Michael Bay Returning to Direct TRANSFORMERS 4; Could Start Filming in Winter 2012 [UPDATED]

     December 6, 2011

Well that didn’t take long at all. Surrounding the release of Tranformers: Dark of the Moon was Michael Bay’s assurance that after helming all three flicks in the trilogy, he was done with the franchise. Cut to Dark of the Moon making a kajillion dollars for Paramount, and rumors began swirling that Bay might come back. The director denied any involvement and maintained that he was focused on making his “smaller” movie Pain and Gain. Just yesterday we reported that Bay is in talks with Dwayne Johnson to star in the $20 million dark comedy, and Bay seemed on track to move away from the robot series. Cut to today and now comes word that Bay will indeed be returning for the fourth Transformers film. Hit the jump for more.

[Update: Bay has commented on this report.  Hit the jump for what he had to say.]

transformers-dark-of-the-moon-set-photo-michael-bay-01It appears that the key to Paramount getting Bay to commit to Transformers 4 is Pain and Gain. Vulture reports that the studio is in final negotiations with the director to return to the Transformers franchise, with the understanding that Paramount will greenlight Pain and Gain and let Bay film that first. It goes without saying that Bay could finance Pain and Gain himself if he had to, but the easy greenlight combined with the Tranformers payday may be too good to pass up. If the deal closes (I don’t even want to think about how much money they’re throwing at him to blow up robots for a fourth time), the plan is to shoot Pain and Gain in early Spring, do prep work on Transformers 4 simultaneously, and move right into shooting the fourth installment of the explosions action franchise as soon as next winter.

There’s no word yet on the plot of the fourth film, but the report says that it’s definitely not a prequel and producers are looking to delve deeper into the Transformers canon for new characters. Whatever story they decide upon, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Shia LaBeouf definitely won’t be returning.

After literally shooting three Transformers movies in a row one would think the guy would be exhausted, but apparently Bay doesn’t mind. Although I’m basically indifferent about the franchise at this point, I was intrigued by the idea of seeing someone else take over. You can only watch so many Bay-directed robot fights before it starts to get tedious. The deal has still yet to close and Bay could still change his mind, but even producer Steven Spielberg weighed in recently, expressing his desire to see Bay return to the franchise. All signs point to Michael Bay exploding your eyeballs in 3D once more.

UPDATE: On his official website, Bay posted the following response to this report:

Studio’s are passing rumors but I’m not sure what I’m doing? I know I’m going to do Pain and Gain early spring but that’s it for right now. I’m leaving all my options on the table. I’ve got several Studio meetings in the next two weeks.

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  • Mylo Xyloto


  • J.R.

    Thank GOD we still have the 1986 movie hope to see it release blu someday……… btw horrible news it seems Spielberg is heading the same path as Lucas only thinking about money first and no art or sense………………..

    • Clay

      Yes. The 1986 film had more joy and creativity in its first 10 minutes than Bay has produced in 7.5 hours. It would be nice have a Transformers film based in the heart of the original series. It won’t happen, but it would be nice.

    • KV8

      You are kidding me…your talking about that animated pile of crap that killed off Optimus Prime and replaced him with the worst named autobot character ever? I cringe whenever I hear Rodimus Prime (groan) and Judd Nelsons voiceover work.

      • Clay

        I see it is hopeless to try and mount a defense against a stupid comment of this magnitude, so I won’t even bother.

      • WEV

        Oh dear… The original animated Movie is the one true Transformers film, far greater in every aspect than those terrible efforts directed by Bay! Bay would learn a lot from watching the animated version ;)

  • Liam_H

    Greatest news since slice bread.

  • tarek

    Go hang yourself Michael Bay!

    • Mr_Skyfish

      I don’t know why but I just laughed my ass off at this comment!

      And yes I have to agree that Michael Bay to me sucks and has destroyed Transformers!

      It should have read something like this:


  • drew

    need moar pullout ! it was like every fight was from nipple up and a jumbled mess show us the whole robot . and make it less about the humans and more about the struggle of the robots off world battles wouldnt be half bad

  • Reaperxxiv

    Please for the love of god get a solid writer and maybe , just maybe this 4quel can have a chance to be on par with the 1st TF, dont even let Bay pick up a pencil. Otherwise we are going to get more of the same which make the nostalgic 10 year old boy in me cry in a dark corner.

