Michael Bay Reveals TRANSFORMERS 3 Features Big Action Sequences in Chicago and Moscow

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A small Transformers 3 update hit the net tonight.  Director Michael Bay’s official website revealed Chicago and Moscow will be the focus of “big action sequences” in the next Transformers movie.  Here’s what his site had:

Nelson here…

Spoke with Michael today and got some little info on TF3: there will be big action sequences shot in Chicago and Moscow this time around.

Also, Mike will match the amount raised by the TF2 DVD/Blu-ray sales for the Make A Wish Foundation.

While no details have been revealed about the plot of the third movie…even though almost everyone hated the sequel, don’t lie and say you won’t be there opening day for the third.  I loved the first Transformers and didn’t care for the second.  But I’m so in for the third.  I figure Bay must have heard the critics and will deliver a stronger story in the next sequel.  But when a film makes $835 million at the worldwide box office, does he really have to listen to anyone?  Transformers 3 gets released July 1, 2011.  Expect plenty of updates in the next few months.


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  • tommythesalami

    what a pile of garbage this guy is a terrible director and makes terrible movies i wont pay to go see part 3 either

    IT STINKS!!!

  • ultramagnus

    To be honest I enjoyed both movies because I've been a Transformers fan since I was 12 in 1986…yeah I would rather Prime be a classic truck/trailer with roller, and a few of the other originals…but I don't have a billion dollars to do this. We should just be happy that Transformers is still strong 20 years later…not gobots, or carebears, or any other toy we grew up…not even even our diecast A-Team and Dukes of Hazzard cars.

    THE BEST Transformers movie is the original movie from '86, next to season 1, 2, some of 3, five faces, and season 4 (which did suck, the comic was waaaay better).

    I don't really know Bay's work to say “yes this man sucks”, but if everyone thinks this, then maaaaaybe he should take note, or even the studio that pays him should take note and get a better director and story writer.

    Also remember a 2 hour movie (and this refers to Wolverine too) can not fit the complexity of characters and story lines. The cartoon had many years to explain cybertron, prime, megatron, and everything TF.

    If you really hate the new transformers movies, get some of the classic episodes…all of season 1 and 2, the movie, call of the primitives (season 3), history of omega supreme, starscream's combaticons, early episodes of airealbots and stunticons.

  • Underground Source

    frankly i hope BAY is listening bcuz his robots is like bunch of thrash cans in motion. please get a good transformers conceptualize.

  • amar

    I am gonna see it.

  • amar

    I am gonna see it.

  • me

    and here am i thinking that transformers was about transformers. so where is the plot again suppose to be. duhhhhhhh with the robots just like the cartoon. i mean give me a break do u want transformers to have a love plot like the titanic or something. its not called humans its called transformers and the plot follows that of the cartoon series well the original one. now that he has covered that he can branch away from it alil and employ something new into the series but to be makin millions like that tells u that the movie is a success and doesnt care much for the HATERS.

  • KC

    transformers the cartoon was made for children then adapted to film in my opinion the film is for all ages, if you dont like it dont watch it you bunch of gimps you sit and type a lot of shite a thought the movies were good for the actual storyline is quite hard making transformers up to your standards aye enjoyed both of them and am looking forward to the next a thought the action was superb the comedy good aswell second film not as good as first but all story lines in the transformers franchise is mad storys michael bay is not the best director in the world but i think he has done very well with transformers and deserves credit. looking forward to the next megan!

  • michael

    Good GOD, make him stop!

  • michael

    Good God — you're a novelist and you didn't know you wrote a run-on sentence? Don't make me bean you with a semi-colon.

  • optimusprimesgirl23

    It's funny how people like you, decide to nik pick about things, you make a remark about Bay and than attempt one about me, nice try. Though, I must admit not really impressed with your try, and probably someone like Michael Bay with several really good films under his belt, isn't either. Nice try, get a life please :O)

  • infraredmoth

    Well then, Mrs. 'I Have a Life' optimusprimesgirl23, it would seem we have an impasse of opinion. The solution is simple, regarding that you're CERTAINLY a seasoned author, you must remember that dearth of time entailed by such a job. You mustn't let yourself get distracted by the inefficacious nature of a CHATROOM because, as you MUST know, very little material can be gleaned from here for your 'contributions.' (LiveJournal does NOT count.)
    Don't concern yourself with our blithe, little logomachy; it's beneath you.

