Michael Bay Fires Back at Hugo Weaving’s TRANSFORMERS Comments

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Hell hath no fury like an action director scorned.  Quite the hubbub resulted from an interview we here at Collider conducted with Cloud Atlas star Hugo Weaving a couple of days ago.  The actor spoke candidly about his disinterest in doing more Marvel films following Captain America, and he was also blunt when it came to his brief work on Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  Weaving voiced the character of Megatron in the Michael Bay actioner, and when asked about possibly returning for the fourth film in the franchise, Weaving stated that recording the voice of a robot for two hours wasn’t the most fulfilling of acting gigs.

As one might imagine, Bay wasn’t exactly thrilled with the comments and has now fired back with a rather reasonable response.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

hugo-weaving-transformersFirst up, here’s what Weaving told us about his Transformers work in the previous interview:

“It was one of the only things I’ve ever done where I had no knowledge of it, I didn’t care about it, I didn’t think about it.  They wanted me to do it.  In one way, I regret that bit.  I don’t regret doing it, but I very rarely do something if it’s meaningless.  It was meaningless to me, honestly.  I don’t mean that in any nasty way.  I did it.  It was a two-hour voice job, while I was doing other things… my link to that and to Michael Bay is so minimal.  I have never met him.  I was never on set.  I’ve seen his face on Skype.  I know nothing about him, really.  I just went in and did it.  I never read the script.  I just have my lines, and I don’t know what they mean.”

michael-bay-transformersIn true Michael Bay fashion, the filmmaker went to his blog to take Weaving to task for complaining about a very well-paid job:

Do you ever get sick of actors that make $15 million a picture, or even $200,000 for voiceover work that took a brisk one hour and 43 minutes to complete, and then complain about their jobs? With all the problems facing our world today, do these grumbling thespians really think people reading the news actually care about trivial complaints that their job wasn’t ‘artistic enough” or “fulfilling enough”? I guess The Hollywood Reporter thinks so.

What happened to people who had integrity, who did a job, got paid for their hard work, and just smiled afterward? Be happy you even have a job – let alone a job that pays you more than 98% of the people in America.

I have a wonderful idea for all those whiners: They can give their “unhappy job money” to a wonderful Elephant Rescue. It’s the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Africa. I will match the funds they donate.

I don’t think Weaving was necessarily complaining about the Transformers job—he seemed to be trying to explain exactly why he would be unlikely to take a role like that again—but Bay actually makes a sound argument (despite erroneously crediting the interview to The Hollywood Reporter).  Whatever the case, it appears that Weaving and Bay probably won’t be teaming up on anything in the near future.

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  • Tyler

    Although I think Bay is a pompous douche, he makes a solid point. The actors get paid to talk for two hours. Not only that, but their paycheck is bigger than what most see in two years. For once, I agree with Michael Bay. Thats a scary thought.

    • mattedscreen

      2 years!?! That guy got paid more than I make in 6!

      • Tyler

        Well, thats makes even worse then. Especially with the current state of the job market. I was only looking at personal experience with my father. I didn’t mean to offend, and if I did, I apologize.

    • Else Harbeau

      Not only is Bay being a pompous douche, but a passive-aggressive, egotistic child (right down to the post deletion and involving a charity in his egotistical posturing). Weaving never said or implied any ingratitude… HE WAS ANSWERING A QUESTION probing for new Transformers intel or a scoop. While promoting another film which required more than a couple hours’ work in a studio. Weaving already contributes to several charities (and is a spokesman for Voiceless.org) and invests in the Australian film industry, both through signing on projects that need a big name to get funded, and in contributing funds of his own. I suspect a lot of his high-profile, low-work voice gigs are taken for this reason. He just doesn’t brag about this or use it as fodder in insulting someone else. This is what Weaving meant by preferring projects with which he has a greater “personal affiliation”. We all take high-paying jobs we hate occasionally, sometimes to fun activity we genuinely love. Why is it wrong to be honest in saying some jobs have more personal meaning than others? Weaving is being attacked for failing to live up to the fanboys’ delusional image of him, not for anything he actually said or meant. Yes, it’s unfair that some jobs are more profitable than others, inside and outside of the entertainment industry. But Weaving was not being jaded or ungrateful. You’re reading into his comments. He’s also turning down some franchise installments to do stage and independent film roles which make far less money… let’s see Bay do anything of the kind. Yes, there’s plenty of whining here, but none of it has come from Hugo Weaving.