    And how can this be a direct sequel focusing on delving deeper into the canon ? They have killed off 4 of the major bots , what a joke the history and lore has become.

    • Steve Rudzinski

      Can’t be a sequel because they killed main characters? Do you KNOW anything about Transformers?

      The Transformers animated movie killed Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Megatron, and Starscream just to name a few. Then there was more show afterwards with plenty of story.

      The movie series can move on just fine, plus it still has Optimus (its biggest selling point). Galvatron, Dinobots, Cybertron, Unicron, Scourge, etc. etc. etc. etc.

  • jonski22

    he was on Victoria Secret Fashion SHow..so i expect a lot of super models on the upcoming Transformers movies…what can be worde than Rosie???

  • Toyland Chairman

    This is fine by me. I hope for a Unicron trilogy. The 4th film must only reference Unicron, while the main villains of the film should be Galvatron, Scourge, and Cyclonus. Bring Unicron in the next two films.

    • Steve Rudzinski

      Thank you for actually knowing Transformers and saying exactly what I was thinking.

      Also I’d like Ultra Magnus and Rodimus to show up (and just more Autobots in general, maybe Autobot City on Earth).

    • joe

      Nice idea…but what do these movies have anything to do with the ACTUAL TF lore??


  • AlexHeyNa

    WHEN will Hollywood care more about creativity than money? I understand it’s a business, but there’s PLENTY of other money-making movies to be made. Transformers had a trilogy. It had its run. Let it be. Find something else.


    • Rick

      Alex, why can’t they do both…oh, that’s right…they are.

      There are so many original movies coming out every year (most lose money) that you can see. Why would you care that Trans 4 is being made? Don’t see it. It won’t affect your life. But the $$ it makes will fund the movies you do like. Get it?

  • nkutzler

    It’s so easy to shoot one movie after another if you don’t put any thought into them- especially after the first one wrapped up.

  • mudguts

    Worst news ive heard all day.

    That PLEB-A-TRON destroyed transformers, I was stupid enough to go and see all three not this time however.

    Here is to more BOOM!!Crash!!KAPOW!! derelict plotlines, terrible attempts of humor and utter shizenhouse acting.


  • sedna


  • hey809

    lets all blame spielberg for encouraging him to make another.

  • Mac V

    Quite frankly, I don’t mind if Transformers 4 ever does come around after all. I always thought Spielberg would take the helm if he was able, but…

    If Michael Bay wants to get himself back in the director’s chair, let’s see him do something new without his leading guy Shia LaBeouf (although I look up to him as a great A-list actor). I have high hopes that #4 can make the Transformers universe look a lot different than what the previous three showed.

  • jay

    wtf i thought he was gonna do Bad Boys 3 after Pain and Gain. guess thats not happening

  • Yos


  • JohnDoe

    Thank God! What would we ever do without another excellent Transformers movie?

  • Dane

    Adam Chitwood, be the first to update your article. Michael Bay himself just posted on michaelbay.com that there is no concrete decision on TF4:

    “Right now I’m not decided on Transformers 4. I know I’m going to do Pain and Gain early spring but that’s it for right now. I’m leaving all my options on the table.”

    Here’s the link: http://www.shootfortheedit.com/forum/showthread.php?10184-Right-now-I-m-not-decided-on-Transformers-4

  • Nomis1700

    If there really will be a fourth TF movie by Bay… Then:

    No Shia Labeouf which is pretty much confirmed :D
    It has to be shorter than 150 minutes
    A better story
    Better dialogue
    (much) Better actors
    Better cinematography
    Perhaps some more slo-mo, I thought that was awesome in TF3 so I wouldn’t mind if they used it some more..
    And perhaps none of the cast of the trilogy to return and if there should be one character returning then I don’t even know who.

    And perhaps shoot everything with IMAX(-3D) :D

    THEN it would get my permission :P

    (actually, I wouldn’t mind if they’d get someone else to direct)

  • Darth Vader

    NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!

