Melissa McCarthy in Talks to Star in Paul Feig’s Spy Comedy SUSAN COOPER

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Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig are looking to go three for three.  The two first collaborated on the comedy hit Bridesmaids, and their second film The Heat opened to impressive box office and solid reviews earlier this summer.  Now The Wrap reports that McCarthy is in talks to lead Feig’s female-led spy comedy Susan Cooper.  The 20th Century Fox film centers on a female James Bond-type, but will not be a spoof and instead will handle situations realistically with a comedic bent.  Feig wrote the script and will direct and produce, and McCarthy is currently negotiating her deal, figuring out how to work around her CBS sitcom schedule on Mike & Molly.

McCarthy most recently wrapped Tammy, which she co-wrote and stars in opposite Shirley MacLaine, and is currently filming the comedy/drama St. Vincent de Van Nuys with Bill Murray.

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  • Baby Jean

    Sookie St James is finally hot property in Hollywood! Long overdue ;p

  • Jeff Rideout

    What ever happened to Gabriel Sidibay (probably spelled wrong)? I guess it goes to show that if you want to be a successful obese actress in Hollywood you better not be opposed to fart, fall-down, and crude comedy.

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