      • Afilmguy

        Thank you. I thought I would come across endless fan-boy reactions that don’t seem to see the situation as a whole. Bay brings in this concern of money and wealth, while, yes, we know how much Weaving AND Bay make and get, Weaving doesn’t even intend any issue of money-earning when it’s not even about that. Bay bashes on the artistic thing when that’s what it’s about. Transformers has no art form or artistic quality to it and if Weaving’s job is to contribute to art, then of course the artistic merit of a film is going to count. Bay reacted just as you said: a child. Childish of him to bring up wealth and degrading what exactly art means to an actor. If anything, Weaving’s comments make us see even further as to how poorly those films’ productions were handled culturally and through value (they had none). Anyways, sorry lol. Just thank you. :)

      • goingtosuicideChris\”super fraud\”nolan

        i’m pretty sure it took a ton of “ARTISTIC” skill to create cg robots and make them look like they’re having a realistic war with eachother and humans you untalented piece of s***

      • Afilmguy

        How is that art? That’s just really good craftsmanship, which I’m not denying is really impressive. But I’m not talking about one aspect of the film, I’m talking about it as a whole. And keep your insults to yourself. You’re online. They mean nothing. By the way I am also not a fan of that Chris ‘super fraud’ Nolan guy. I like your username lol. Has superfraud seen it?

  • justin K

    Michael Bay does make a valid case….

  • Jeffrey

    Wow Michael you had me at “I have a wonderful idea for all those whiners: They can give their “unhappy job money” to a wonderful Elephant Rescue. It’s the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Africa. I will match the funds they donate.” As a vegan, I like the way you flipped that around. I do think, that is if what Hugo said is correct word for word, that he did come off a little ungracious. The man is living the life of Riley and although that’s the only life you know, you gotta step back sometimes and look at the whole picture. Michael Bay might be “that guy” at times, but he came out like a champ on this one. Hey Michael, I’m an actor and one of the 98% with a family, put me in your films with lines and I’ll start a religion for you.
    “The night time is the right time…the night time is the right time…”


  • TheHOYT

    I like it … but, why Elephants. I agree with conservation and everything, but how about alleviating some human suffering. Why not disaster relief, or AIDS in Africa.

    • Jeffrey

      Cause that’s what he wants to contribute too?

    • Sugreev2001

      Screw AID to African people.We all know,none of the money goes to help them.Animal conservation actually works,because the money is directly used by corporations and we have seen results.African suffering should be none of our concern,American suffering should be…but Animals belong to the whole of humanity.

      • Johnny

        hahahahahahahahah. You do realize that africans actually belong in the group of “whole of humanity”? Who do you think actually cares about african elephants? My guess is africans. How many times have you been to africa to visit one of your beloved african elephants? When one of them die, do you fall to your knees in disbelief and cry your eyes out?
        Its truly amazing how arrogant and ignorant some americans are.

  • Sugreev2001

    I’m a huge fan of Hugo Weaving,but I have to agree with Michael Bay here.

  • Marlboroliteman

    Megatron will now be voiced by Adam Sandler.

    • tinypony

      Or Gilbert Gottfried.

    • Chris conley

      Heaven’s no, if Weaving quits, I hope Frank Welker takes the reins.

    • Chris conley

      Heaven’s no, if Weaving quits, I hope Frank Welker takes the reins.

  • Tyler

    Love Bay.

