Michael Fassbender Talks X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel

     November 11, 2011


With A Dangerous Method hitting theaters on November 23rd and the NC-17 rated Shame opening on December 2nd, Michael Fassbender is busy promoting both films and his truly excellent performances in each. Although very different films, they each explore themes of sex and sexuality, and what is culturally accepted behavior in the bedroom.

While Collider got to sit down with the ultra-busy actor to talk about those films, we’ll run the video interview closer to their release dates. However, in the meantime, we did want to share what he had to say about his return to the role of Magneto for the eventual sequel to X-Men: First Class, how he’s looking forward to working on ideas with James McAvoy and hopefully Matthew Vaughn, and that he’s interested to see how Charles Xavier turns into Professor X. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

X-Men: First Class was both a critical and commercial hit. What are you looking forward to with the sequel, and do you know when you’ll start filming?

MICHAEL FASSBENDER: I have no idea. I’m looking forward to working with all those people again. We had a lot of fun. It was a great cast and a great crew. Hopefully, I’ll get in at ground level and start putting some ideas together myself, with James [McAvoy] and, hopefully, (director) Matthew [Vaughn], and we can see what happens next.

I’m really interested to see what happens to Charles (James McAvoy), in the next one, and see how he becomes Professor X ‘cause we got to see Erik turn into Magneto, in the first one. It will be interesting to see who shaves Charles’ head. When he’s drunk one night, the mutants will go in there and shave his head and shave off his eyebrows. Maybe.


  • Gabriella

    There are many X-Men members, villains and enemy teams that weren’t included in the previous films which they can utilise in future prequels/sequels and give us new stories while leaving out the overused Magneto.

    • Spock Jenkins

      Where’s the guy who in the comments section will go on to list – in full alphabetical order – all the character names he can think of?!!

    • Vic

      Seriously? When 95% of reviews say Fassbender was the best thing in the movie??? Never happen.

  • jack

    please god don’t start talking about how this franchise is “ripe” or whatever and listing all the mutants

  • Mike

    I do think it’d be a good time to introduce the teenaged versions of characters like Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, the better Angel, etc. But with other X-Men characters not yet seen on screen. This may grab even more fans of X-Men for the sequel.

    Now that it’s been proven that the first was a commercial success with its new ideas, the sequel can open it all up the way ‘The Dark Knight’ did after ‘Batman Begins’ got everyone’s attention.

    That’s just my opinion, though.

  • Tim

    It’s too bad “first class” stunk as much as my rotten egg fart.

    • james

      I think about 85% of critics and audience members alike would disagree with you.

    • Chris

      something tells me that Tim is a Twilight fan.

  • Tim

    I just couldn’t get into the movie like I did with X-Men 2000. It just felt, bleh… The missile scene was weak compared to the gun scene in X-Men 2000.

    You guys are sheep thinking you have to like a movie just because alot of critics liked it.

    • Ruprect

      So just because YOU did not like a movie you feel compelled to come onto a site and call the majority of people on that site sheep? Just curious what need doing that fills in your very obviously damaged psyche. Does it make you feel better inside to think that you are “swimmng against the stream”? I pity you.

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  • John

    I think you’re more of a sheep if you dislike something just because everyone else liked it XD

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  • ozzie

    I am looking forward seeing more of Banshee and Havok … who had almost no lines in the movie.

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  • Stephen

    As a genuine mutant, I enjoyed all of the X-Men movies for what they were: entertainment. Stop bitching and get a life… BTW, my mutant ability is overlooking ignorance! :-)

    • Ruprect

      Cool. Mine is the ability to get to a restraunt or fast food place JUST before it gets really busy.
      I would be the lamest X-Man ever. ;)

  • Brad

    I found this movie to be one of the best, the effects were amazing and story lines very interesting. I think we would be letting X-men die if we stopped these movies.

    • Emma


  • Irish

    X-men : First Class is the Best!!!!i think Second Class would be great..:):) more for Charles Xavier (James Mcavoy) I sooo love him,,,:):)

  • truth serum

    I’m a die hard X-men fan and honestly I can see where Tim is coming from regarding First Class. The movie as a whole was pretty meh.

    I LOVED the first two Singer films and hate the third one to a level that defies description.

    That being said, other than the performances by the two leads the rest X-Men 1st Class was pretty forgettable…and don’t get be started on the “blue” beast.

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  • Cypher

    I found the first X-men trilogy so annoying due to casting, that I couldn’t appreciate anything else about the movie. (story? there was a story?)

    But I really did enjoy First Class, despite my loathing of Kevin Bacon. I loved the vibe of the movie, I thought Fassbender and McAvoy did some great acting and I hope the next movie continues in the same spirit.

    As for “new” mutants, weren’t a bunch of them cameo’d when Xavier first tried out Cerebro? I could have sworn recognizing Ororo among them…

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