Michael Emerson (Ben Linus on LOST) Video Interview – 2009 Saturn Awards

     June 29, 2009

Michael Emerson as Ben on LOST.jpg

As Ben Linus on “Lost”, Michael Emerson has surprised me week after week with what an actor can do on television. Without a doubt, his performance as Ben is one of the highlights on any network, and I’m constantly surprised by what his role calls on him to do. As I’ve said many times on Collider, I think “Lost” is the best show on television, and Michael’s work is one of the reasons I feel this way.

So when I saw him walking on the red carpet at this year’s Saturn Awards, I had a geekgasm. After all, the actors of “Lost” are always in Hawaii, so getting a chance to talk with a series regular is rare. Also, while I knew he couldn’t tell me much about the final season of “Lost”, getting to talk with him was a real thrill. So if you’re a fan of his show like I am, I’m sure you’ll love the interview. We talked about what the ride has been like for him, what was his reaction to last year’s finale, his thoughts on the final season, and I asked him what it’s like for him to go into a Starbucks…

Watch the interview after the jump:

Michael Emerson – Benjamin “Ben” Linus

  • What’s been the ride like for him on “Lost”
  • What is it like for him to go into a Starbucks
  • What does he do when he gets the script for the next episode
  • His reaction to last season’s finale
  • Has he heard what the end of the show is
  • His reaction to the show ending next season
  • Did he do anything during the hiatus

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