MGM Returns to Animated Features with PUNK FARM

     June 8, 2011


More than two decades removed from its last animated feature (the ever-nostalgic All Dogs Go to Heaven), MGM is reentering the animated game with director David Silverman (The Simpsons Movie and co-director Monsters, Inc.). According to Variety, the studio and Silverman will go to bat with an adaptation of the Jarrett Krosoczka children’s book Punk Farm. Per the report, the pic was originally penned by Jim Hecht (Ice Age: The Meltdown) with Silverman waiting to direct a rewrite by David Stern (Open Season 2 & 3). Krosoczka’s book follows a quintet of barnyard animals with a fondness for underground punk rock (I’m thinking Sex Pistols meets Selena Gomez).  There is no word on the project’s production timeline although it’s worthy of mentioning that the film is only the second major project taken on by the studio since its financial woes came to a head last December. The other project is the Vin Diesel producer/star vehicle, The Machine.


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  • Neo_3

    I thought this was a Dreamworks film what happened?

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  • excpired

    lol @ Sex Pistols being underground punk. Underground punk is more like Minor Threat, SS Decontrol, 1000 Dead Cops, Teen Idles, Gang Green, etc.

    Though I’m sure this being a studio film and childrens book will probably follow something more like the Pussycats.

  • Hannah Torres

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