    My pick woulda been Isla Fisher, or Emma Stone. (Obvious choices from anyone that knows the Turtles, Fox is the exact opposite of what April should be. (Though the original (amazing) 1990 movie had an April O Neil I just couldn’t beat off to.

    The stars of the show however should be the Turtles themselves. They were brilliant in the80s toon, Amazing 90s films, even the TMNT cg movie and this new CG cartoon too. The Turtles were perfect. No need to change things up by making them Aliens!! Though I do hope we have the Alien influence, ie the ooze and Krang and the Technodrome.

    • Allison Keene

      “Though the original (amazing) 1990 movie had an April O Neil I just couldn’t beat off to.”

      I like how casually this is thrown in here, hah. I’m imagining a critic discussing this, “it was otherwise a seminal work, yet O’Neil simply lacked a fap-worthiness that could have otherwise elevated the material”

      • hockablah


      • DREDD

        Ha! thanks for noticing Allison. I feel like I just got busted!

  • sense 11

    That picture is really fucking funny

  • Allison Keene

    Hilarious picture choices

  • cjplay

    Two words should convince everyone how bad this idea is… Jonah Hex. Need more? Less than $10Mil TOTAL at worldwide box office and disc sales for Jonah Hex. Megan Fox? STAY OUT OF MY COMIC BOOK FILMS!!!

  • ScaredForMovies

    Good God. I can’t take this shit seriously anymore. Normally I would be pissed at such ridiculous directing and casting moves but now it just makes me laugh. Michael Bay, Jon Liebesman, and Megan Fox. I’m predicting some Razzies in this movies future. I think Bay does this shit on purpose. He’s the ultimate troll.

  • Collin V.


  • LetSomoneElseDirectTransforemers


    This shows Bay never wanted to get rid of her for TF3 after all but her tasteless comments got her booted. Now they are gonna forget the reason they got rid of her and just go for box office appeal and make this like the TF movies……she is NOT APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I rather have a 50 years old Judith Hoag back!!! Shredder better be Shredder not “Shroder” and Splinter better be a giant RAT….the Turtles better be eat pizza and NOT have super powers.

    • william

      Actually the pizza was put in for the cartoons. In the original comics that was not a big part, but other than that you are totally right.

  • LetSomoneElseDirectTransforemers

    This ALSO proves Michael Bay is LYING in the tf special features when he sed they got rid of Megan cuz her plastic surgery………..I hate being lied too….by people who want yer money….oh …..wait….

  • The Blue Elephant

    Best news I heard all day. Cowabunga!

  • Mickey

    What’s next? Rat bastard Shia being cast as Casey Jones? this is going to be so bad.

    • william

      Isla Fisher would have been a perfect April O’Neill.

      • The Blue Elephant

        I thought the same thing! Nice!

  • nintendo zapper


  • nintendo zapper

    Im sure glad this proves that hollywood doesn’t work on glad handing and blow jobs like it used too.

  • Craig

    Consider my childhood slain.

  • Armando

    I’ve met dead strippers with better personalities than her. She’s a waste of
    a cumshot.

  • Jonny Anomoly

    Could be lamer. Mr. Bay could be directing the “BONE” movie.

  • gallan

    Fox must be stoked she’s a big turtles fan.

  • Get Em

    I would have rather seen Mel Gibson in a wig than fox. Congrats you were hot in one movie then married a 90210 actor things r looking up now.

  • Jeffrey

    Must’ve been completely nude this time when Michael asked her to wash his cars again.

  • Steve

    I guess she and Michael (kissed) and made up.

  • Anonymous


    • DREDD

      QUIET THE FUCK DOWN FELLA! Walls have ears! Don’t give them any other bad ideas!

  • Marissa

    Oh PLEASE don’t pay to see this, movie-goers. Please, for the love of all that’s good and sacred. That latest ‘Transformers’ movie was enough of a box-office shock. If it was just in America, I’d understand (sort of), but it was a hit WORLDWIDE! What the flying fuck!

  • Tony

    Michael Bay loves ruining my childhood heroes. Meghan Fox is no April.

  • tarek

    Alien Turtles fighting Mechas running after Fox’s butt.

  • Armando

    Rachel McAdams seemed like a better choice

  • nom79

    So Michael Bay’s new career is fucking up solid properties. Good Job idiot!

    The new TMNT will be about eye candy and aliens. Hooray! You doing real good Bay! Why don’t you just quit now before you lose the brain cells you have left.