    I, for one, am enamoured with your prowess over language, as presented here. Would you kindly disclose a title or two of your PUBLIC works, and show these commoners what SHOWMANSHIP is all about. After all, that's what sells a story, not lens flare, horny damsels, horny beaux, CGI extraterrestrial automatons with biological elements like birthing or subliminal genitalia that guise as man-made automotives while speaking perfect English and condescendingly stereotypical ghetto slang, falsely serrated pyramids, disregard of international treaties and regimen, rigidly stereotypical and ultimately unimportant humans, and a sickening myriad of the latest MTV chart-toppers for a soundtrack.
    BOTH you and Micheal Bay know it's all about SHOWMANSHIP, so don't mind our piffle, get back to your JOB, that rare commodity that's coveted so much these days.
    Oh, and give Prime's bits and pieces a good fellatio for us, wouldn't you?

  • infraredmoth

    Also, cut it out with the smileys, it alludes to the WRONG kind of typing…

  • ualredayknow

    I cant wait till the 3 but they mess up the 2nd 1. 4 example the hole transformer baby egg thing stupid,and i bet that wasnt Michael Bays idea either!There aleins from another planet but not alein creatures!!!411 go bk 2 the original.Thats why part 1 was good kept it simple.So no Harry Potter or Aleins idea just keep it simple.

  • Julia

    Stop being such cry babies, if ya'll werent into the second one why are you wasting time reading about the third one??? My son loved it and i'm sure many more people out there did too so you few crybabies dont make a difference. i personally thought the first one was boring and the second got better..

  • AnteUp

    Many of you don't understand what a “good” movie is in today's movie industry – it's the one that makes a boatload of cash. By that right, TF2 was Paramount's “Titanic.”

    TF2 had maybe a week to throw together a script before the writer's strike and they had to work with what they had – essentially building scenes around an outline and then adding a script in as they went… Bay is not a writer. I would say if they had another month they would have crafted something resembling a better storyline, but I enjoyed the effects and popcorn sensibility of both films. Bay blows things up and sometimes I wanna see that when I plop $8 bucks down for a summer blockbuster. People go to see spectacle films, they don't come out in droves for movies like The Hurt Locker, while a much better film, does not make for a better theater experience, in my opinion.

    I look forward to seeing them get “deep into story” next movie. Bay has already said there will be less action, more mythology. So maybe we'll get what we want.

  • i dis haters

    are you fucking kidding me. i just seen transformers 2 and thought i was great. 2 hours of action, who wouldn't want to see that and ima girl wat kinda guys are u to dis action?

  • http://www.michiganhealthbroker.com/ Randy Palmer

    I will be very curious where Bay goes with 3.. I think a lot would agree Bumblebee deserves a bigger plot, as do others. That is where the concern comes in, to many characters. I give Bay a lot of credit..

  • ultramagnus

    I think some of you are missing the point…and no one is “crying”. Transformers are classic, and when someone messes with it then you end up with a lot of pissed off people.

    Imagine if Michael Bay did separate movies about Elvis, Malcom X, John F Kennedy, Opera, (add any name of someone who people idolized) and made each movie about super explosions, high flying car chases, and made these people that millions looked up to look really stupid…but wait…make it THE box office hit…then everything is ok and we should all sit down with lemonade say “What a great movie”!!!!

    If your children grew up to be 20 years old and became famous from making bad movies, would you honestly sit back and say “good job” and be a sheep and think nothing is wrong…well of course you would, your getting paid and feeding people garbage. Listen to hip hop from 1987 to 1996, and then listen to what's on the radio today…garbage.

  • fourhunnitqurL




  • anthony

    The only reason this movie and michael bay made money is because of the transformer name, Michael bay could never accomplish such movie sales if he would come up with his own robot movie.