  • murdernexxus

    only an actor would complain about gettin paid a ton of money for a 2 hr job… try mowing lawns for a living hugo

    • Excpired

      He didn’t complain about the pay or the job, he simply stated that he didnt get “the experience” that the interviewer was asking about as he only did voice work and never ACTUALLY was on set. You guys need to learn to comprehend what you read. And stop being so emo.

      • Johnny

        yes but he comes off ungrateful because of the fact that this is the third of these movies he has done, i repeat, number 3. If its not fulfilling after the first one and youre all about artistic integrity, then stop doing them. But because he said yes to the second and third films its obvious he wasnt doing it for the experience and so should just shut up.

      • 13steve13

        I’m sure it was a three picture contract he signed from the beginning

    • MisterED

      And only a regular Joe that spends his/her days visiting websites to get entertained, would fail to understand why an ACTOR would’ve complained WHEN ASKED about a particular gig.

      Its not too hard to understand why Weaving would’ve said what he said. He simply said that working on that job wasn’t fulfilling for him as an actor, despite the fat paycheck.

      I think most of us regular people, have had jobs at one time of our lives that weren’t very fulfilling on any level except maybe in terms of getting a decent paycheck (decent for us). Working 8/9 to 5 just to pay the bills. Hoping to land a job that made us feel that we’re not just in a mindless rat race. Which most of us are in.

      And Weaving is not the only “ungrateful” actor/actress that has ever had something bad to say about a gig. Try reading some biographies from people that have worked in the business. You’ll find lots of similar stories. Not everything in sunshine and roses.

      • murdernexxus

        i know what he said. its funny that youre trying to explain it. the internet is full of people who think they must explain things. i laugh because of this.. FRANK WELKER for Transformers 4

  • ryan

    Do you ever get sick of hearing directors taking an actors comments so personally? Especially when the only movies they make seem to have zero artistic integrity. Stfu Michael Bay! Weaving wasn’t bitching about doing the work or the pay, he was simply saying that he doesn’t connect with that sort of job as an actor and going ahead with his career, he’d rather do something different from now on. What a touchy little egomaniac..

  • Ramone

    So I take it Frank Welker is available to do Megs?

  • Bruce Harrington

    I’m pretty sure that Hugo wasn’t complaining. He was just sharing his experience on the Transformers films, which clearly was lacking any direction for him in the ADR booth.

  • ryan

    Oh and the rest of you assholes who agree with Bay’s little rant…IT”S NOT ALL ABOUT THE F**KING MONEY!!! There’s more to life than just some dollar bills.

    • Johnny

      Then why do three of these movies before finally realizing they were never fulfilling in the first place? This was about the money and that is obvious.

      • Chris conley

        To certain people the series wasn’t fulfilling, others see it differently and thought it was fulfilling. Money true is a part of it, but when is it never in Hollywood, hell the business of Transformers was built on money and so was the TV show and the animated movie. So really, I’m sick of hearing of the it was done soley for money shit, the whole thing from the very beginning was done for money. If you actually think the animated series was written with care and not with dollar signs in mind your deluding yourself. They just made up a mythology to go around the toy selling and the money, the same with the movies.

  • AHS

    If they are searching for a cheap actor to voice in a crappy movie. Nic Cage will be ur man ;-)

  • Spock Jenkins

    Why not just bring back Frank Welker? Seems like the most logical choice…

  • wacko3205

    Why elephants?


    Here are six good solid reasons why elephants:

    #1: ) Just saying the word in broken down syllable structures is reason enough as to why EL-EE-FANTS are so important. How much fun can one have in one day with such trivialities? I mean…come on. Rght?

    #2: ) Okay look…elephants are beautiful creatures but now that Michael Bay is supporting them & using those poor defenseless creatures as a sounding board…maybe now I can side with you & sentence them all to a brutal slaying. Anything Michael Bay get’s behind usually gets f*#%!!! in the rear from start to finish…I give you the Transformers live action series. I mean…come on. Rght?

    #3: ) The human populace is at an all time high. No need in conserving those…even if Whitney was right & children are our future…I mean…come on. Right?

