Michael Fassbender Talks About Possibly Playing ROBOCOP

     November 12, 2011


Quickly becoming one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood, Michael Fassbender has two films coming out before the end of this year. In Shame (opening in theaters on December 2nd) he plays Brandon, a New Yorker who shuns intimacy with women while feeding his desires with a compulsive addiction to sex. In A Dangerous Method (opening in theaters on November 23rd) he plays Dr. Carl Jung, a driven psychiatrist who decides to treat a very complicated patient with his mentor Sigmund Freud’s experimental “talking cure.”

While we will run what Michael Fassbender had to say about those films, closer to their release dates, we did want to share what he had to say about the fact that director José Padilha (Elite Squad) is eyeing him for the RoboCop remake, scheduled for release in 2013. Although he hasn’t committed to anything, he did say that he will take a look at the script and sit down with the director to talk about it, that he’s open to anything that inspires a reaction, and that it could be fun to have a helmet that he could hide behind for most of the film. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

robocop-1987-movie-poster-01Question: Because of all of the success that you’ve had recently, there are lots of rumors that you are attached to all sorts of great projects. Is RoboCop something that you’d like to do?

MICHAEL FASSBENDER: You know, I’m always open. I’ll take a look at the script and sit down with the director and have a conversation. It’s not definitely like, “Oh, I’ve got to play RoboCop before I retire.” I don’t have that about anything. I don’t go, “I have to play the Dane one day, or Hamlet.” I don’t really think like that. I just wait and see what comes up, and I’m always open to it. If I react to the script, then I’m up for anything.

Would you dread wearing a metal suit?

FASSBENDER: No. It could be kind of fun. It could be kind of good to have a helmet that I could hide behind, for most of the film, too. That sounds kind of appealing.

  • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

    Fassbender would most likely be a good choice.

    The last thing a world needs is a younger, “prettier” Robocop. So, please, no Channing Tatum, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Walker, Ryan Reynolds, Garrett Hedlund, etc.

    • Walt G.

      Hiro, wilst I do agree that Fassbender is a much stronger actor then the pretty boys you listed, you realise that he is younger then almost all of them, right? Walkers pushing 40 and Whalbergs already hit the mark, whilst Fassbender is only 34.
      Personally I think this film would be a waste of Fassbenders talents, it would be more suited to someone of Whalbergs abilities.

      • fassbanger

        ha, walt is smart. i agree.

  • Brenda

    Any man who displays his junk in public on
    the big screen is no man worth seeing in anything.

    • Mike

      That includes Bruce Willis, Kevin Bacon, and a handful of other actors then, too? They’ve “displayed” their junk in movies, too.

      • Brenda

        No equation there. Those glimpses were almost impossible to see.
        Fassbender’s display is dropping your pants in public and something no real man would do..

    • Sara

      american right?
      tipical conservative american… *ps:not that all american think the same

      u think the same about actress with nudity… ok….

      thank god the world is not just American conservatives.
      Michael Fassbender is a great actor. U dont know what will miss if u just stop to watch him. he won the venice award… so….

      • Susan Leightner

        I am a proud New York liberal — so much for your hysterical jumping to conclusions. Oh, but I am an American and we are all just so unsophisticated. I can write proper English and can spell my words correctly unlike you.

      • Paul

        Sara, Brenda has a perfectly legitimate point of view. Insulting her because you disagree proves you to be the one with the small mind.

      • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

        Paul, if that’s the case, Sara also has a legitimate point of view.

        Sara can counter her argument and say she think she’s wrong.

        Personally, I think that both Brenda and Sara are generalizing… with a broad, sweeping brushstroke.

        So, in that way Brenda’s view isn’t legitimate. She can think however she wants to, but her view is an ignorant one.

      • dogg

        Well I’m an American conservative and I think male nudity is just fine. It’s why we have a ratings system.
        Sounds like someone needs to ditch their bigoted assumptions, BRENDA.

      • Charlie

        Yup yup yup

    • Dsimolke

      Keitel? Yeah. Wake up. What a dumb statement in so many ways.

      • Paul

        Citing Keitel does not make you the sharpest knife in the drawer there, Sparkly.

    • Susan Leightner

      I agree totally, Brenda. I was liking Fassbender until this.

      • Sara

        Susan, i am not native english speaker. I am still learning. I dont care about my mistakes. You didnt offend me and you have a small mind.

        I just glad there is good cinema out there . If you have problems with nudity, then you cleary dont see a lot of films. I dont know why british audience accept better than american audience.They just don’t care like the rest of the world, european dont care too.

        I think he is amanzing actor, people are really talking about him. someone said “he is next Daniel Day Lewis” (i dont like these kind of phrases). but He is really good. and if you just stop watch him because of this, then you will miss good cinema. I like cinema because talks about many issues. And he had balls to do a film about sex addiction. Wich is a problem about some people. You cant just close your eyes. I mean…. i like cinema… and i love michael fassbender, i love him more now because he is a real actor with huge courage. kiss

    • It’s Mr. Fassenbender to you!

      Suck on it long and hard Brenda and Susan!!
      — —-
      — —
      ———————————– ]
      ———————————– ]
      — —
      — —

      • Paul

        Ah, that will remain just a fantasy for you, Sunshine. Brenda and Susan will ignore you. You see, despite being a little internet bully you actually have no power.

