Michael Cera on an ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Movie – ‘I don’t think it will happen for awhile’

     June 14, 2009

michael_cera_image.jpgI am literally at 28,000 feet as I type these words. The reason for that is I’m flying back to Los Angeles from the international junket for Sony’s upcoming comedy “Year One” and my plane has internet. How amazing is technology.

Anyway, just a few hours ago I participated in a roundtable interview with Michael Cera as a reporter for our partner website Omelete. In the coming days I’ll have video interviews with Michael Cera, Jack Black, David Cross and director Harold Ramis. But with everyone clamoring for info on the “Arrested Development” movie, I figured you’d like to hear what he said right now. Unfortunately, the news is not good.

When I asked Michael if he thought the “Arrested Development” movie would ever happen, his response was:

“I think it will. Yeah. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I don’t think it will happen for awhile.”

I then said a lot of the cast members have said Mitch is working on the script and maybe you’d be shooting later this year.

Michael then replied, “But there is no rush. I think he should take his time. I know it means a lot to Mitch. There is no rush, really. I don’t think.”

So if you were excited the film would be going in front of the cameras sometime soon, it’s probably time to extinguish that dream. As a huge fan of the show, I’m more than happy to wait for writer/director Mitch Hurwitz to get it right. I just hope it’ll eventually happen.

If you’re excited for the “Arrested Development” movie, say it in the comments below. And come back later this week to hear what his AD co-star David Cross said about the upcoming movie.

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