Konami Confirms METAL GEAR SOLID Movie in Development Again; Avi Arad to Produce

     August 30, 2012


A feature film iteration of the popular video game Metal Gear Solid has gone through quite a few ups and downs over the years, but it now sounds like development on the film is moving forward…again.  Konami has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid is in the works with Spider-Man’s Avi Arad onboard to produce.  For those unaware, Metal Gear Solid is a stealth action video game that centers on a solider named Solid Snake who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility in order to neutralize a terrorist threat.

Arad is the former chairman and CEO of Marvel Studios, but his track record is a tad hit and miss.  Hit the jump for more on the Metal Gear Solid movie.

avi-arad-metal-gear-solidThe announcement of the Metal Gear Solid film was made at the Metal Gear Anniversary event in Tokyo.  Via Kotaku, Arad appeared onstage and had this to say about his intentions:

“For many years I fought to bring comics to theaters. Comic books are now biggest genre in cinema, [and] video games are the comic books of today… We will take our time and tell the story with all the nuances, ideology, cautionary tales needed.”

While at Marvel, Arad was responsible for some truly great adaptations like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films and X-Men, but he was also behind Fantastic Four and Elektra.  He hasn’t exactly found great success since leaving the studio, with The Amazing Spider-Man acting as his only recent hit.  In addition to MGS, he’s also developing film versions of Mass Effect and Uncharted.

This isn’t the first time that a Metal Gear Solid movie has tried to get off the ground.  The Social Network producer Michael De Luca was previously attached to the property in 2008, but by 2010 the project had fallen apart.  De Luca cited the difficulty of aligning the interests of everyone involved to make a singular film as the reason the movie didn’t move forward, and it’s no secret that video game companies are ridiculously precious when it comes to adapting their properties.

There’s no guarantee that Arad’s version will get further than De Luca’s, and based on his comments at the Metal Gear Solid event it sounds like they’re not rushing to get this thing into production.  I wouldn’t hold my breath for the Metal Gear Solid movie to go before cameras anytime in the near future, but Konami committing to development of the film is certainly a step in the right direction.


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  • Sugreev2001

    They should make movies of planned projects like Mass Effect and Uncharted first,because Metal Gear has the most convoluted storyline in history.You cannot really make a movie without sacrificing something from the games,which would piss a lot of fans like myself.;

  • Andres

    The only real question is, who should play Solid Snake?


    • Fabian

      I always said Josh Holloway (Sawyer from LOST) would be an excellent Snake!

      • Tony Michaels

        Said the same thing.Has the voice and face,is a good actor and watching Lost I always said..Thats Snake right there.

  • Derp

    morgan freeman

    • Dobby

      Liam Neeson

  • JC

    If they include Big Boss, I’d like to see Kurt Russell him.

    Solid Snake? I have no idea.

  • Jose

    I’d like to see Bradley Cooper or Guy Pierce try out the role.

  • Kyle

    As a Metal Gear fan since the 80s I think Josh Holloway would be a great choice. And get David Hayter to write the script.

  • Edgar

    David Hayter anyone?

  • Ben

    Michael Fassbender as Solid Snake.

    • Kyle

      Good choice.

    • LEM

      He’d be a better Liquid Snake but If they make them identical twins then I don’t think he would be a good pick.

  • MrNo

    Just one name : Statam. Same voice, highly skilled, all he needs is to grow some hair.

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  • David Savage

    Scott Adkins for Solid Snake

    • LEM

      Great pick. The dude is awesome and should be a huge action star.

  • Collin V.

    Either Christian Bale or Michael Fassbender

  • Armando

    Hugh Jackman would be a great Snake.

  • LEM

    Change nothing and do it exactly as the game is.

  • deep throat

    you can’t do this movie without having Snake’s voice.

  • deep throat

    you can\’t do this movie without having Snake\’s voice.

  • Duder

    Clint Eastwood as old snake (with stunt doubles of course) from sons of patriots and then make prequels. Clint’s son could perhaps play the younger snake if any good at acting in the prequels since he looks like his dad.

    • LEM

      you’re nuts.

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  • Strong Enough

    Hideo wants Nolan to direct since he is his favorite director

  • DS

    @Duder Clint Eastwood? After seeing him talk to that chair earlier to night I don’t think he’s in any condition to play Old Snake.

    Bale has always been a thought but I wouldn’t want him to get typecast, And I hadn’t ever thought of Hugh Jackman that’s a good one. Of course I could be down with an unknown too I’m sure I’ll see it either way, we’ll probably not know for some time.

    • JL

      If you’re looking for an unknown, check out Joe Walker (Starkid). Actually, look at the production of Starship online and he plays a character that looks just like Solid Snake!

  • Killawentz

    This Awesome News & as a fan id like jon favreau direct the Movie While Daniel craig plays the Role of Snake…even after cowboys and Aliens Sucked that means the would want to make it up to the fans!

  • Dobby

    I was excited until Avi Arad’s name popped up, like an unexpectedly carroty lump of vomit in your mouth.

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  • MEGA


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  • ismael guzman

    viggo mortensen ..he seems to be in that age for it …

  • tarek

    Justin Bieber.

    • john

      you’re a faggot XD but it was funny.

  • JKealls

    The best person for this part would have to be Joe Walker from Team StarKid. He played a part in their show, Starship, that looks JUST like Snake. http://static.tumblr.com/z9fq4o2/fRdlo7eev/starship-commander-up.jpg

  • Dan

    Young: Christian Bale, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pierce or Josh Holloway. Old: Sam Eliot, or Brian Cranson with makeup to make him look old.

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  • jay


  • peyman barahin

    im from iran .i found caracter(actor)of snake really really its look like snake if your company wana see him i can mail him face to see the snake is aliveeeeeeeeeeeeee please send me email thanks alot from your big and proffesional companyyyy so im 3d animator