Michael Caine Talks THE DARK KNIGHT RISES; Did He Give Away a Spoiler?

     June 18, 2011


I’m at the junket for Pixar’s Cars 2 and a few moments ago, I got to participate in a video press conference with Sir Michael Caine.  Since he’s currently filming director Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises in London right now, the only way he could talk to us was using video conferencing.

In the coming days I’ll have the full transcript online, but during the press conference, I was able to ask how filming on The Dark Knight Rises has been going.  As you might imagine, he was pretty guarded with his answer, but at the very beginning, he might have revealed a spoiler.  For what he said, hit the jump.

christian-bale-michael-caine-image-the-dark-knight-risesHere’s my question and his answer:

Collider: A lot of us are excited to see you returning as Alfred in The Dark Knight Rises. I know Mr. Nolan is very guarded about the story, but can you at least tell us how filming has been going so far?

Caine:  It’s fantastic.  I started filming last week and I film next week.  As the butler, I do a load of filming at the beginning, and everybody goes off and does all the adventures and they all come home shot to pieces and I patch them together when they all get back.  Christopher Nolan, I think, is one of the greatest directors in the world and I’ve been lucky enough…this is my fifth movie with him.  It’s such a pleasure to work with him and he’s so clever.  We’ve all signed the Official Secrets Act.  I’m lucky to be able to tell you the title of the movie.  I remember I did an interview and someone said to me, “What are you doing next?”  I said, “I’m doing Batman.”  I saw Chris and he said, “Why did you tell them you were doing Batman?”  I said, “Because I am.”  He said, “You’re supposed to keep it secret.”  I said, “I couldn’t keep that a secret.”  Let me tell you…the plot is extraordinary…really extraordinary.  I know why he wants to keep it a secret.  You really need not to know till you see the movie.

The thing to focus on is:

“I do a load of filming at the beginning, and everybody goes off and does all the adventures and they all come home shot to pieces and I patch them together when they all get back. “

You have to wonder what “they all come home” actually means.  Does this mean Batman has a partner like a Robin?  Or maybe he’s partnered with Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman?  Perhaps it’s nothing…but I know how everyone is trying to put together the secrets of the film and perhaps this is a new clue. What do you all think?  Is this a mistake in the way he answered or is this a spoiler?  Please debate in the comments below…



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  • Isak

    I think he was just talking about his role in the franchise in general, it wasn’t supposed to be a spoiler.

  • Corey

    I think you’re reading too much into this, Steve. Pretty sure he just means he isn’t part of anything like stunt work, so he just comes in at the beginning. Then everyone goes off and films crazy stuff. And then he comes back to do some more scenes.

    • Chase

      That’s what I thought too.

  • Mack

    Actually…I could def envision Batman teaming with Catwoman/Selina…that’s probably how she gets a suit…sure she make her own but it would be better if it was Lucius who designs it…can you say training montage?

  • Lovedyourmom

    …..Whatever this is a spoiler or not……..but one thing’s clear from the article that christopher really don’t want anything to be disclosed about this movie,since dark knight was so awesome everybody’s gonna compare dark knight rises with it and that just increase the bar so high, i just hope he succeeds…………..and till then i don’t care about these minor spoilers…….even though it’s not that some actor will virtually dictate the movie…….that’ll just kill the fun and anticipation for it…………

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  • lethargic

    I think they’ve been pretty clear from the very start that Catwoman would be teaming with Batman. It’s not like this is some WOW moment.

  • Snowdog

    I think it’s like seeing Jesus in a plate of macaroni — you’re looking too closely…

  • Domdom

    It’s neither. Just the role he plays in general.

    Kudos to Caine saying “not to” instead of “to not” – people tend to have troubles with their infinitives these days.

  • Dick Grayson

    This is the dumbest article I’ve ever read on Collider. You guys are starting to get as lame as the yokels over at NME.com….creating bogus headlines and out of context rumor mill dribble out of literally one word, or at best, a whole sentence, from an interview or whatnot. Jesus….I mean c’mon…I know it sucks when you guys have slow days behind the computer desk…but you don’t have to resort to such crap as this. I’ll be waiting for some legitimate news on TDKR that isn’t strictly one of your editor’s point of view or potential notions; until then…I think I’ll watch that hilarious Green Lantern parody trailer for The Muppets again…

  • Michael

    While one can’t say for sure, but I think perhaps you’re reading into it too much. And even if he is alluding to a number of heroes, I’d honestly rather not know. As for Alfred’s role in patching them up, he’s played the patch-up role in both Nolan Batman movies so far, so I would imagine he’d do the same in this one.

