Michael Bay talks TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN DVD – How Many Minutes of Deleted Scenes Will We Get?

     June 19, 2009

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie image Michael Bay (2).jpgA few hours ago I participated in a press conference with Michael Bay for “Transformers Revenge of the Fallen”. While no major news came out of the press conference, I did learn one interesting bit of info.

After the interview ended, I went up to Bay and asked him how many minutes of deleted scenes would be on the DVD/Blu-ray. He said, “we’re figuring that out right now. It could be seven, eight.”

I then asked him if there was any thought of doing even more in IMAX? He said, “Yeah. I regret not shooting Petra in IMAX. The IMAX is very expensive. To make digital effects in IMAX is expensive. It’s a budget concern really.”

I then asked if he would use IMAX on all his future movies. He replied, “I don’t know. If the movie serves it, but I think it’s a neat idea.”

After that last question I was going to ask what deleted scenes he was talking about…but others started to ask questions and I had another interview to get to. So if you’re a fan of deleted scenes, at least you’ll be getting some later in the year. Look for more from the junket soon.

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