    #4: ) Human suffering is what makes the world keep on spinning & the pharmaceutical companies in business…why end that? I mean…come on. Rght? To be honest…my human suffering ended the day that I heard Arrested Development was coming back on the air. The suffering immediately kicked back in when I read that I had to reinstate my Netflix account.

    #5: ) Disaster relief? Far too many of those on every corner to truly be relieved of. That being said…YES…that actually is a good one to concentrate on stateside…but how many times can they rebuild the city where HBO films TREME. I don’t know what I’d do without that show. I count the days from Monday to Sunday (that’s 7 days right?) every season. I mean…come on. Right?

    #6: ) Aids relief? No way to solve that one…there’s far too much monkey business going on over there with all dem fabled green monkeys. I mean…come on. That is how aids got started…right? Right?

    Well that’s my take on the Elephants Salvation Situation that Michael Bay has proposed.

    Best of luck to him, I personally cherish my Hemp & Elephant Tusk necklace that I wore all through high school back in the day.

  • Joseph M

    Michael Bay’s a right wing headcase, but I see his point to a degree. I don’t think Weaving was ‘whining’, I think he just reviewed the experience as an actor and decided it was shallow and not worth doing again. Still, 200K for an afternoon’s work? I would be too happy about that experience to bemoan it in ANY way. With the ravages the super rich have imposed on America and the rest of the world, I suggest quiet gratitude.

    • Chris conley

      What does Michael Bay’s possible political stance have to do with him overreacting to a out of context quote in an article, none. And I never really think Bay ever stated his political beliefs so how do even know he is a right wing guy?

  • Roland Deschain

    Bay’s right.

  • bob

    “With all the problems facing our world today” says the guy who promotes militaries and the billions spent ; dumb down his audience to create zombies, etc

  • pewter tea set

    weaving never said he wasnt thankful, he just explained that as an artist his heart wasnt in doing voicework. i think bay took it a bit too personal, but weaving should have stated that he was at least thankful for the opportunity.

  • DavidM

    Bay is a hack. Have you seen ‘The Island’, f’ing terrible. He blows shit up for kids, that is what he does. He will never make a meaningful film.

    • Chris conley

      Define meaningful in movies, movies aren’t here to be meaningful, there here to entertain us. I’m sorry if it doesn’t provide some deep commentary on human life or anything special like that or do something really arty. I’m sorry Bay isn’t Christopher Nolan. He’s just brainless action movie director, and no he isn’t really a hack. But I do agree with you The Island is pretty terrible as far as he’s going. It and Pearl Harbor aren’t very good. I think our people today have forgot why Movies were even invented, it’s not to intrigue us with some fascinating commentary or subject matter every chance it gets, but it’s also to entertain us. Some movies don’t have to be deep.

  • terry

    Michael Bay is a joke. Hugo was right. From an actors POV Hugo made an excellent comment and Bay, like a damn child, went off. How old is Bay? 47!

    • Chris conley

      Bay didn’t sound like a child in his response, and how do we even know it was pointed at Weaving for god’s sakes. Bay makes a good point however, I have feeling it wasn’t ment for Weaving at all. At the same time yes, Weaving is welcome to view some of his roles as meaningless.

  • bob

    on a related note, the transformers toys are made by struggling american workers ?

  • Ripper

    Bay is a spectacle director…he knows it…Speilberg knows it…that’s why he hired him. That’s why he was/is perfect for Transformers…a film…based on an 80′s kids cartoon…made to market toys. Weaving knew this going into it. Who wouldn’t love to do an hour and forty three minutes for $200 grand? Geez…Weaving should be thankful he got that gig. Because of that he can do theater that pays nothing and fulfill his artistic side.

    Bay is right….did I just say that? Yes…I did.

    • Chris conley

      Totally, agee with your view on Bay, though honestly, I think Bay’s quote is out of context too. I mean honestly, he didn’t even say Weaving’s name, he could mean anybody in the cast. I mean he can mean Megan Fox, or Shia Lebouf.

