Mel Gibson Plays with Puppets in Director Jodie Foster’s THE BEAVER

     July 9, 2009


Mel Gibson is set to star in “The Beaver”, the much-touted, blacklist-topping comedy script from Kyle Killen.  Jodie Foster will direct her friend Mel in the film about a depressed man who finds solace from his own right hand… because that’s where he wears a happy, furry beaver puppet.  Look folks, I can’t handle too many more double entendres here so I suggest you hit “continue reading”…

Last December Kyle Killen’s “The Beaver” script headed Hollywood’s annual Blacklist – the list of the best un-produced screenplays floating around town.  Since then more than one famous name has been rumored to be interested – including Steve Carell under director Jay Roach and Jim Carrey under current director Jodie Foster.

According to Variety final financing for “The Beaver”, which is budgeted at just under $20 million, is not yet in place – although with Mel Gibson now onboard that situation should iron itself out pretty quick.  Foster is aiming for a start date in early September for the comedy, which will be filmed in New York.

I can’t help but wondering if the casting of Mel Gibson has more to do with Foster’s personal relationship with the actor instead of his actual comedic potential.  Yes, I know that Mel can be a funny guy, but it would be hard to argue that he’s funnier than either Carell or Carrey.

As for Foster, I’ve enjoyed the two films she’s directed – “Little Man Tate” and “Home for the Holidays” – although neither were particularly funny and both were a long time ago.  Here’s hoping that “The Beaver” can live up to its blacklist potential under the circumstances.

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