  • iDuckie

    Great. More fodder for Bonita Prime to use for her crappy smut fanfics. Just STOP ruining this franchise, Michael Bay.

  • Michael

    Great news! i just hope this next go-around will be more like the 80s cartoon with its characters and Dinobots, Aerialbots, etc.

  • /tv/


    He lied to us! This douche said he was done. The first movie was ‘okay’, but since then he’s just made a mockery out of the franchise and movies in general.

    Someone stop him!

  • shadowplay

    what a joke boring news all 3 movies were and still are a pieces of sh1t

    • MattG

      Okay douce, you are GAY!. Okay to anyone that thinks the first one was okay or shitty are fucking idiots honestly, you are stupid, beyond stupid. First one was amazing, 2nd one was shitty besides a COUPLE of fight scenes, and the 3rd one was actually pretty badass besides how a lot of the main guys died. Anyway stupid people, don’t watch movies if you don’t like them, don’t run your mouth, cus if you think they could of been better then go do it yourself and see

      • Hailey

        my thoughts exactly

  • occhile1984

    Yes, please bring in some good writers this time. I still think the first was my favorite. My wants girl and car…boy get POS car which “transforms” into bad a$$ car and gets smoking hot chick while in the middle of a robot war.

    At least bring back Kurtzman and Orci. They at least can write better than the last guy did.

    Oh and make this movie 2 hour not 2 1/2. A little too long and spread out.

  • Vicky

    We might not like the news, but unfortunately, in Hollywood, money talks, and lets face it, Transformers make a LOT of money. I don’t blame them for wanting more, because people are never satisfied with what they have. We can only hope that it will be of better quality then the first three, but lets face it, when is the fourth of a series ever better than the first three?

    • Tarek

      with Twilight ? It couldn’t get worse anyway…^^

  • dan

    Make a beast wars movie jeez best of the series.

  • terry

    Next Transformers will have a welfare mama robot as comic relief because Bay knows no level of “LOW” . Disgusting!! That hack and his racially pent up scribe makes my skin crawl.
    I refuse to go see another Transformers movie. They all sucked!
    And what was the premise of the last Transformer movie? Oh yeah, without any training from ITT advanced robots, who clearly don’t need oxygen, will use the 7 billion people on earth to rebuild their advanced planet that is the size of earth. But first they will have to use a tele porter to bring their big ass planet within a few miles of earth’s surface,without any physics getting in the way. cough! cough!
    Now help me out but can’t those robots transform into almost any thing? They out class humans in almost every aspect but they are going to take them into outer space, the children to, to patch up their planet.
    Jesus help us all!!!!

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  • Logan520

    Terrible news. Here is hoping that in the hiatus between movies that Bay will actually watch a Transformers cartoon from the past

  • Andy

    I’d rather him do Bad Boys 3

  • sense 11

    Horrible News, i thought this nightmare was over.

  • bugaloo

    Of course he’s signed on. No one else could bring the depth and bold vision he has to this series. Yes, I’m joking. Better he should do this than ruin a project that actually has potential.

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  • gimpsuit

    God, you hold that 1986 cartoon up like a beacon of cinematic brilliance. Like the cartoon series it looked like shit. The only reason you love it is because you watched it when you were 10 and in 1986 there was sweet F-all else to get excited about.
    Think about it, you’re 10year old brain loved the tv show so you blew a pre-pubescent nut for the movie, which you now see only though a cloud of childhood nostalga.
    Of course Bay’s version wasn’t going to compete against your childhood fantasy version.

    • Clay

      When I watched it as a kid, it was a beacon of cinematic brilliance. And yes, I’ve watched it many times since out of nostalgia, and it is still a better film than anything Michael Bay has put out. Know how I know this? It’s actually fun.