  • Excpired

    Bay completely missed Hugo’s point in that the 2 hrs of work didn’t feel like a job, the question was how it felt working on transformers and he said it didn’t feel like much because he never got to meet Bay, or be on set, he went into a voice recording studio and did 2 hrs of voice work. That isn’t a great film experience, its just him doing voice for 2 hrs.

    Bay however prefers that everyone who talks about how the work was on his films (even if all they did was dry-clean Shia’s outfit) be as amazing as watching the second coming of Christ. Hugo’s comment was harmless, Bay’s comment was full of douche baggery.

  • tarek

    STFU Bay. You are a hack. and when I say a hack I mean it.

    Anyone has the right to express his opinion. Especially when it comes to talk about a meaningless work like you did on Transformers nonsense.

    I respect Hugo Weaving for his honesty. He wasn’t ponderous or disrespectful toward anybody. Just expressing his thoughts about a job he wasn’t really involved in emotionally. But seriously. Who can get involved emotionally in a transformers movie ?

    • Chris conley

      Wow, talk about double standard, Bay has also rights for speaking his piece too you know. And by the way anyway how you even know he was talking about Weaving. So what I’m saying is SHTFU yourself.

  • Vulture

    Bay is right. Finally someone speaking up against these overpaid and over privileged actors. If Weaving thought his roles in TF and Captain America were so beneath him he shouldn’t have done them. I doubt these actors are starving for money they have to take every job they take

  • Michael Horne

    They both have a right to their own opinion. If it wasn’t for the money issue, no-one would bat an eyelid. We’ve all done jobs that we haven’t really enjoyed doing and have whinged about it afterwards. Difference is that Weaving is famous and we’re not. The interesting thing is that I think he was quite gracious about it. He was criticizing himself as much as he was the films, and he didn’t do either much. He’s just giving his opinion on things that he’d rather _not_ do in the future.

    What I found most surprising is that Michael Bay, who apparently loves the films he makes and takes things very personally when criticized, wasn’t even in the room with Weaving when he was voicing _the_ main villain in the movie. So, no direction there. Amazing that it turned out as well as it did… which it didn’t…

    Pity really as Weaving has the perfect voice for Megatron… just not necessarily Bay’s Megatron.

  • Splurger

    Bay makes a solid argument, but fucking elephants?

    Elephants yo.

    • Ilovecinema

      Your human arrogance that makes you think elephants are any less significant than yourself makes me want to take the money you make at your fast food job and donate it to their cause.

  • Alex

    Man, good lord that’s a lot of money! Especially for 2 hours work. Hey, if it makes Weaving feel better, that last thing Orson Welles did (professioningly speaking) was the voice of Unicron in the Transformers animated movie.

  • sense 11

    Sk it Michael Bay

  • zzz

    What a fucking suprise haha if it makes money who fucking cares. Mr. Bay you are a product of a talentless decadent group of money grabbing idiots that are exponentially multiplying in the industry and lowering the iq of average moviegoer to a one of a dung beetle. Please get a job that is parallel
    to your imagination and creative capacities. You should start small with crayons or something and then see where it gets you.

  • lulzatron

    His whole rant is based on him thinking Hugo Weaving was ‘whining’. Hugo was just expressing that it was a mindless job that didn’t take much effort and he didn’t have much to do with the movie. He even said that he didn’t regret it at all. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole-hill.

  • Alan

    God forbid that someone would call an ADR job on a robot franchise unfulfilling.

  • tim

    I don’t think Bay is right at all. Hugo Weaving has every right to express his personal feelings about projects, he was not moaning at all. Show me one part of the transcript that illustrates an explicit complaint… all there is is his subjective opinion on the experience, the project, and his motivations as an actor.

    To top it off, michael bays transformer films do not rely on character in any way, you could replace any of the cast and not loose a pinch of the narrative impact. That is to say, there is none. It’s an unashamedly banal cash-cow, shiny, pointless, and entirely without artistic merit ( beyond the work of the vfx guys )

    • Chris conley

      Your ownly basing your opinion off your opinions of the movies and your opinions of the director. You people just think it’s just another time you can bash Bay again over Tranformers, which is getting really old and stupid.