  • durdenhood01

    The second movie had a plot; it had several holes in it, but a plot nonetheless. As I understand it, the entire production process had issues because it was hindered by the writers' strike, and obviously the same guys who wrote Transformers wrote Star Trek, so I don't necessarily subscribe to the idea that they wrote a great story for Star Trek given the time and botched it because of incompetence when they had little time.
    Frankly, I can't wait for the third movie. I'm apparently in the minority when I say that guys like, oh, James Cameron and Peter Jackson, wouldn't necessarily do any better with the same material. Bay's style works great for this type of movie, and I'm glad he's there.

  • durdenhood01

    You just compared Elvis and JFK to Autobots and Decepticons. This precisely why I can't agree that Transformers could be “so much more” if 'director-X' only took over, or 'if person-Z' just read the 'source material' he'd 'get it.' There's nothing to 'get'. Transformers is simply about alien robots who fight each other. There's no symbolism, no parables, it's just science fiction-action/adventure. Comparing Optimus Prime to Elvis is absurd.

  • durdenhood01

    By that same vein, the only reason Avatar was so successful was because it was marketed at James Cameron's return to directing movies. There's a strong argument that Cameron lifted many of the exact same story elements from other works in different films; why does no one discuss this? I'd say it's because everybody kisses JC's ass, and is afraid to tell him the truth.

  • durdenhood01

    Thank God, somebody else understands this! It never seems to come up that Orci and Kurtzman had already made a previous commitment to Star Trek and weren't even expecting to work on a TF sequel. It was dropped on them after TF was a huge success, and they had little time to really flesh anything out.

  • ultramagnus

    durdenhood01 you completely missed the point of the post. I didn't say let's compare Elvis and JKF to Optimus and Megatron….I'm a grown man…that's nuts. In any good movie, book, sci-show you have your hero characters and villains. You also have plots, story lines, character build ups, etc. Is this not something we deal with in reality??? Do we not have real life heros??? Are a lot of sci-fi or even good tv shows not based on some type of reality. Yes Knight Rider was every kids dream when we were young, but look at cars today, digital dash, gps, bluetooth…and some can drive themselves with some guidance. Why is David Hasseloff still work? Why is Hollywood not making a movie for GoBots or another Dukes of Hazzard.

    Optimus Prime has 20 years of fans…why???

  • durdenhood01

    I think you're trying to re-write your post. Your words: “Imagine if Bay made [a movie] about Elvis and made [it] about super explosions.” Um, Transformers is about robots fighting each other; a parable for mankind's struggle with itself, it is not. If anything else, Bay made Optimus look like a selfless leader who sacrificed himself for Sam and the rest of humanity in his battle against the Decepticons. I'm not saying the story was perfect; it had holes and probably ran a little long, but it had a plot that you could have pulled from any episode or issue of Transformers over the last 20+ years, so what exactly do you want?
    The last half of your response is barely legible; what exactly are you talking about with David Hasselhoff and Dukes of Hazzard?

  • ultramagnus

    I agree with you on the Optimus sacrifice comment, that is basically every episode and issue, but I also disagree because there was a lot more than that. The reason both movies had holes is because of writing. This can happen in any movie. We read about this from critics, from reviewers, and from 70% of the people on this site. If it was all great then there would be no complaint…right. As I mentioned earlier, I enjoyed both of them….but was disappointed with 2…a humanoid seductive decepticon girl….and as someone mentioned the constructicons formed “a really big dog”….why a dog…why not devastator as a robot…he was more dangerous than “a really big dog”.

    To make sense since we know sci-fi and reality are different, answer this;
    1. Spiderman is still Peter, Mary Jane, Aunt Mae in the American city fighting the same villains….right…but Bay version we replace Aunt Mae with Cousin Pat and make Peter fight godzilla with a cool car chase and explosions.
    2. X-Men is Prof. X, Cyclops, Jean, Logan, etc….now add random characters that were never in any cartoon, movie or issue…don't explain anything about these odd characters…don't give them any lines…and of course add a cool car chase and explosions, and you have a great movie.