    AWESOME!!!!!! I love that everyone is just judging a movie before it has even one shot filmed. Let’s at least wait to see a trailer before we have any sort of judgement on this film. Yup…Bay is such a terrible director/producer that his movies don’t make any money what-so-ever!!!! This is a guaranteed flop, because everything Bay touches flops right?
    Nope all/most of you will go and pay to see this film…even if it were just sheer curiosity. If anyone doesn’t want to see this then don’t go see it. “Oh no they ruined my childhood!” “I’ll stick with the 90s cartoons.” Are you kidding me?!!! If you want to have another version made, then go learn how to use the equipment that is used to make a film and work your way to get the funding these people have worked their lives to get. When you have done that then you can direct your vision of TMNT. THEN you’ll find out how hard it is to make no matter how crappy it turns out. Just go watch the original independent film that was made in the late 80s, just look at all the names at the end of each film ever made. It doesn’t happen over night people. I bet the original makers of the Turtles wouldn’t approve this version…oh wait, they’re on board……….why am I even commenting? I guess I’m just bored and need to do something at this hour.
    I for one think this is very good news. Amidst of all this drama that was caused during TF3, I’m actually happy that Fox and Bay are back on the same page again. Working in the Film industry is NOT easy especially for people like Fox who couldn’t get why Bay was an “ass” on set and she was just thrown into this world where she was a nobody and then all of a sudden people are following her around with groups of cameras hoping her nipple slips out. Bay’s movies have very dangerous things happen and he has to worry about time, people’s schedules, city regulations for shooting, the budget, knowing how to make the return on the multimillion dollar investments, etc. Yeah, I guess it’s easy to make a movie like this. Taking years, spending millions, working under stressful conditions, laughing, crying, not eating enough, having to worry about making the best film they can make to try and please the current and possible new fans in this wolrd…..all to make something someone is going to download for free and take 90-120 minutes to watch and call a piece of crap. yup, that’s the way the world works. And guess what? All of your comments including mine will be like a fart in the wind within…..2 weeks at most. I’ll catch you farts later!!!!!

    • Carlos Shabo

      your comment was way to long to read.

      People havent seen anything filmed but everyone has read the leaked garbage. and calling people “Farts” has never been seen on this site. color me astonished.

  • Great white hype

    It’s not about money, it’s about quality. Everyone knows that Bay is a shallow d-bag and the script will be terrible just like the turd script they already flushed. He made the same Transformers movies three times and character development was non existent. Bay might work hard at directing but he sure doesn’t work hard at getting a good script. When a terrible actress like Megan Fox is cast as the lead people already know where the movie is headed. Thus judgement. Explosions, the army, and boobs, rinse, repeat. Uwe Boll learned to use all that special equipment as well. It doesn’t mean shit if all you make is the same shallow crap over and over again. Stupid things make money all the time. Money doesn’t equal quality. According to that logic Twilight was one of the greatest movies of all time.

  • Carlos Shabo

    Jonathan Liebesman and Michael Bay is a terrible duo. i love Bay but Liebesman sucks hard.

  • Carlos Shabo

    your comment was way to long to read.

    People havent seen anything filmed but everyone has read the leaked garbage. and calling people farts has never been seen on this site. color me astonished.

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  • Willy Dynomite

    I’m Bout too warn anybody who comes too this post if you late on this news like me. When they really begin filming this how many of these people hating the whole idea of the film what they can do when they get a chance too make there own film! put who they want in it! make millions and then make a sequel that makes more Millions! O that’s right they can’t! No money and No Power Just a watcher! Unless you make films of your own long or short how can they tell you it will be shit! I liked TMNT when I was a kid but the movies are what made it big time you and I had no say in it! We went to the movie no matter what age,some didn’t like it most did so it stuck around! They can’t admit 2 was OK and 3 just didn’t come off as good as a hit at all! I want a new take on this with amp up this story if takes going back too it’s comic roots then fuck it just try and make it a good movie to get money too make a better sequel! I got to tend to my stable of hoes now one of them is acting like some of the bloggers on this post!

  • the saddest of all

    Somebody kill Michael Bay

  • Eruult

    Actually to me it is not bad. I’d like to see Megan as April.

  • Eruult

    Actually to me it is not bad. I\’d like to see Megan as April.

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  • bob

    Megan Fox? Not even close. Way too cold and self conscious for the April O-neil casting.

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