  • Selva

    Hugo Weaving wasn’t complaining about the artistry of the movie, or the lack of it. Read his statement again. He is unhappy that when voicing for a main character in movie, he is not given a script & the director was never present when he recorded. Even major directors like Spielberg & Cameron are present on the studio when actors lend their voice, even if the actor is a hollywood biggie. They want to make sure that there work is perfect & that is why they get paid to direct. What kind of director doesn’t even bother to meet the actor voicing the villain for his movie?

    And now Mr. Bay comes out accusing Mr. Weaving as he had commited treason. Here is a new trick Bay. Next time, stop spending time on counting the money , and be there to earn the title “the Director”.

  • Robert Downey

    Michael Bay has no talent whatsoever.
    This comes across as the moanings and groanings of a schoolchild who\’s bitter because a veteran actor exposed him for the overrated, money-burning, moron he really is.

    Michael Bay has never made a decent movie since The Rock.
    The Transformers Series is the worst piece of CGI-ed, explosion-filled, poorly acted, poorly edited, juvenile piece of trash I have ever had the misfortune to come across.

    Oh, and Michael Bay:
    Do you ever get sick of stupid hack douche directors like yourself who make way more than any actor? (Bay was paid $80,000,000 dollars for Transformers)
    Do you ever get sick of trying to feebly hide the truth, that veteran actor Hugo Weaving exposed?

    Fuck you Michael Bay.

    • Chris conley

      This from a commenter who has to steal a good actor’s name to post comments. Unless, you are actually Rober Downey Jr, then first let me say I liked you as Iron Man. Second, Bay is far less a hack, a hack has no orginality, I don’t see Bay ripping off everybody else, Bay just does brainless action movies and The Rock was just as Brainless. Now saying that, I firmly disagree with you on all front the man does what he does best. Do I expect any really great story out of Michael Bay no, go watch Nolan SHUT UP.

  • Ilovecinema

    I DO like how Michael Bay is such a big animal lover and supporter of their rights ans rescue and agree lots of money is thrown around when it is deeply needed for things like inured and abused animals. ;) But Hugo I feel is just expressing his lack of stimulation during the job since he felt disconnected from it in the sense that he was in a room by himself across the globe working via skype rather than among the company of the film itself.

  • Anonymous

    I make about $15, 000 a year. If someone told me I could speak for about 2 hours and make $200, 000. I wouldn’t call that “meaningless”. Just another case of RICH people problems!!!

  • Anonymous

    I make about $15, 000 a year. If someone told me I could speak for about 2 hours and make $200, 000. I wouldn\’t call that \"meaningless\". Just another case of RICH people problems!

    • tarek

      What are you waiting for ? Speak son! speak!
      I’ll send you the money later…

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  • Aninymoous

    This isn’t the only first time an actor has criticized Michael Bays work didn’t we forget Megan Fox maybe there is something wrong with Michael Bay!

    • Chris conley

      Weaving didn’t criticize Bay at all, it wasn’t like he called him hitler or anything. The comment he made was out of context.

  • Aninymoous

    This isn\’t the only first time an actor has criticized Michael Bays work didn\’t we forget Megan Fox maybe there is something wrong with Michael Bay!

  • bugaloo

    I wonder if it would ever occur to Michael Bay that the graceful thing to do would be to just shut up and not comment, rather than throwing a tantrum. He DOES make meaningless movies. It’s great that people enjoy them and that he makes tons of money off them. But his going off like a nuclear bomb over Weaving’s pretty understandable and innocuous comments (most actors like to work with OTHER actors, actually understand what the words they’re reading MEAN in a script, etc.) only underlines what a brat he remains despite all his expensive toys. I mean, if you’re going to let an actor make a key contribution to your movie without even MEETING the actor, let alone giving him direction, you have no right to bitch when the actor says he doesn’t find such work very artistically fulfilling.

