Listen to Pitbull’s Terrible New Song from MEN IN BLACK 3, “Back in Time”

     March 26, 2012

A new Men in Black movie is on the way, which also means that a new Men in Black tie-in song is coming as well. Hip-hop “artist” Pitbull is handling the song “Back in Time” (paging Huey Lewis and the News) for Men in Black 3, and as my esteemed colleague Matt Goldberg so eloquently put it, the song will make you want to jam a pen in your ear. Pitbull samples Mickey & Sylvia’s “Love Is Strange” to try to tie the song into the 60s time-travel theme of the movie, but he really only succeeds in crafting a track that makes Justin Bieber sound like Mozart. A Willennium lasts for 1,000 years, so I believe Will Smith is still contractually obligated to fix this.

Hit the jump to take a listen, if you dare. Be sure to check out the batch of Men in Black 3 set photos showcasing Rick Baker’s stellar special effects make-up. Men in Black 3 opens in 3D on May 25th.

Here’s “Back in Time” via Vulture.

To cleanse your palette, here’s Smith’s musical masterpieces from Men in Black and Men in Black II.


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  • mee

    oh cmon, it wasn’t that bad. i could totally see parts of this song fitting in the movie and helping to build the 60s-70s vibe.

  • SteveFOX

    The song is bad, but not that bad. I guess we just wanted Will to sing again.

  • Giovanni

    I’m sorry, but i’m afraid the fact is your overall ”Whiteness” restricts you from enjoying the real ”Club Banger” potential this track has. ;)

  • Giovanni

    Just kidding, it is terrible and not even catchy in the slightest bit. But it most likely will not be the Main song to sell the movie, probably just a random track from the album that will play during the end credits. Anybody remember the Wild Wild West song with Sisqo ? lol

  • Guns Of Navarone

    Who the fvck told Pitbull he had talent? Every time I hear a Pitbull song; be it him alone or feat. Pitbull, it’s utter dreck. I really would like to punch him.

  • Thunder

    Pitbull just sucks no matter he does. I also feel embarrassed watching Will Smith’s videos. Why does MIB need these? Is there going to be a Pitbull video featuring scantly clad, fat-bottomed CG aliens grinding on his pants?

  • Guest

    Somebody please flash me with a neuralizer and make me forget I ever heard this track.

  • sense 11

    he is just awful

  • Kyle

    Who the f*** told Pitbull he had talent?
    The same ones who told Justin Bieber he had talent, and he’s Worse!

  • Strong Enough

    a lot of crackers on this website

  • chrissy

    Well, isn’t Will Smith known as the “clean” rapper? Pitbull’s kinda creepy to me :/

  • Alex–

    They are idiots. Pitbull can’t do any other style but Pitbull, and as such they got a nice club track that has nothing to do with Men in Black.

  • Kara

    Wow this is soooo bad…. Embarrassing..

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  • Werewolf girl

    Come on guys at least pitbull doesn’t swear his a** off! (like eminem) And also wats so bad about him anyway?