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  • bill

    Your thoughts are stupid and its a debate not worth having.,

  • Amardeep Lakra

    Wait for one year. Ignore all things about the movie until trailer will arrive.

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  • chris

    hes talking about the cast and filming crew … the “spoiler” is click bait for collider.

  • Caolan

    Its obviosly catwoman played by anne hathaway it even says on imdb

  • Warner

    Come on he’s just answering a question and even if it’s a spoiler why do you want to look into it?, hold on and get amazed the first time you get to watch the movie!

  • 1AngryMan

    Uh reading into this much.

    He clearly means they film all the quiet scenes at Bruce Wayne’s home early in the schedule & then the production goes off & do all the BIG ACTION SCENES without him.

    Oh well, you are getting hits for your site.

  • kanani

    i love Nolan but why Anne Hathaway for heaven’s sake!!??

    • ninformant

      i thought the same thing when it was revealed heath ledger was cast as the joker. never underestimate a persons potential.

  • Oliver

    For goodness sake! This is utterly Ridiculous! Spoiler? WHAT ARE YOU ON! Calm down with the rumor mill, honestly. How many stories of this nature are you planning on publishing over the next 12 months? Two each week?

  • Jeffro

    Wasn’t there an instance or two of Catwoman and Batman teaming up to fight a common enemy?

  • Phil Beta

    Michael Caine is well know for being a blabber mouth, with nonsense stuff. But I’m pretty much sure Nolan has him managed pretty well.

    I still question Nolan’s choice of Hathaway. We’ll see how this comes out and Chris Nolan’s turnaround with this full story.

    • Miles Bennett Dyson

      I respect your opinion, but back in 2006… people “questioned” having that gay cowboy from brokeback in the sequel…

      we all know how that turned out. Oddly enough Hathaway was also in that spectacular film.

  • Phil Beta

    It’s the kind of trailer Nolan always gives away one year ahead of release date. But I still doubt of its authenticity.

  • SPS

    I don’t think it’s a big deal. They come home could very well mean that the filmmakers returned for more shooting.

    I, for one, think Anne Hathaway will be a terrific Catwoman. She did go for a darker role in Rachel Getting Married and got a lot of acclaim for it, including an Oscar nomination. And she’s already getting Oscar buzz for her role in One Day. I would suspect that Nolan probably saw those and found his Catwoman or something, but she is a terrific actress. She’s one of very few people that can play anything in any movie. I can easily call her the Meryl Streep of her generation.

  • Miles Bennett Dyson

    I do a load of filming at the beginning, and everybody goes off and does all the adventures and they all come home shot to pieces and I patch them together when they all get back.

    I’m sure he means the cast and crew… as in Nolan and Bale and the other crew members do all the crazy fight sequences or what have you… then they come back and they do the laid back Alfred scenes.

  • Stygian Scribe

    Sure, I’ll hit the non-existent jump. Oh wait, I don’t have to, since the article continues on the same page anyway. Silly Collider…

  • LEM

    There are reports of Anne Hathaway accidentally giving a stunt man a black eye with the butt of a gun on set so I’m assuming she is going to be in on some action.

  • Ivan

    For a legend like Sir Michael Caine to say the plot is extraorindary….it sounds like The dark Knight Rises looks and sounds fantastic

  • dean

    has any one read batman Knightfall this may give some answers as bane is in this story and with out giving anything away would answer the question from michael caines interview

  • Justin

    I think he just meant that they’ll be filming in a lot of different places that he won’t be going to… lol.. robin, that was silly

  • Scottshak

    Really ? Really ? U call that a spoiler ? Get some real newz bro …….. Get a real job……….!!!

  • MCCN

    Um… A better guess at what the quote really means? Michael Caine- a hugely talented and highly respected actor- is working with a director he likes and- as he even points out- he’s not allowed to say anything about the film he’s working on.

    He’s not a giant fanboy/geek/nerd/whatever, so he’s not thinking that saying “everybody goes off and does all their adventures” is a spoiler, because it isn’t. He’s the butler, he’s not off adventuring. I’m going to guess that’s all he meant, because that’s all he actually said. People need to get excited about this one when there’s a whole movie to get excited about.

  • Jane Ranae

    Nolan has said many times that he will not “team” Batman up. His whole approach on the character is that he is a lone-rider (hints that he is the DARK night). While yes, Catwoman (Hathaway) is IN the movie, and yes, they may share a common enemy, I don’t see any partnership happening there.

  • rbevanx

    I think Tim Booth is gonna make another appearance in a Batman film and is gonna sing “Come Home” when they all get together.

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  • sssssh

    filming last week only involved christian bale,michael caine and anne hathaway,and they were filming interior wayne manor scenes so maybe you could be right about them teaming up.