    • Sean

      I’m not sure that Michael Bay does anything “graceful” or subtle. Even when responding to critics, he goes for over-time top spectacle…and attempts to save elephants.

      • bugaloo

        Yeah, what a laugh that his argument is basically “I paid you a ton of money so you should be grateful!”–which tells you that Michael Bay thinks movies really are just about money, big surprise there–then tries to take the moral high ground by championing an animal charity he probably got interested in while going on some $100,000 luxury safari. “Oh look, elephants–they’re big, loud, dumb, and crush a lot of things–just like my movies!” Nothing against conservation causes, but if he actually cared about people he might have picked a charity that helped people who are poor, unlike that stinking ingrate Hugo Weaving. But I suspect “the masses” don’t really exist for Michael Bay except as box-office numbers.

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  • Sean

    Bay is over-reacting to Heaving’s comments (which were pretty mild), but he makes a good point. Weaving knew what he was doing when he took the job and was paid absurdly well for it. He doesn’t have to lie about his interest in the project, but he also doesn’t have to say things like, “I didn’t care about it,” and “Meaningless.” It gives off a very odd vibe when actors condescendingly speak negatively about a past project.

  • YodaRocks

    It is not so black and white as people here seem to think it is. Weaving has done a lot of charities and is a spokesperson for a well known charity. Weaving was only responding to a question, the way he did it wasn’t exactly smooth and Bay took advantage of it. Bay was just being his attention-seeking self.

    • Chris conley

      How do we even know if Bay ment it at Weaving, for all the hell we could know he ment for Shia Lebouf or Megan Fox? Did anybody ever think that he actually ment that for someone else? I say the writer of this article has the Michael Bay quote also out of context. I mean he didn’t even say Weaving, he could mean anybody in the cast, anybody. He generalized his statement, he didn’t say some people like Hugo Weaving. No, he didn’t say a freaking thing about Weaving.

  • MainFragger

    There are actors who show up and do the same work every time and get paid and enjoy it. Deniro and Nicholson, most notably..

    Some actors still like to stretch themselves and go outside of the box when they act, regardless of pay. Hugo Weaving is sort of in there.. (More in his earlier stuff than recently) But I can understand an actor saying that beyond the appreciation of getting paid that he wants to do something more artistic than what he’s been doing. And to me, that was really his over all point.

    I am a photographer, and I like getting paid for my work, but some of my favorite work is stuff that I never made a dime on, but love because I know the effort and art that went into the image..

  • Afilmguy

    How is that art? That\’s just really good craftsmanship, which I\’m not denying is really impressive. But I\’m not talking about one aspect of the film, I\’m talking about it as a whole. And keep your insults to yourself. You\’re online. They mean nothing. By the way I am also not a fan of that Chris \’super fraud\’ Nolan guy. I like your username lol. Has superfraud seen it?

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  • Chris conley

    To certain people the series wasn\’t fulfilling, others see it differently and thought it was fulfilling. Money true is a part of it, but when is it never in Hollywood, hell the business of Transformers was built on money and so was the TV show and the animated movie. So really, I\’m sick of hearing of the it was done soley for money shit, the whole thing from the very beginning was done for money. If you actually think the animated series was written with care and not with dollar signs in mind your deluding yourself. They just made up a mythology to go around the toy selling and the money, the same with the movies.

  • Chris conley

    What does Michael Bay\’s possible political stance have to do with him overreacting to a out of context quote in an article, none. And I never really think Bay ever stated his political beliefs so how do even know he is a right wing guy?

  • Chris conley

    What does Michael Bay\\\’s possible political stance have to do with him overreacting to a out of context quote in an article, none. And I never really think Bay ever stated his political beliefs so how do even know he is a right wing guy?

  • lebron

    So we get “Rise of Galvatron” just because Bay doesn’t like the original Megatron voice actor? No. Bay could use another voice actor. How dumb can people be?

    Effendi, NIBMRatchet.

    Spreading false rumors. moron.

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