    • WEV

      Yeah of course its loved because of nostalgia, but that aside, as a film its far superior to Bays efforts. Its like saying imo i prefer Terminator 2 to T:Salvation just because i saw it as a kid, no, its because its a better film period! So cheesy 80′s music aside, the plot is solid that takes you on a good adventure and considering its a cartoon you care about the characters, it had a good charm and sense of fun without being dumb, the pacing is perfect, the action is epic, it was dramatic with effect especially to have the balls to kill off the franchises main hero, it also had good villains and introduced one of the best characters to the mythology in the form of Unicron, oh and it wasn’t 3 hours long.
      Bays movies; have horribly written characters or rather caricatures and even worst comedy, incoherent plots and scenes, absolutely no continuity within the series, its terribly designed, badly shot.
      Worst of all Bays films are vile, ugly, money making machines that are a distasteful take on a franchise meant to be a fun adventure for kids! That said i take my hats of to the cgi artists who slaved to get those robots looking as good as they did, absolutely no credit goes to Bay!
      I don’t mean to sound like a snob, of course i want a Transformers film to be fun and action packed, of course it needs to be contemporary and changed slightly for the times but with credibility and good taste. I hate the notion that just because its about robots that transform that it has to be dumbed down with f-all effort put in to character and story and that people make excuses for it, “oh its about giant robots what did you expect, shakespeare?” no, but put in more effort than this shite please, meh!

      Point is the original 80′s film is just a great film, with good ideas, movie sensibilities and story elements the current film makers should take on board to aspire to, not succumb to the poor film making of mentally deranged tv ad/ music video director. So jog on Bay, let someone else have a go! Get a decent writer and director to reboot it, bring in Galvatron and the Dinobots!

      Rant over! Peace!

  • Jay

    I would of so rather see Bad Boys 3…give someone else a chance to make a Transformers flick

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  • Lin

    And with the return of Mr Michael Bay, so will the disgustingly offensive Asian Stereotypes of “Dark of the Moon.”

    Oh well, Hollywood would not have murdered Bruce Lee if 38 years ago if they WANTED to portray Asians as human beings now, would it?

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  • WEV

    Boooo! WTF! Everyone knew there would be more, but come on, Bay again, really?! It would have been a perfect chance to reboot the series and get it right, with a director who didn’t come up from doing tv commercials and music videos. Michael Bay…what a prick!!!

    Transformers: The Movie (1986) all the way!

  • Will J

    AGAIN!? Seriously? Youre not reinventing the wheel here Bay! Just stop, every action scene is starting to look the same! You’re like the Angels and Airwaves of film, just doing the exact same thing over and over again.

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  • dtw

    i swear that if shia doesn’t stay and megan doesn’t come back i will commit sucide [no joking] it will be transformers fualt its all i have to live for any way but if you think im kidding go ahead and shgia leave and megan dont come back and you will find a dead 14 year old hanging from a noose

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  • Temper Wolf

    I will watch the Fall of Cybertron trailer 80 times, that will be my Transformers 4.

  • Saduka

    In Transformers 3 , I really would not mind being a servant for the decepticons haha ,,,

    I think for the fourth movie they got to bring Optimus twin brother in, I really like him more than Optimus lol ….

    My guess T4 will be the end where Optimus and the Autobots finally bring back Cybtron by saving it somehow and leaving Earth for good.

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  • Gus

    Pode ser Transformers 4 a retoamada de cybertron.

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  • adi

    I LIKES TF1,TF2,TF3 verygood men………………

  • Ris

    What’s wrong with u Shia labeuf transformers was such an awesome film series u really should come back

  • orionpax

    Face it, you all saw all three Transformers movies, possibly multiple times, and no matter who directs TF4, you’ll see that one too.

  • Julia

    GEEZ! Stop hating on Michael Bay. He may not be the greatest director, but you shouldn’t friggin’ care! You GO FOR THE HUGE-ASS ROBOTS FIGHTING EACH OTHER AND BLOWING STUFF UP! not for the plot-line and not for the characters! A lot of people like these movies, and don’t care who directs it! What’s with everyone getting mad at Bay for doing his job, when it still makes so much money?! deal with it!

  • Kano

    Can not wait! Although I agree that the original Transformers movies/cartoons we’re much better, I still enjoy Transformers from Bay’s perspective.

  • Sara

    I am sorry but to me it wont be the same without Shia, just like it wasnt the same without Megan. Does anyone know why he will not be in the 4th if they make a fourth??? I mean he is the decendent of the Witwiki’s which is what started all this… idk i am sure ill watch it since I LOVED the last 3 but it wont be the same!!!!