    • broski

      Brenda seems insecure over her tiny penis.

      • Paul

        Brenda is a woman and does not have a penis. I understand your confusion though since the women” you are used to actually do have one.

    • Charlie

      These comments turned hilarious almost instantaneously because of Brenda’s awesomely close-minded comment. Have fun missing out on one of the most talented actors of his generation! Too bad some people can’t wrap their minds around art. Life includes nudity. It’s not like he was running down the street drunk. God you are truly dumb for insulting this man for being nude in a piece of art. Anyways, have a good day!

      • Tarek

        So if I understand, you seek for nudity for the sake of art ? The lie detector is emitting a weird noise…^^

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  • Mike

    That’s a matter of opinion, I’d say. And everyone is entitled to theirs. So be it. Nobody forces us to watch what we don’t want to, of course.

    • Aurora

      What if my opinion is that your opinion is friggin’ stupid? Or Brenda’s? Is it not then my birthright to express my opinion as explicitly as I wish?

      • Paul

        There is something called civility and having class. Look them up.

      • Mike

        Um, of course you can express your opinion. But my two messages here were both for Brenda, hours ago, so I’m not sure what your problem is with me. I only forgot to hit the Reply button on the second one.

      • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

        So, Paul, you mean something “civil” like what you posted above?

        If you’ve forgotten, I’ll paste it here.

        “Citing Keitel does not make you the sharpest knife in the drawer there, Sparkly.”

  • Paul

    And what kind of a site is this that permits vile insults to female posters?
    A site not worth frequenting.

    • Mike

      Some moderation would be good. For everyone, not just women.

    • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

      You’re one to talk, Paul, as you basically called someone dumb up above.

      No one’s forcing you to frequent this site. There are plenty of sites out there in the Internet world for people to frequent.

      Why are you taking it upon yourself to defend these women? Why don’t you let them defend themselves? Or, is it because you’re a man, and they’re women, that you feel you must step in and protect them?

      • Yuka

        I’m sick of the double standard between male and female nudity! Why no one complains about naked women on screen and suddenly everyone went batshit?

        A woman like me doesn’t ask for protection. What I want is an equal treatment!

      • Yuka

        I’m sick of the double standard between male and female nudity! Why no one complains about naked women on screen and suddenly everyone went batshit over a naked man on screen?

        A woman like me doesn’t ask for protection. What I want is an equal treatment!

  • tarek

    And what about this blue naked smurf who showd us his junk on Imax ? it was a 6 feet junk right in our faces. No way to avoid it. Shame on you Snyder.

    • Alex–

      The non CGI dick was a cost saving measure unfortunately.

      • Tarek

        You are maybe right. ^^

      • Tarek

        anybody can explain to me what is the “artistic” purpose of showing a dick in a movie ?

    • Yuka

      I come from a very conservative area, where most people will question “what is the artistic purpose of showing boobs in the movie?”.

      In my opinion, art is not about whether the viewers like it or not. Abstract painting, for example, some people might not like it. It looks like a doodle, but it is called art whether most people understand it or not.

      Art is not just about what people find pretty in the eyes. For me, it is more about the artist’ self expression.

      The truth is renaissance artists loved showing a lot of man genitals in their artworks. Probably because they found it artsy. Hope this make sense. :)

      • Tarek

        thanks Yuka. But to be honest, despite the fact that I have a very open mind, and a high artistic sensibility, I’ve never understood the artsy meaning of woman nudity in movies. when I see a naked woman, all I feel is the need to take her to my bed. If this is the artsy purpose, then yeah! I love art! ^^

  • tir na nog

    Anyway,this film looks like it could be really good,I hope they do a Batman and surround Fassbender{if he takes the job} with quality character actors.

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  • mariposa

    A penis is part of the body. It’s no more shocking or shameful than seeing someone’s elbow. You who are offended by the sight of it are religious, whether you know you are or not. That equals a sickness of the mind.

    • Tarek

      the penis is a part of the body indeed. so why don’t you masturbate in public ? it’s like rubbing your finger. ^^

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  • Philllbert

    Part of the appeal of the original Robocop are its strong pulp and melodramatic qualities. Add in hefty doses of smart satire, wit, and violence, and you have a really great Verhoeven picture.
    I’m not gonna whine about taking a character or film and retooling it, but I do wonder where one can go, besides pulpy satire, w/ a half-human, half-robot cop and be taken seriously. I suspect that they will have to dramatically change the tone of the film. He already has a dark and brooding backstory for them to work with, but if they simply take that and insert some schtick-y humor into it, I think it will come off as cheap. That’s why the melodrama worked so well in the original, it helped us absorb the satire and enjoy the humor, without the need for jerky tonal shifts. Melodrama is, for some reason, far from popular and often derided in Hollywood cinema. Few screen actors are trained or work in melodrama for that reason. There are exceptions, of course, but they are few and far between.
    If they decide to mimic the tone of the original, then I wonder how Fassbender might handle it, and if he might demand more depth. If they take it in a different direction tonally (likely), adding dramatic depth and digging into the character(s) (the Dark Knight method), then I think Fassbender, among a healthy crop of other strong male actors, will do just fine.
    Of course, judging by Padhilla’s other narrative works, I would expect something gritty and real, topical action with a political message. This would work well, I think, though it would use Robocop mostly as an action figure in a heavy plot.

  • fassbanger

    euro actors are the most talented

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