  • Aran

    Jesus Christ, he only said that as a figure of speech in general terms. Control yourself, man, there’s still 13 months left.

  • sci-fi fan

    I find it funny that people are still questioning Anne Hathaway’s abilities to portray Catwoman. Hollywood Reporter reported that she, Keira Knightley, Jessica Biel , Kate Mara ,Charlotte Riley, and Gemma Arterton all screen tested for this role- opposite Christian Bale . Nolan ,obviously, was open to hire the best actress for this role- not a just an A-list actress. And, he has the clout not to be pressured by any studio to only hire A-list actors. I can’t knock Anne for acing her screen test , and I truly believe Christian Bale approved her as well.

  • gimpsuit

    This means Robin is in it, probably Mr Freeze too, maybe the Penguin. Winnie the poo will have a cameo, although that rumour I hear about Captain Planet sounds a bit far fetched.

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  • Baby Sasquatch

    For sure its not Robin cause Christopher Nolan said if he’s directing Robin won’t be in it cause this is a young Batman. Even Christian Bale said if Robin gets included he’s not doing it anymore.

  • ghost writer

    Batman is the only thing on the radar that’s got my attention, so any interviews are sweet. As for Hathaway, she is not the Catwoman. Take a look at the mouth. She is the Joker’s daughter. Wicked with a twist. As for Heath Ledger he was slop until Nolan made him the infamous Joker. Bale is the only drag on the film. He’s got to put more into this than both of the others Batman films to put this over the top.

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  • extra

    this is just because i know some of your are very interested, however may not be “news” to you.

    i was an extra filming today in London, it was a masked ball , there was a scene with BALE and hathaway dancing/politely arguing,this might already have been established but hathaway had little cat ears on her head…. it was hard to hear but the first line of the scene was bale saying”you dont look too pleased to see me” after a while im not sure but it looked like they were close to kissing( like a Bond style scene with the evil girl lol) she then storms of, some older actor then says ” damn, youve scared her off” this character could be her dad but i really dno, could be a huge actor i really dno.

    oh yea and Bale is looking old!! the first scene we did he had a walking stick, and grey hairs on the side of his head, there was talk of it being a flash forward kinda thing but i dno my legs were aching and i was tired lol.

    also some scenes were shot using an IMAX camera i dno if you guys no that already, (think i overheard someone saying thats 3d )

    one last point, NOLAN likes to eat a lot! always asking people for snacks lol

  • Marcus

    This movie has EPIC all over it, especially since Liam Neeson is back as Ra’s al Ghul, for whatever extent he may be in the movie. Tom Hardy will beast out Bane just as he did as “Bronson”. As far as the statement of Alfred patching them back together, I pray and hope that Bane breaks Batman’s back or beat him to a bloody pulp at some point where in the last act of the film, Bats come back with a bad a*s vengeance.

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  • Migz13

    It’s going to be insanely difficult for this film to top it’s predecessor ‘The Dark Knight’ but it’s not impossible. All the best to what Chris Nolan and co are up to in this threequel.

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  • Smart

    Carrie Kelly

  • rome

    catwoman is a lame character and my fav super hero movies are the ones that dont have a love story/or the hero chooses his hero life over love. i was very disappointed when i hear catwoman would be in this movie, and even more disappointed when they cast hathaway. shes pretty, but thats about it for me. if nolan wasnt as dedicated to this project as he is and didnt have the impeccable track record of his this film would be a total bust. the only director that can pull off a great story with hathaway as catwoman… is christopher nolan

  • Bruce Wayne

    Hope they have official trailer up tomorrow at http://thedarkknightrizes.com

  • fedevil

    Whos gonna be Batman when bane break his back at the mansion, if there is no robin or azrael in the film?
    One of the epic battles takes place at the Wayne´s house, maybe Caine was talking about it!

  • Fisherr

    I don’t think it’s a spoiler, it might be something generic maybe when he said “everybody goes off and does all the adventures and they all come home shot to pieces and I patch them together when they all get back.” He means Batman/Bruce Wayne.

    Who knows?
    I don’t think it’s something serious people…it’s nothing or barely something.

  • Tristan Jemsek

    Here’s my idea, Alfred will be revealed as as being villain, conspiring against Bruce the whole time.
    I know it sounds crazy! But hear me out…
    Watch the fundraiser scene in “The Dark Knight”, when Harvey Dent meets Alfred. Harvey says something like “…Rachel’s told me a lot about you, she said you’ve known her her whole life”, to which Alfred replies: “Well, not yet, sir”.
    I noticed it last time I watched it and my hair stood on end, what a weird thing for him to say! Super foreshadowing, dude! As far as I know Alfred has NEVER been a villain, how crazy would that be?!

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