    So you've gained some new fans but all the fans from the last 20 years are saying “what was that”. If the story line made sense 20 years ago then it still should…am I wrong?
    My reference of Dukes of Hazzard was basically it made sense then, it was cool and the car (General Lee) was the real star of the show. I can still watch it and laugh at how dumb it was…but the movie a few years ago was painful to watch and sucked because they complicated something simple focused on everything but the real star of the movie…the car. So fans from 1977 till 2004 or whenever it came out and new potential fans hated the movie…remember add a cool car chase and explosions and it should be a hit…worked in the 80's.
    David Hassloff still gets work because of KITT, not his acting. So again, make a new version of Knight Rider, over complicate it, and what happens, another huge flop…add a car chase and explosions.

    What do think will happen with the new A-Team movie?

  • Anthony

    Avatar had a great storyline and it was very well directed, however it is not a movie you can watch more than once. I lost count on how many times i have watched the classic cartoon Transformers the movie as well as Transformers 2007. Revenge of the fallen had no actual story line, I am happy to say that I only watched the movie once and never watched it again or purchased the DVD. Here is a list of crap that ruined revenge of the fallen.

    Skids and mudflap who are they?
    Optimus prime gets killed and brought back to life, why don't they bring Jazz back?
    Bumble bee was completed fixed from the first movie, however he still cant talk.
    None of the autobots cared that optimus prime died.
    A classic robot Soundwave did nothing other than use the same voice as the devil in the movie Badazzled.
    There was alot of bad language not appropriate for kids, in the first movie they did not use the word B@!#$.
    They also used many unknown robots in the final seen, when there are plenty of decepticons to work with.

    Hopefully transformers 3 will not disappoint us.

  • ultramagnus

    Thank You Anthony,

    Glad I'm not the only one to think why part 2 made no sense when they potentially had a strong lead in from part 1. It's almost like they never watched part 1 even though they made it.

  • Anthony

    Oh by the way i forgot to mention one more element that ruined revenge of the fallen. Let me point out that Megatron is a bad a@# robot and he is not no disciple to anyone, who the heck is the fallen who calls Megatron a disciple? what a star wars rip off.

  • ultramagnus

    Thank You again. Megatron from the cartoon and the original movie (1986) would say Show No Mercy and I Answer to Nobody. Even when Unicron rebuilt him as Galvatron and was suppose to be in Unicron's army he still followed his own rules on his terms, not a lackie of a failed “fallen” decepticon.

    At least Sam W. in these movies is better than the cartoon and comic ones we grew up with.

  • matt2011

    I Dont Know Why All You Poeple Are Bad Mouthing Mr Bay I Think TF1 And TF2 Were Great Films If They Were So Shit Why The Hell Has He Made Two So Far And Is Working On The Thrid Now Great Work Mr Bay

    P.S To All The Bad Mouthers Out There If You Ent Got Anything Good To Say Do Say Anything At All If You Can Do Better Why Ent You Making Films Your Self

  • matt2011

    I Dont Know Why All You Poeple Are Bad Mouthing Mr Bay I Think TF1 And TF2 Were Great Films If They Were So Shit Why The Hell Has He Made Two So Far And Is Working On The Thrid Now Great Work Mr Bay

    P.S To All The Bad Mouthers Out There If You Ent Got Anything Good To Say Do Say Anything At All If You Can Do Better Why Ent You Making Films Your Self

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  • anthony

    First of all you should not be commenting on this issue, the only people who understand where we are coming from are true transformer fans everyone else can…

  • Haloengine7496

    Personally speaking after seeing Meg Fox topless coming out of the pool, well what else is there to see???? ( nice by the way) Well anyway Me personally, I wasnt too wild about the first Transformers anway. After killing Jazz, and making Prime seem like a total wuss that pretty much f#$%ed it up and kinda was an Omen of things to come. Enter Skids and Mudflap, case and point bad enough you see the behavior of your own everyday. Then to have Bay think youre so D@^# stupid as to NOT see what he characterized those characters after a certain race?!
    Jar Jar was already one thing then to try fate again?? Hhhh, well nice to see someone’s confederate pappy raised up certain people keeping traditions alive. Nevertheless it was obvious that Spielberg ‘s hand wasnt in the 2nd. Now lets see who are the die hard fans that will dare see the 3rd one?? In the light of these days where the U.S. , like Rome in its era is being sold out and gutted from the inside out ( yes history repeats itself ) id rather have some good memories of my childhood left to remember for a momentary escape. By the way, thanks Bay for ruining a franchise.

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