  • Megatron


  • Les

    transformer movies aren’t all that bad, i think I rather see transformers 4 then a stupid child’s play reboot, or half the other crap coming off the press these days, who wanted a remake of footloose, and I would definitely see it over crappy twilight. They might not be the best movies but far from the worse and at least entertaining. I rather see a 4th transformers then another friday the 13th or Nightmare on elm street, at least transformers actually make a profit and by far more entertaining to watch

  • TFfan

    I was hoping for more TF movies. I don’t care who directs them. Personally, I enjoy all 3 of the movies so far. I’d like to see: the Cybertron War, Galvatron, Scourge, and especially Unicron.

  • Bob


  • Arkat00thpaste


  • Silo

    Ahhhh hell yea I do not care what anyone says !!! All Transformer movies rule !!! Even 2!!! I want to see more robots beating the crap out of each other !! Bring it on Bay and do not stop! Screw all you haters ! Transformer movies rule ! I will watch in the theater prob 2 – 3 times and buy the blu ray !!

    i cant wait for T4 lets do Unicron and more Cybertron then we can do a prequel and introduce the Quintisons then do a rebot !!!! MORE TRANSFOMER MOVIES !!!!! YES !!!!!

  • Canaan

    Who cares? People spend money for a movie and end up talking on their cell phones anyway. That is why these movies make money, nobody is paying attention.

  • Canaan

    It’s a damn shame that this franchise made and broke Megan Fox. Other than that it destroyed the Transformers and made special effect driven movies with no plots a norm for Hollywood. Keep in mind that Leonard Nimoy was the voice of both Galvatron and Sentinel Prime. That would give some reference to the fact that they are knowingly ignoring the old school, Gen 1 cartoons and movie.

  • Canaan

    Michael Bay’s first film he directed was,”Playboy Video Centerfold: Kerri Kendall”. That is why all three have beautiful women in slow motion running with no bras on or walking up stairs with severe butt cleavage.

  • Canaan

    It is true it is in part nostalgia but, I remember being able to tell who was fighting who and what side they were on. A problem that many people have when watching any of these movies. The fact that Buzz Aldrin was willing to be in the third one after punching a guy for claiming he didn’t walk on the moon is truly ridiculous as well. For people who liked the 1986 movie, I suggest Super-God Masterforce and Headmasters. Both came out after the 3rd season.

    Let’s just hope that there will come a time in Hollywood when they respect the properties they a remaking. Or maybe even come up with something new for a change, seriously, we live in a cinematic, 25-year hangover. To those who say that it was all there was and that is why it was so cool in the eighties, what is the excuse with using every marketable property all over again? It seems what most movie makers, writers and producers lack now is the inspiration they had during the eighties.

    Please don’t tell me the eighties was the last vestige of cinematic and artistic creativity. Well, if the powers that be have there way and keep making crap and stamping “Gold” on it, it will be, because there will be no reference for younger generations to know any better.

    Michael Bay’s first film he directed was,”Playboy Video Centerfold: Kerri Kendall”. That is why all three have beautiful women in slow motion running with no bras on or walking up stairs with severe butt cleavage.

  • Sean

    TBH, I’m a die-hard transformers fan, but three movies seems to be enough for this movie line. Unless MB(Michael Bay) can somehow drastically improve the plot line and dialogue, this could be a major-DOUBLE upset(Since the movies are supposedly coming out back-to-back). Steven Spielberg also should at least be allowed to step up to the plate of being director, to see if he can save the wrecked franchise(seeing as how MB made an awesome first movie, but screwed it up with the second movie, and partially with the third). And also; if all the cons were killed in the third movie, how’s there supposed to be another movie; let alone a fourth AND a fifth?…


    im o.k. with more transformers movies, FORTRESS MAXIMUS anyone?

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  • Juwan burton

    I agree TFfan. There are lots of more transformers that they can include and I still don’t understand why shia isn’t returning

  • Juwan burton

    To tell you the truth, I think they should continue makin the Tf movies but shia should reconsider

  • transformer mystery fan

    ha does anyone know who will replase sam and i hope the decepticons win